2014 Goals, Coaching, Life and Marathon Recovery

2014 Goals, Coaching, Life and Marathon Recovery

Happy 2014... one week later!! 🙂

I had very good intentions of promptly posting some updated 2014 goals but obviously never got around to it!  My older three started back to school yesterday so life is slowly starting to get back to normal.  The Christmas decorations are finally put away and at one point we had the house entirely cleaned.  If only I could stay caught up on the laundry….

A few days ago I found a list my daughter made in the kitchen.  In the words of a 9 year-old this pretty much sums up Christmas break this year.

Barfing made #2?!

Fortunately, she was the only one to get the stomach bug.  Usually when one gets it we’re all doomed but somehow we escaped.  Really hoping it stays that way…

And yes, we did see Frozen the movie and loved it.  We immediately bought the CD.  I’m pretty sure we all know the words to every. single. song.

The boys and my friend Pam
The girls and I were very prepared with Frozen barbies AND popcorn!

I had to smile when I saw Abi’s mention of my marathon.   I know most kids probably don’t care too much about marathons- specifically goal times but that’s my girl.  She takes after her mama- for better or worse! She knew my goal and I think she was more excited about it than me. And speaking of the marathon, thank you again for the kind comments after my big race.  I appreciate it!!

Life After the Marathon

I spent much of last week resting, relaxing and enjoying life post marathon.  I had put a lot of things on hold until after my 26.2.  I was so caught up in marathon mode and focused on that race.  It’s good to be back.  This race took a lot out of me mentally and physically and I know my body is not ready to dive right back into training.  I have run a few times since the marathon but I’m taking it slow. 

My first run back was an easy 3 miler with my favorite running girl!

Unfortunately, something is a little “off” with my right foot.  I noticed it for the first time after the race.  It’s better than it was but it’s still not 100%.  I think I just tweaked something and I’m telling myself it’s not a big deal but I know I need to take it easy.  So this week I am mixing in some cross training and taking a few days off running.  I really hope this is all I need.

Running Goals
As far as running goals for this year… I would say my number one goal is to stay healthy!  In 2011 and 2012 I had some injury issues.  One was major and the other just lasted a long time.  In 2013 I had a relatively healthy year which was a huge factor in helping me reach my goals. 

It’s no secret that I like to have specific time goals.  I know not everyone likes to do this sort of thing but it helps me having a time/ pace goal.  Sometimes you just have to put it all out there.  I like having a plan of what I want to do each year.  It (usually) doesn’t happen right away but I know I will keep working on it!

So here are my crazy/ scary running goals for 2014 🙂 :

  • Marathon- I would like to work my way to a 2:55.  Sub 2:55?  Just keep moving down.
  • Half Marathon- I am racing a few more half marathons than full marathons this year for the first time ever.  I really like this distance and I want to focus on this race more.  I would like to go sub 1:22.  (Right now PR is 1:23:50 so I have some work to do!)  
  • 15K- I only run one of these a year and it is coming up in a few weeks.  Last year I had a huge goal of going sub-60.  This year I would like to go sub-59. 
  • 10K- I don’t run a lot of these (I think I have two planned this year) but I would like to go sub-38.
  • 5K- I run more of these than anything! goal- lower 18’s/ high 17’s.  My big race will be 7/4 and I would love to be in 17:30’s.  
  • 1 mi- I only run one or two of these this year.  The big one will be in June.  I would like to shoot for a sub 5:10 which will be HARD.  

My online coaching has really taken off since the new year and I am enjoying being on “this side” of it.  I have learned so much about this sport I love over the years and I am looking forward to sharing it with others.

Well, I planned to write a little more but I’m going to have to wrap it up.  My 2 year-old (soon to be 3?!) is up and calling!

Marathon Recovery- how long does it take you to feel back to normal?

Do you like to have specific time goals?
Have you seen Frozen?

21 thoughts on “2014 Goals, Coaching, Life and Marathon Recovery

  1. Those are big goals, Tia, but I know you have everything it takes to achieve them! I love reading the list of what Abi did over vacation. So sweet that she knows your time goal and the name of your marathon. Future runner, huh?!

    I don’t have very specific time goals right now. I’m not sure what races I’m going to run or what I want to achieve. I will figure it all out in due time but for now I’m just enjoying being able to run pain-free. (Well, at least my knee isn’t bothering me…the rest of me is in pain from just being out of shape!!)

  2. I love Abi’s list. That’s one to tuck away in a box to bring out when you’re old and grey. It’s a little insight into her mind at this age and it’s so special.

  3. A belated, but HUGE, congrats to you for your sub-3! Awesome that your daughter mentioned it (not awesome that barf was part of her break!). Sounds to me like a great, attainable list of goals for 2014–go get it!

  4. Hey Tia – such a great job on your marathon PR! That is so awesome. I had checked the 3 Bridges website to see how you did, but they didn’t have results up before you posted your recap. You had a great 2013 and I can’t wait to see how 2014 is for you. I do like to have time goals. I ran Boston in 2012 and would love to qualify again. My BQ time is 3:45, but I’d love to PR this year (current PR is 3:40.43). We’ll see how my plantar fasciitis does. I’m shooting for May. Our family saw Frozen over Christmas and LOVED it! We’ll definitely buy it when it comes out on DVD.

    1. Wow- you are RIGHT THERE! I hope you have a great 2014 and your training goes well so you can BQ in May! 🙂 Yes, we will be buying that DVD too!!

  5. Aww, I love that Abby mentioned you in her list! Your goals are always inspiring- I love watching your progress over the last few years and how you’ve chipped your time down little by little… definitely the smart (and safe) way to go!

  6. Just came across your blog, what fun to read a few of your posts!! I am running my first 26.2 in June (Grandmas Marathon in Duluth, MN) So nervous and excited! So, I don’t know what recovery is like! I always have a time goal in mind, but have ran new distances over the last year and a half and needed to just figure out the distance without getting too disappointed. Frozen was great! It was our daughter’s first movie in the theater. I bet she would like the soundtrack … I will be following your blog! thanks for writing.

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