The Best AND Worst of 2013- A Year of Racing!

The Best AND Worst of 2013- A Year of Racing!

First of all…

THANK YOU for the generous comments on Facebook, Daily Mile or in person after my race yesterday.  It means the world to me!! 

A goal I set this past January was to break 3 hours in the marathon.  It might have taken me all year but on December 28, 2013 it happened!! Official time- 2:59:19.  (Wow- does it feel weird typing in a 2 instead of a 3!!) 

Three Bridges Marathon- 12.28.13

I will definitely be writing up a race report but I am not quite ready yet.  I think it’s still soaking in!  I will say that I stayed focused and mentally strong which has only happened in one other marathon for me- Boston.  I wanted that sub 3 and I didn’t give up!  Thank you God!

2013 in Review

Every December I like to write some sort of racing “wrap-up” post.  Usually this is done earlier in December but I was holding off because of the Three Bridges Marathon.  It didn’t seem right trying to sum up a year of racing when one of my biggest racing goals was still out there.

Last year I ran a total of 19 races and thought I would cut it down in 2013.  Let’s just say that didn’t happen.  I just added them up and 2013 ended with 22 races with distances ranging from the 1 mile to the marathon.  My most raced distance?  As usual, that would be the 5K.  I just can’t resist those speedy things! This year I ran 8 of them.

So here we go.  The best and worst of it all.

Best course: The Fast Firecracker 5K (July, 2013)
I am a huge fan of any race that has a lot of downhill!
Most challenging course: The Quiet Valley Rooster 5k (July, 2013)
Note to self: A cross country/ trail race is VERY different than a road race!  Let’s just say I ran 3 marathons this year at a faster pace than this 5k!
Runner-Up: White River 4 Mile Classic (August, 2013)
When hills meet humidity… This year the rain/ thunder and lightening was just an added bonus!
Best Course for Spectators: go!Mile (June, 2013)
One big very fast lap!
Toughest Weather: Mississippi River Half Marathon (February, 2013)
It was one cold and windy morning and I was no match for mother nature!
Best Racing Atmosphere: Boston Marathon (April, 2013)
Boston = AMAZING!!!
Most disappointing finish/ I checked out mentally: Bass Pro Marathon (November, 2013)
The last 7 miles were torture. Ughhhh….
Prettiest course: The Quiet Valley Rooster 5K
Why yes, we did use this picture in our family Christmas card.
Worst I felt in a race: Heart & Sole Half Marathon (September, 2013)
Otherwise known as the “Strep Throat Half Marathon” (found out the next day)
Most surprised by the finish time: Bison Stampede 5K (October, 2013)
Almost didn’t run this one but went ahead and did it.  Who knew I would ever negative split a 5K?
Most fun I had racing: Breakaway 10K (November, 2013)
LOVED running with my mini me!
Most nervous I was before a race: go!Mile (June, 2013)
The race was short, fast and talk about intense!!
Most rewarding finish: Three Bridges Marathon (December, 2013)
Breaking 3!
Very close runner-up: The Fast Firecracker 5K (July, 2013)
It was a non-stop sprint of a race but well worth all the 5k training

2013 was a year of hard work but very rewarding personally.  I had specific goals in every distance I raced. My advice- don’t give up or get down on yourself if you don’t make your “A” goal right away.  Find another race and keep working on it!  Set realistic goals and work your way down!  I shared some tips and advice in a post I wrote a few months ago called, “Running to Improve vs. Just Running.”  I only ran one 1 mile race and one 15K and fortunately met my goal in each.  For the 5K, 10K, half marathon and marathon it took a few races to reach my goal. 

To be honest I haven’t thought a whole lot about goals for 2014 yet.  I have been so focused on the Three Bridges Marathon I just haven’t thought about any other running goals.  2014 Goals and Updated racing schedule will be coming soon! — Well, after the 3B26 Race Report!

Do you set running goals each year?
How did you do in 2013?
What are some of your year’s best and worst stories?   Please share!!

12 thoughts on “The Best AND Worst of 2013- A Year of Racing!

  1. What an amazing year of running Tia!! I love reading about your accomplishments. Your hard work and dedication are inspiring:) I can’t wait to see what you tackle in the upcoming year.

    1. Thanks Lauren! How’s your running going with 3 now a days? 🙂 I’m thinking of doing that Doc HM in April. Didn’t you do that one before?

  2. Fun recap. You’ve had an awesome year of running – I still can’t believe you ran that time with strep! I don’t really make running goals. My best race wasn’t my PR race, but it was Soaring Wings. Everything just clicked that day. And my PR (CASA) that was one of my hardest mentally.

    1. One of my favorites I didn’t even list because it didn’t really fall into any category- this year. (Capital City Classic 10K). I love when races just “click” the way you described SW. I’ve run SW twice and both have been awful mental races for me. I need to redeem myself there someday!

  3. Wow!! I missed the news! HOORAY! I knew you could do it 🙂
    Great review of the races.. A few in here i missed, but i am always impressed with how many races you can pack into a year. You raced almost every other week! Or every 2-3 weeks. That’s good for a mom of 4 🙂
    Congrats on an amazing year. I can’t wait to read your race report. Let it sink in a little, but enjoy floating around on a cloud for a while. 🙂

  4. I weigh over 300 pounds, so I’m reluctant to use the word “Run,” (it’s more of a shuffle) but my 2013 goal was to run a 5K. In the end I did two 5Ks, a 10K, and a Half Marathon. (I’m not usually so over ambitious!) My Half was actually the Bass Pro run, and I remember when you passed me (I think it was around your 20th mile), but I didn’t realize it was you until I saw your blog a few days later.

    I don’t know what my 2014 goals will be. I think I’d like to do another half marathon, but the expense of them is a little prohibitive for me.

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