Is this it or is it Deja Vu?!

Is this it or is it Deja Vu?!

So I am planning to run in a little marathon in 3 days. 

But at this point I am not 100% sure if it will happen.  The weather is looking a little rough.

Apparently significant icing is in store on Friday which will play a big role in whether or not the race is still a go on Saturday.  I was just informed that the final decision will not be made until Saturday morning (race day) at 5 am.  The race is supposed to start at 8:00. 

This is starting to remind me a lot of my NYC Marathon weekend when the marathon was on and off again more times than a bad relationship.  I think that is why I am taking this news surprisingly well.  At this point we are moving forward and I am planning to run my heart out Saturday morning.  I want that sub 3.  I want it bad! We’ll just have to see what God has in store…

Carb loading lunch with my friends!

Life Update:

I turned the big 3-5 a few days ago. On “Black Friday” to be exact.  We kept it low key.  I did enjoy a little dinner date with J before our family party.

And now for some random recent pictures…

Twas the night before Thanksgiving…
Mr. Attitude
The tree is finished!

I bought this after my first marathon
Thanksgiving Day

Have you ever had to re-arrange marathon plans at the last minute? 

9 thoughts on “Is this it or is it Deja Vu?!

  1. Never had to rearrange marathon plans, and I hope Saturday is not a first! Good luck with your sub-3! It’s a great course for a PR! Also, safe travels. Try to get here Thursday if you can.

  2. Ugh – I’m so annoyed with Memphis weather! Im signed up for the race, but some injuries have plagued me lately and derailed my training, so I wasn’t sure if I was going to run to begin with, but I still don’t want to deal with freezing rain while visiting Blues City!!

  3. That’s really annoying! I imagine you’re on pins and needles. But I have hopes all will clear up and you will run a beautifully easy and smooth 2:5x!

  4. Almost GO time!!!!
    I hope that the weather is just a tad warmer for you so that ice is not an issue. That would be a real bummer.
    I know you’ve got the sub 3 in there! 🙂

    Great pics of you and the family. We are ready to do some baking too.

    Happiest of Birthdays to you! You are now in a new age group.. even more competitive 🙂 The cake looks like 3 layers of yummy delicious carb loading!

  5. I’m so sorry to hear about the weather – and even worse – not even knowing if it is a go. UGH. It seems like the whole country is dealing with crappy weather this weekend which stinks for all those looking to race (CIM, Rehoboth).
    Will be thinking of you on Saturday. Kind of fun to know we will be racing at the exact same time. I am going to call upon my inner Tia when I want to slow down! GOOD LUCK!!! xoxo

  6. Tia, when are you planning on leaving? Ugh! I don’t think I want to risk taking the family through this! I’m hoping for a miracle that this storm just doesn’t happen and we can travel safely tomorrow morning. If not, I can’t believe I can’t run after all those months, early morning long runs, and everything I put into this training cycle : (
    Be safe!!!!

  7. I almost had to cancel my Melbourne marathon trip a couple of months ago. My husband ended up in hospital with his back and there was mention of surgery. I was able to go in the end but it was really unsettling and my race was pretty awful. I hope the weather forecast changes for you in the next day or so and you get to run.

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