A New 10K PR- Running With My Mini Me…

A New 10K PR- Running With My Mini Me…

If you are reading wondering how I set a new 10K PR just 6 days after my marathon I will fill you in now… I didn’t!  It’s not my PR but I think I am enjoying it more than when I set my own this past May.  It actually belongs to my Abi and I had the privilege of running with her this morning in a local 10K. 

Several months ago when I first learned of a new 10K race in my town I got really excited.  Then I looked at the date and realized it would be just 6 days after my marathon.  I don’t know about you but the first week after a marathon my legs are toast.  Towards the end of the week the soreness is gone but my body is still tired.  As a general rule of thumb I don’t race the first week.  I have done a few races two weeks post marathon but I much prefer at least three weeks to really race to my potential.  So I decided this would be the perfect opportunity to run with Abi and it was!

Pre-race pic with my girl

The Breakaway 10K is the third and final race in the Searcy Legacy fall running series.  My older three kids participated in the Wildcat Road Mile in August.  Then last month my older two participated in the Micah Rine 5K.  With the final race being a 10K I knew it would just be Abi- and she was the youngest participant.

She has run one 10K before, this past April.  At the time her only goal was to finish and she was able to clock in a time of 1:02:42.  This time around she wanted to break 1 hour which I thought was possible based on the 25:47 5k she ran two weeks ago.  I think it is important to note that when it comes to kids and racing any new distance the general goal/ race expectation should be to finish.  And finish with a positive race experience!  Since this was Abi’s second 10K we had more of an idea what she could do.  And let’s face it- she loves to compete like her mama!

The start:
I must admit that when the race started my first instinct was to take off racing.  Hold up! This is for Abi.  I knew we needed to run at a 9 minute pace or slower so I had to look at my watch a little to get the pace set. 

Mile 1- 9:14 
Mile 2- 9:00

Mile 3- 9:29
Mile 4- 10:00

Mile 5- 10:20
Mile 6- 9:25
Mile 6.1- 0:35 (7:05 pace)

Official Time: 57:59/ (9:19 avg. pace)

She did it!!

*My watch measured the race a tad short but others had the right distance so it must have just been my watch?? Lots of turns in this race so maybe we ran the tangents really well!

After the 10K was the Kidz Dash.  The first race was one full lap around the track for kids ages 6-9. Anthony ran in this race.

Then the final kids race was a 100 meter sprint for kids 0-5.  Anna and Ashton ran in this one.

Ashton’s first race
This girl loves her daddy

After the Kidz Dash was a big barbecue lunch for everyone followed by the Breakaway 10K awards.  After the 10K awards they presented the overall Legacy Series cup awards. 

Overall, great race day! I would highly recommend this fall race series if you live in central Arkansas.  To compete for an Overall Legacy Series Cup Award you must complete all three races: the Wildcat Road Mile, the Micah Rine 5K and the Breakaway 10K.  Our family hopes to participate again next year.

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  1. Looks like a great time was had by you both! Abbi is really getting the hang of it with some great help from you. And VERY exciting for Ashton! I know how much you must enjoy seeing your children improving and having fun at it. 🙂

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