Wicked and a 5K!

Wicked and a 5K!

Last week was not exactly an ideal week of marathon training.  After the infamous strep throat half marathon I took some needed time off from running.  The combination of running a half marathon and being sick really wiped me out and I was down for the count.  When I finally started to come around mid week I took it easy and kept my mileage LOW.

A friend asked me Wednesday if my girls and I would like to join her and her daughter to see the Broadway musical, Wicked this past weekend while it was in Little Rock.  Saturday would have been more ideal but the only time we could get 5 tickets was Friday night.  The girls and I were already registered for a local 5K Saturday morning but I couldn’t pass up this opportunity so decided to go for it.

The Musical
I should preface this by admitting that I am not a very play/ musical type person.  I have a few favorites (The Sound of Music, Annie, Mamma Mia) but in general John and I aren’t big theater people.  However, I’ve got to admit that Wicked was AMAZING!! The songs are very catchy and the actors were extremely talented.  The girls and I loved it! (I actually ordered the CD the next day off Amazon!)


Of course Anna wanted to go as Dorothy!

By the time we got home and I had the girls in bed it was close to 1 am! (We are normally in bed hours before this!) A Saturday morning 5K was not sounding good at all! Fortunately I fell right to sleep and didn’t have to wake up until 6:30.  I held off on waking up the girls until as late as possible and we made it to the race by 7:30. (It was just a few minutes away from our house.)

The Race
The Micah Rine 5K is my favorite local 5K.  This year the weather was not ideal (mid 70’s and 100% humidity) but the course is nice and flat.  I ran about a mile and a half warm-up with strides and then it was time to line up.  My oldest daughter and son were also running in the 5K and my youngest daughter was running in the mile.  And side note if you are thinking about racing while your kids are also racing- it’s almost impossible to turn off “mom mode.”  Abi has done this race before and she’s older so I wasn’t too worried about her.  I wasn’t sure how my 7 yr-old would do though.  My in-laws were walking it so I knew he would be somewhere in front of them and they could keep an eye on him.  My 5 yr-old running the one mile was going with my friend and her son.   It was a lot to keep track of because safety is obviously my number one concern for them.  With a local 5K like this we knew the majority of participants which really helped.  Once I made sure they were all situated it was time to line up.  This race starts and finishes at my kids school so it’s a fun one for them to participate in.

Mile 1- 5:48.  It was a fast start but I felt good.  At this point I was 1st female and 3rd overall.

Mile 2- 6:06.  Moved into 2nd place and got pretty close to the guy in 1st but I just couldn’t close the gap.  My pace was starting to fall back a little and I could tell I was starting to lose it. 

Mile 3- 6:08.  Ughhhh. Off pace and so ready to be done.

Mile 3.1- 0:30.

Official Finish Time: 18:32 (5:59 avg.)
1st female/ 2nd overall

Me with my little racers

The whole gang after the race

Post Race Thoughts:
I decided not to dwell too much on what I did wrong on this one.  No, it was not perfectly executed.  My pace fell off and I lost focus.  But I did enjoy a fun night out with my girls the night before and I was able to run after having taken half the week off earlier due to strep throat. 

This race reminded me that I do love the 5K distance. I really liked training for it specifically like I did this past summer.  I think I will do that again (next summer?) whenever I need a break from marathons.  I do have two more 5K’s coming up later this month.  Obviously, neither are my “A” race but I am throwing them in as a form of speed  work in my training. 

More on Racing “with” Kids: 
I wrote a lot about this in a previous post.  Most of the time these days my “racing” with them is during my cool-down when I go back to find them on the course.  I found Abi first so I ran her last half mile in with her.  I just try to be encouraging and positive.  She had a great kick and finished in 27:something.   Then I immediately turned around and went back for my son.  He was a little further back than when I met Abi.  We kept it easy and I just picked out landmarks for him to look ahead to during this part.  When we saw the big mile marker 3 I told him it was time to sprint it in.  He did great and finished around 37 minutes. 

This race did not have any age group awards for anyone under age 10 which kind of stunk.  I talked to one of the RD’s who just didn’t realize this so they will be fixing his for next year.  I know I am very opinionated when it comes to kids and 5K’s.  We’ve participated in many as a family and here are my main issues:

Kids and 5K’s

1. Make registration fees reasonable. (For example- Kids 12 and under cost $10.)  Let’s make it affordable for families with kids to participate.  What is the deal with $30 5k’s and no youth t’s or youth AG awards? Not cool!  More kids would run if it were more affordable.

2. Offer youth size t-shirts.  To these kids a 5K is like a half marathon.  They deserve a t-shirt-preferably one that fits!

3.  Every kid should get a ribbon when they cross the line- regardless of time or placement.  Again, a 5K is a big deal to a kid.  Participants of a half or full marathon receive a medal.  In my mind, kids who run a 5K deserve similar treatment.

4.  Offer age group awards for 9 & under, 10-14, etc.  Enough said!

I will leave it with those although I’m sure there are more.  As much as I love running I want my kids to grow up with a passion for being active and healthy (whether they run or choose to do something else).  Participating in local races is a fun way for them to get involved and get active. 

Do you race with your kids?  
Any other “tips” for races with kids?

Have you seen Wicked?

5 thoughts on “Wicked and a 5K!

  1. I’m not much of a play/musical person either. Ballet? Totally different. Of course, I was a dancer. But wow, that’s a late night!! You still kicked but – I can’t even imagine running that fast for a mile LOL. Awesome job!

  2. Still an amazing 5k time, even if it wasn’t your best! So fun that 3 of your kids were racing! I like your tips for kids- definitely something I’ll keep in mind as we get closer to that stage.

  3. I don’t race with the kids, though I’d love to. Kaylee is 6, and shows some interest in running, but hasn’t asked to run with me, so I haven’t really talked about it. I didn’t start running until about 12, and I don’t want her feel pressure because mom is crazy. 😉

    We were actually thinking about seeing Wicked in Boston, but missed the opportunity. It’s always hard for me to know if the kids are old enough to make it worth the cost. The cost of a ticket is the same for a child as an adult, and live shows in Boston aren’t cheap, so I keep chickening out. I’d love to take the family to see the Nutcracker around Christmas…

    Congrats on the race too!

  4. I totally agree with your comments on kids and 5k’s. They need the incentive as much as adults do to keep coming back and make it exciting.

  5. I found your blog through one of my running friends and I love it! I’m in Fort Smith! I completely agree with you about kids running a 5K. My son loves running with me and it drives me crazy when they do not offer shirts in youth sizes. For his first 5K I actually gave him one of my medals so he could get something!

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