A Last Minute… Injury?

A Last Minute… Injury?

I guess you might have guessed from my lack of posting that I did not run in the Arkansas Race for the Cure Saturday.  Since Friday morning my little running world has once again been rocked upside down- a simple reminder to me that there are many more important things in life than running and I guess I needed that reminder.  Why do I tend to get these reminders right before a big race??

Friday morning all I had on my schedule was an easy 3 miles including some strides at the end.  I dressed warmly because it was colder outside and then went for a run.  After my warm-up I did some strides.  On my third set of strides I felt my left calf muscle cramp up and I immediately knew something was wrong.  I stopped to stretch a little but the discomfort wouldn’t leave.  My first thought was that if this pain didn’t go away I might not be able to run in Race for the Cure the next morning.  I tried not to let it dominate my thoughts since it was Grandparents Day at my kids school and we already had a full morning planned.  When I had a few minutes I called and scheduled a leg massage.  I took some Ibuprofein.  I iced my leg.  I put on my compression socks.  I rested.  Saturday morning my leg felt a little better but still off.  I knew that racing a 5k would not be the smartest thing to do.  I had to remind myself that my “A” race is my marathon- not the 5K.  And I knew that.  I just really wanted to run this 5K too.  It would have been my 10th consecutive year to run it and I was gunning to go sub 19 on this course for the first time ever.  Apparently this will have to wait.

I followed the R.I.C.E treatment Saturday and Sunday to a T.  No running.  Just rest, ice, compression and elevation.  On Sunday I really didn’t feel any pain walking at all which I thought was a good sign.  Monday I went for an easy 6 mile run and at first didn’t feel any pain but about halfway through my calf muscle started to tighten again and went back to feeling “off.” The whole time I ran I was just wondering if this is what it would be like during my marathon.  As soon as I finished my test run I went over to the Athletic Center and saw the head athletic trainer.  The last time I saw him was back in the spring of 2001 when I was a senior on the cross country team.  Thankfully he was kind enough to help out this former college athlete!  He took a look at my leg and examined the entire area and told me that my muscle is not torn but more likely just strained a little.  He did a stim treatment and iced it there in the training room.

Then I iced again at home and had another leg massage with Shela.  The day continued with some more R.I.C.E. 


I went to bed feeling like therapy had become my new full-time job.  It was exhausting- mostly mentally.  I just felt pressured to get better but I can’t control that.  I can try to help but I can’t control it.

Today I went 9 miles on the stationary bike at the gym.  It was a great workout and did not seem to aggravate my calf muscle at all.  I am thankful for this and I really am trying to stay positive but I don’t know what this all means for my upcoming marathon.  I have put in the months of training and here I am 12 days away from my “A” race but all of a sudden everything is very much up in the air.  I truly believe all these things are helping but I know that what my leg needs most is time to restAnd time is the one thing that I don’t have.

So at this point I am just taking it day to day.  If I feel like I am recovered and can run a good race I will do it but if it still feels off and needs more time to heal there is nothing I can do but recover.  It’s not worth re-injuring or making it worse.  The St. Judes Memphis Marathon might become my new goal race.  (Dec. 7th.)  We’ll see…

In other news– there has been plenty to keep me busy with on the home front.

  • Working on the seasonal clothes change-out right now.  I do this twice a year (also known as the worst laundry weeks of the year). 
  • The kids (mostly the girls) have decided on the “Wicked” Halloween theme.  Ever since the CD arrived they’ve been listening to it, singing or playing the story.  My favorite was when they dressed up their barbies as the cast and put on the show.  That took up almost all day Saturday!  
  • Anna’s first tooth came out last night so she was on cloud nine! I can’t believe my baby girl is old enough to be losing teeth.  Only one more baby to go!
  • John just got his Comps questions for his PhD on Friday and now has 28 days to complete them.  So basically he is very busy the next 4 weeks.  I’m just doing the best I can holding down the fort.  Once he is finished with Comps he will be on the last phase- his dissertation. Good stuff!

That’s the update for now.  Hopefully I’ll have some {better} news soon! 🙂

7 thoughts on “A Last Minute… Injury?

  1. Hey you. Hoping this goes away fast and that you are tip top and ready to run as usual SOON. So exciting about your hubby nearing the end of his PhD stuff…Wow! Impressive. Good luck to him (and you) as you reach the end. You’re so much better than me with the seasonal change. All my kids have their clothes all stuffed into their drawers. I really must change things out soon…just to save me the headache of DISORDER!

  2. Yikes!! I am glad you did all the right things. No one wants a niggle right before a race. — I’m sure that it will all be better in no time.
    Good for you for taking the right steps and looking at the bigger picture. ♥

  3. You’re such a smart, sensible runner. You know your real goals and react accordingly. It sounds like you stopped an injury in its tracks by looking after it. A lot of other runners would put their heads in the sand, run on and hope for the best.

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