Month: October 2013

Race Report- The Bison Stampede {Me- Negative Splitting a 5K?!}

The 5K distance is by FAR my most raced distance.  I’ve been racing them since I was a kid and on through college.  When I got back into running a few years ago and I started training for longer distances like the marathon and the half marathon I still couldn’t resist sprinkling in a few 5K’s here and there.  I

A Last Minute… Injury?

I guess you might have guessed from my lack of posting that I did not run in the Arkansas Race for the Cure Saturday.  Since Friday morning my little running world has once again been rocked upside down- a simple reminder to me that there are many more important things in life than running and I guess I needed that

Surviving “Peak Week”

How do you survive the hardest training week of a marathon cycle?  One day at a time. Last week was hard.  I knew going into it that it would be but I had to get through it and remind myself that it would all be worth it.  Peak week is the week with a lot of miles and some killer

Wicked and a 5K!

Last week was not exactly an ideal week of marathon training.  After the infamous strep throat half marathon I took some needed time off from running.  The combination of running a half marathon and being sick really wiped me out and I was down for the count.  When I finally started to come around mid week I took it easy