Not Boston Bound 2014

Not Boston Bound 2014

This morning the Boston Marathon opened registration for runners who have met the qualifying standard by 20 minutes or more.  I am extremely tempted to go on and click “register” but I’m not.

In the past I have made the comment (many times) that as long as I qualified for Boston I planned on running in it.  Why wouldn’t I?  In my opinion Boston is the marathon of all marathons.  The journey to run this one race took many years and a lot of hard work and planning.  I couldn’t understand why anyone who had qualified wouldn’t run it.

I had an idea of what this race would be like but nothing could have prepared me for how unique it really is.  We all know the horror of what happened once the first bomb detonated Monday afternoon but let me say that my entire Boston experience before that moment was absolutely perfect. 

On plane the flight to Boston holding the book- 26 Miles to Boston

We met Meb Keflezighi (U.S. Olympic medalist) at the airport

That weekend we wore our Boston jackets with pride and everywhere we went people knew we were there for a reason.  When we saw other runners in their jackets we just smiled and knew we had something in common.  Random Bostonians on the streets would ask us where we were from and if we were running (duh, we’re wearing the jacket!) and we even had some people as if they could take a picture with us since we were running in the marathon. 

The Boston Marathon Expo itself was so much fun. By far the best race expo I’ve ever been to and we spent a lot of time there.  There was just so much to see and do there.  Truly every runners dream expo!

We met Boston Marathon Race Director Dave McGillivray at the expo

I was so excited to run this race.  The bus ride to Hopkinton and hanging out in Athlete’s Village was its own little pre-race adventure.

Then it was time to line up and I found myself surrounded by thousands of other eager and excited runners just like me.  The first few miles went by so fast.  I just couldn’t believe I was actually running in the Boston Marathon.  There was so much to see along the way- everything I had read about in 26 Miles to Boston.  There were so many thousands of people cheering.  I felt confident and strong.  I knew I was going to make my goal time and I was loving every moment of the journey.

When I crossed the finish line I was so happy.  Best. Marathon. EVER.

Of course, we all know what soon followed and how quickly everything changed.  During the panic and chaos of trying to get to safety I couldn’t even think about running Boston again.  I couldn’t imagine it being safe.  At the time there was so much confusion and uncertainty about how and why everything had happened.

Once I returned home I had many different emotions to deal with from the trip.  Any time you train for a big race- particularly a marathon you bring home emotional baggage but this time I had much more to process in my mind.  There really wasn’t any race closure (if that makes sense) because we left in total panic mode.  A few days after I was home I read a friends blog post about this.  Carissa seemed to be experiencing many of my feelings.  I decided that running Boston again in 2014 would be good for me.  It would give me the closure I needed from 2013 as well as a new experience that would end the way a marathon should end.

The only problem was the date.  The Boston Marathon is always the third Monday in April.  This year that date was April 15th.  In 2014 that date is April 21st.  And April 21st just happens to be my youngest daughters birthday.

And two days earlier on the 19th is my oldest sons birthday.  

Obviously I’m not missing half of my children’s birthdays to run a race by myself and flying the entire family to Boston is not very economical.  I thought about all of us driving to Boston but 26 hours in the car (with 4 kids in tow) before and after a marathon did not sound like a great plan either.  I should mention that my very understanding husband left the final decision to me.  He was willing to do the driving but I know that the entire trip would be hard on him.  Keeping up with four kids while I’m off running is not an easy job but the long drive itself would be the hardest part.

So I am forced to make to the only mature and rational decision I can which is not to run Boston in 2014.  I know I will be back to Boston someday and I know 2014 will be a very special year for this marathon.  I wish I could be there but there are some things more important than a race. 

Boston… We will meet again when the time is right! 
Are you running Boston?  
When it gets closer let me know.  Tracking runners is almost as fun as running in it!

38 thoughts on “Not Boston Bound 2014

  1. Loved reading this Tia. Your kids are so lucky to have you as their mama. Honestly, I’m not sure my time from last year will even get me in. But it might …an almost 5 min cushion gives me a fair shot. But….right this second, I’m not so sure I want to register. Definitely a mixed bag of feelings there. Good thing I don’t have to make the decision today.

  2. I understand- that is a tough decision, but I would have done the same thing. Boston will always be there! I’m debating trying to get in this year, but am leaning toward 2015, assuming I qualify again this year. Hope to see you at that one!!

  3. You will run it again:) I just registered for it today- 2014 will be my first Boston!! I’m pretty excited. I’ve never run a race even close to that magnitude. It’s also my birthday weekend – I share a birthday with your little guy, the 19th! So, it will be a little bday present to myself. Tough decision for you, but it sounds like the right one.

  4. I loved reading this post and can definitely relate to your feelings. You know you will be back in Boston. Sometimes making the right decision is definitely not the easiest decision but you are making the right decision. It was just brought to my attention today that the 20th is Easter. I am already having mommy guilt.

    1. Wow- I didn’t even realize it was also Easter weekend! Well, I’m excited for you and I will be tracking you all the way. You will LOVE that course!

  5. Knowing you as well as I do, I would have expected you to have made this decision for Rocky and Anna. Your time will come again and theirs ( as we often talk about ) will pass faster than the time it takes to blink. Good choice, Tia !

  6. I hear you. I’ve also made the tough decision not to run Boston 2014. I qualified for Team USA for the ITU World Championships in August, which is going to be a very expensive trip to Edmonton for the family. And I’m already signed up for a half marathon in March that’s a night or two away. After looking at my race budget I’ve realized it’s just not possible. But like you said, I’ll go back another time.

  7. I registered, but if I wasn’t local I don’t know that I’d be running Boston at this stage of my life. I’m almost never away from the kids, and if I did have the opportunity to be away I’d rather do something else with Nick. Now 5 years from now will be a different story…

  8. I feel the same way- wanted to register so bad, but know it’s best for our family if we stay home this year! Boston is an amazing experience but certainly expense and we say it will be a five year thing for us. We can all do our own “Boston” not at Boston run that day! πŸ™‚

  9. I struggled so much with whether or not to register this year. Like you, the dates are tough for me, too. The 22nd is my youngest child’s birthday and the 23rd is my oldest’s birthday. Oh, and the 20th, is Easter! And to make matters worse, I am leaving my hubby with the kids the weekend before Boston in order to go to my 20th college reunion (all the way across the country) with a girlfriend. So…I’m not sure how I can make this work. However, I just couldn’t help it and I registered yesterday. There was something so fitting about registering on 9/11. Honestly, I don’t know if it will all workout (and I haven’t even told my husband yet!!) But I’m hoping I can go. Ugh. It sounds like you definitely made the best decision for your family and, you are right, there will be many more Bostons. I’m already doubting my decision!!

    1. Wow- you are going to have a busy week! Well, if you do run it I will definitely be tracking you. I was tempted to register too- just in case but I am feeling ok about my decision not to now.

  10. I decided not to register this year – in part because of your post on getting injured while trying to train for the race postpartum. I’m due in November and stopped running early on in pregnancy so I’ll need to get back to it gradually. I’d hate to get injured just as I get back into running again – your post helped me decide to play it safe – thank you!

  11. I know that this was an incredibly difficult decision, especially after everything that happened last year. This Boston is going to be special, and I’m sure you would’ve given almost anything to be there. But I think it’s wonderful that you weighed the options and ultimately decided to do what’s best for your family (just one of the many sacrifices you make as a mom, I’m sure). There will be other Bostons…and other races. Your kids are very lucky to have you as their mom.

    I also ultimately decided not to run. I read through your Boston posts again (including the How Not to Train for a Marathon) and realized that it’s going to be so easy for me to do the same thing — feel really good at the start and then ramp up too quickly because of that. And in the end, I realized that the logistics of the race (on top of the difficulties of training in such a short time frame with a newborn) were just going to make this way too complicated. And it’s not worth it.

    Hopefully we’ll both be back in 2015. πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Lauren! Yes, I am hoping 2015 will work out! I think you made the right decision. Your baby will only be a newborn for so long and Boston is not going anywhere! πŸ™‚

  12. Sacrifices, but hey, you’ve been there and done that, and you’ll get there again, so not too big of a sacrifice! Birthdays are so fun and special so you’ll have a better time anyway! =)

    I am shooting for 2015 myself, as I am not signed up for an early enough marathon to get in this year (unless for some reason it isn’t full by December 7th…and that would mean I’d be qualifying on my first marathon back post-baby…which is a long shot).

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