go! Mile Race Report- “One Lap, One Mile, One Fast Little Race!”

go! Mile Race Report- “One Lap, One Mile, One Fast Little Race!”

On Saturday I ran in a one mile race.  Yes, you read that correctly- ONE MILE. The last time I raced an all out mile I was 18 and a senior in high school.  That was over 16 years ago.  In college I ran the 1500 a few times but usually the 3000.

When I first read about this race a few months ago on Arkansasrunner.com I honestly didn’t think much of it.  My first thought was- why would I drive all the way to Little Rock to race 1 mile?  We live about an hour from Little Rock which is not necessarily far but any race outside my city requires more time and planning with the kids.

Then about a month ago I got an email from the go! Mile elite race coordinator who offered me a comped race entry.  I read more information about the race and discovered that there was actually prize money for the top three overall finishers male and female.  So I decided as intimidating as racing an all out mile sounded I could not pass up the opportunity.  I emailed her back and submitted my registration. A week later she emailed me again and said that The Capital Hotel in Little Rock had a select number of rooms for out of town elite runners and would I be interested.  Would I?!!  A night out with J at a four star hotel with no kids?!  I think it took me all of two seconds to respond- “Absolutely!!!”

So on Friday afternoon J and I headed to Little Rock and left the kids with my in-laws.  Coincidentally it was their 38th anniversary so I thought it was very generous of them to keep four children on their special day.

The Capital Hotel is awesome and we had a great time!  We walked around a little after checking in and ate dinner at one of the hotels restaurants.  We didn’t stay out too late though because it was a race night and I was getting in my usual nervous/ anxious pre-race mode.

My race packet was ready and waiting for me in the hotel room- that’s a first!

John and I inside the Capital Hotel

My Plan:
My A Goal was to run a 5:20 (or faster) but I really didn’t know how realistic that was.  My fastest mile ever was 16 years ago when I ran a 5:27 in high school.  This brings me to my B Goal- anything 5:26 or faster. I just wanted to beat my high school time!  I didn’t really have another goal.  If I ran slower than a 5:27 I would have been a little disappointed in myself because based on other recent race times I should be able to run faster than that. However, a mile is a tricky race.  There is really no time to make-up time.  It is a sprint from start to finish and every. second. counts

Last September I randomly decided to run a timed mile around the track by myself.  I ran as hard as I could and finished in 5:29.  I knew then that I wanted my next timed mile to beat my high school time.

As I’ve mentioned before on this blog I have been using this summer to focus on speed training.  For the first time in over a decade I am following a 5K training plan- not a marathon training plan.  Mileage is lower and the speed work is faster!  In the last few weeks I’ve even switched up a few 5K track workouts for some 1 mile/ 1500 workouts. 

Saturday morning we were able to sleep in until 7!  What a treat!  I had some oatmeal but I could barely eat any of it because I was so nervous.  (This brings me back to my general racing rule- the shorter the distance the more nervous I get!)

My race was the last heat at 8:50.  I was actually a little nervous about that because I knew with every passing minute it would get warmer and warmer.  We left our hotel around 7:20 and we were at the race by 7:45 which meant I had about an hour to kill.

There were hundreds of people at the race and it was quite a fun family friendly atmosphere.  The go! Mile has 7 different racing heats:

  • The First Mile: a race for new runners and inexperienced racers 
  • Heat A- Women Ages 39 and Under 
  • Heat B- Men Ages 39 and Under 
  • Heat C- Women Ages 40 & Over 
  • Heat D- Men Ages 40 & Over 
  • Heat E- Elite Men & Women: Men who can run under 5:30 and Women who can finish in 6:00 
  • Kids Mini Mile

Race Strategy:
My goal was to run 80 second quarters (or faster) in order to hit a 5:20.  I also wanted to place in the top three but with a distance like a mile there is always the possibility of an unknown high school or college age girl coming out and surprising everyone.  The mile brings out a lot of younger (and faster) competition!  The day before the race I actually changed my watch setting from beeping every mile to beeping every quarter so I could know my splits.  So glad I did this!

Good question.  I guess we’ll find out…

I watched one of the heats run and then found the restroom.  Then I figured it was time to warm-up.  It’s always a little challenging to “warm-up” when it’s over 80 degrees but I know it must be done.  I decided to just warm-up about 1.5 miles and do some strides.  Part of my warm-up was on the race course so I knew where each quarter mile was.  The race itself is one big lap and it is located in a way that you can actually see runners almost the entire way as they run around which is pretty cool for spectators.  Before too long it was time to line up.

Let’s do this already!

The Race:

The Start of the Elite Heat
I’m the one in pink next to the guy in red on the far left- photo courtesy of AR RRCA
If you think a 5K has a fast start- try racing a  mile.  The gun went off and everyone started sprinting and for good reason.  The first quarter mile I felt like I was moving in slow motion compared to everyone else.  My basic instinct was to want to slow down and pace myself and I had to keep reminding myself to keep sprinting!  I passed about 6-7 ladies towards the very end of the first quarter mile and positioned myself as the 2nd place female.

0.25- 74 seconds. A little faster than I had planned but I told myself I could do this!

0.50- 78 seconds.  By the halfway point I was starting to feel tired but I knew the third place female was right on my heels so I could not let up at all.

Right around the halfway point- third place female is right behind me in the blue- photo courtesy of AR RRCA

0.75- 82 seconds.  Uh oh! I was hoping not to see anything 80+ but I knew during my warm-up that the 3 quarter was going to be my toughest.  Even though I had slowed down I was still passing several of the men and no one was passing me.  I knew I was prepared for this pace and I still had some fight left in me for the last quarter.

1.00- 77 seconds.  Once you reach the 3rd quarter a race volunteer rings a cowbell so you know you are on your last “lap.”  I kicked it into my fastest “all I have left” gear.  I knew that these final seconds could make the difference of going sub 5:20 or not based on my other quarter splits.  I gave it everything I had.

photo courtesy of AR RRCA
photo courtesy of AR RRCA

Final Time:
5:17:99.  (I’ve got to say I love that .99!)

2nd female overall (out of 249).  1st was 5:05 and 3rd was 5:24. 
Official race results can be found here.

John and I after the awards.  Yes, I bought him his shirt! Lol!!

Final Thoughts:
A one mile race is very different (for me) but exciting.  It surprised me how much fun I had “only” racing a mile.  I think every runner regardless of their racing times should put themselves out there and test their speed occasionally in an all out mile.  It requires training, focus, strategy, and race execution just like any other racing distance.

Go! Mile was a very well run and organized race.  I will definitely be back to run this one next year!  I loved that this race brought out so many runners that might not necessarily come out for other races- including 5K’s.  I think the “First Mile” (the heat for new runners and inexperienced racers) was a great race to include in the running events.  There were all ages and talents represented Saturday at go! Mile and that made it even more fun. If you live anywhere near central Arkansas you should definitely consider adding this to your racing calendar for June. 

The entire weekend was amazing and I am thankful I was given the opportunity to race in it this year.  HUGE thank you to Joyce Taylor, the Elite Coordinator for go!Mile for organizing such a fabulous weekend!  I know there were many others who helped coordinate and volunteer for this event as well and they all did a great job.  Thank you!

24 thoughts on “go! Mile Race Report- “One Lap, One Mile, One Fast Little Race!”

  1. Great running!

    How awesome is it to be invited to race AND be given a free room AND have your race kit waiting for you. You’re a superstar!

    1. Thanks Char! It totally spoiled me! I don’t know if I will ever have this many “perks” again but I sure enjoyed it this time!

  2. Great recap – great job!! So impressive. I would love to run a timed mile. Maybe I will do one at the track at some point this training cycle. I can only imagine how high the nerves must have been! Congrats!!

    1. Thanks Katie! You should do it sometime! I’m sure you would CRUSH your old PR at this point in your running career. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thanks Gracie. I probably over think pacing but it’s part of the fun. I wish I was able to run once a week at the track with some speedsters like you! Workouts would be much more fun then!

  3. I LOVED reading every bit of this!!! You hit exactly what i predicted, but did not tweet. ๐Ÿ™‚ I must say I am very happy for you ๐Ÿ˜€

    Funniest thing here is that you mention how nervous you got before the race. Hands down, the mile makes me almost lose my breakfast. haha. You were a rock star with the pacing!! The third lap is supposed to be the hardest for anyone..so much is spent, but so much left to give. You were smart and more than made up for the time.

    How wonderful you and John could make a get-away out of this. What a great race and kind director to help with the lodgings!

    I so badly want to do a mile race now!! I hope that Eugene will do another one like they had when I decided to jump in on it a few years back.

    Thanks for inspiring us all! Can’t wait to see what this little kick does for your 5k now ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thanks Raina! I really wanted that sub 5:20 but it made me nervous even saying that since my fastest in my prime was a 5:27.

      You are right on about that third lap! I was quickly trying to do the math to figure out what I needed for that last one.

      You live in the running mecca. Surely there is a 1 mile race somewhere near you! Your boys would probably have fun running in it too!

    1. Thanks! Basically you just go from one extreme (26.2) to the other! It’s crazy fast but at least it’s over in a blink! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thanks Kortni! It was a fun one. I had no idea how I would recap a 1 mile race but it’s probably longer than some of my marathon ones!

  4. You inspire me so much! I run with the conway running club & have “followed” your blog when I was pregnant and running. I googled running pregnancy arkansas and you came up! My girl is 10 months old now & I am still running. I’m a slow one though – in my 8s min/mile – but you sure inspire me, as a runner, wife, mother & from what I can read a firm believer! I’ll make sure to say hi if I ever see your fast self in a local race sometime! – Grace Smith

    1. Thanks Grace! Yes, I would love to meet you at a race sometime. ๐Ÿ™‚ I know a few of the Conway runners. We may be coming that way for the kids triathlon in August. 8 min miles?! You are doing great! I was not hitting anywhere near 8 minute miles with my first baby!

  5. YAY! Congratulations, Tia! Sub-5:20 is amazing but even moreso is that you crushed your previous PR from high school – I love that =)
    I was hoping to run a local one miler this year but it ended up getting cancelled!

    1. Thanks Michele! I honestly never thought I could beat my high school time and going sub 5:20 seemed like a very ambitious dream goal. A one mile race is fast and hard but the good thing is that it is over in a blink! VERY different than a marathon. ๐Ÿ™‚

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