Caught in a storm and other training tales…

Caught in a storm and other training tales…

Well, I didn’t mean to go quite so long without posting but life happens and things get busy.  You know how it is!  First of all, HAPPY NATIONAL RUNNING DAY!! I love seeing all the running happiness on my news feed on Facebook.  The last two summers I was injured on National Running Day so it was not nearly as fun.  This morning I met a group of runners at a local gym for a little running event my friend Jennifer organized.  It was a lot of fun and I was able to meet some new runners.

6 am photo op 🙂

So where to begin… I guess I will start where I left off last- Newport.   After all the excitement of my new 5K PR I had some random calf muscle cramping on my right leg so I took of 2 days and eased back into things last week.  I am starting to notice a pattern with myself.  My body really likes to take the day after a race off completely.  Whenever I try to push it- even with an “easy” run- my body tends to shut down and protest. And it protested after Newport.  A simple 5 mile run that was supposed to be easy turned into the longest run ever- which including three pit stops to stretch my calf, use the bathroom, get water, etc.  I knew I needed to take a day or two off to rest and regroup so I did.   On Wednesday I had a wonderful massage at Shela’s and my calf was feeling much more normal.

A little time spent with Buzz Lightyear makes everything better!

My workouts have been a little random and all over the place.  I’m not sure if it’s been the weather, my 5K training or what but I am definitely not in any kind of rut.  Every day has been different and has its own set of challenges and rewards.  I am enjoying the variety in my 5K training plan.

Heat or treadmill?

One of my challenges lately has definitely been acclimating myself to the weather.  When temps are in the 80’s and humidity is in the 90’s running outside quickly becomes draining.  Last week I had several “easy” runs outside that did not feel very easy.  I started much slower than my usual easy pace but was gradually able to pick it up and finish on the slower end of my easy pace zone.  At the end of the week it was time for my quality session and I was really torn.  I wasn’t sure if I should I attempt to run outside (with high heat and humidity) and hope to pull off some semblance of my workout or actually hit my target paces on the TM?  In the end I decided to do this one on the treadmill.  I nailed my target pace times so I felt great about that.  I did feel like I cheated a little since my upcoming 5K will be in the heat of the summer (July 4th) so maybe I need to re-evaluate my plan.  This week it was a little cooler and I did my speed work on the track so I guess I will just take it day by day.

Calling it Quits!
This past Saturday morning I had planned to run my own little 13.1.  One of my good running buddies was running in the Newport Marathon in Oregon so I thought I would do my own little half for fun.  (My current long runs vary from 12-14 miles.)  I checked the weather and thought I had plenty of time to get my run in before the rain.  The hourly weather forecast showed at least 3 hours so I was taking my good ole’ time- even taking a few pics along the way- which I rarely do but I wanted to document this fun little half marathon of mine.

One of the bridges on my trail

My favorite hill I try to work in at least once a week
water break during my merry little HM

Around mile 8 I stopped for a few minutes to refill my water bottle at Harp’s (a local grocery store) and when I walked out of the store I noticed the sky darkening and the air felt eerily cool.  It was starting to get windy and I knew rain was going to be here much sooner than I had planned.

storm quickly approaching… and I’m still 5 miles from home!

My little easy run quickly turned into a get back as quick as you can tempo run.  By mile 9 it was raining and by mile 10 it was POURING! I was not wearing a visor to block any of the rain and I had my iphone with me (I carry it for all long runs when I’m by myself) and I did NOT want to ruin it in this weather.  Right after mile 10 I got off of the trail and made it to the Dollar General store.  I decided to call John.  In the 12 years we’ve been married and for as long as I’ve been running he has never had to come to my rescue on a run but I knew it was the right decision.  I have run in the rain many times but this was different and something in my gut told me to stop and get to safety.  With the recent tornadoes in Oklahoma and northwestern Arkansas I knew this was not the time to “tough it out” for 3 more miles.

waiting on my ride

So John and the kids pulled up in our van to my rescue.  John was very relieved I’d called him.  I was a little bummed I’d only made it 10 miles but there are more important things than finishing a run and sometimes I need reminded of that.

The sky after the storm Saturday night
Anna wanted to take a picture outside since the sky was “so pretty!” (Gotta love the sponge rollers! She recently started wearing them on Saturday nights for church Sunday morning.)

1 Mile Training?
This week I decided to veer off my scheduled 5K speed work to do a little 1 mile/ 1500 specific speed training.  My one mile race is next weekend and I would love to place well and beat my high school PR.  This race actually offers prize money for top 3 finishers and I know there will be some good competition there.   I’m not sure if I even have a chance at any of the prize money (depends on how many elites show up!) but beating my old high school mile time of 5:27 would be pretty awesome!

I looked up some different training plans online and found one that I thought would fit with what I’ve done.  The majority of mileage from this workout was from the warm-up and cool-down but the track miles were FAST and all out.  I met most of my splits (which I wasn’t sure I would be able to do- especially on the 200’s) so I feel good about that.

2 miles warm-up @ 8:25 pace
4 x 400 @ 1 mi pace (goal: 80) with 1 min rest between. Splits: 78, 82, 80, 78
4 x 200 @ 800 pace (goal: 36) with 1 min rest between. Splits: 36, 35, 36, 38
4 x 100 @ sprint pace (goal: 16-18) with 30 seconds between. Splits: 18, 17, 18, 17
2 mi cool-down @ 8:30 pace

I was pretty worn out during the cool-down.  The rest of this week has included easy runs and later in the week I’m going to run a timed mile to get an idea of where I’m at and how I need to pace it next weekend.  Basically, I’m preparing myself for an all out sprint! Yikes!

Non Running Related News

This past weekend J and I celebrated 12 years of marriage! Wow- it’s flown by and I cannot imagine my life without him… or our little people that make my entire world.  He is truly my best friend and biggest encourager.

We were able to get away for a few hours by ourselves and we went to one of my favorite places in Little Rock to eat- Bonefish Grill.  It did not disappoint.

Best appetizer in the world- Bang Bang Shrimp!
I had the stuffed crab and it was incredible…
Some kind of delicious brownie ice cream concoction that was so good!

With the kids all home I am just trying to stay on top of all the meals and the laundry.  We recently purchased a trampoline which the kids are LOVING.  I honestly don’t know how we’ve made it this long with four kids without one! Good times and man, is that thing a good workout too!

Our new toy

I think that’s all the news for now.  I’ll keep you posted on the 1 mile time trial/ training.  Talk about switching gears from marathons…

Any tips on a one mile race?  Ever done one?

Have you ever been “rescued” from the weather during a run?

Trampolines and kids-  do you have any major safety rules you make your kids stick to?

15 thoughts on “Caught in a storm and other training tales…

  1. Had a gully washer right after track last night – timing is everything!
    Happy, happy anniversary!!!
    Now I am looking forward to see what YOU can do with a all out one mile! I’ve been thinking about trying a fast one mile a week and just see what I can build up to – who knows!

    1. Thanks Kathy! Yes, timing is everything. The storm moved in much faster than anticipated and I was not prepared! You should definitely try one all out mile! It’s crazy fast but gives you a good idea of where you are fitness-wise. 🙂

  2. Congrats on your 12th anniversary — love the pics of you two! So cute!

    Bummer that you didn’t get to finish your half marathon but sounds like you made a good call. Those clouds looked pretty dark in the picture. When it is raining that hard, it also makes it harder for cars to see you so I’m glad you picked the safe option and called your husband.

    How did your friend like the Newport Marathon?? The weather was so perfect and it was a gorgeous day to be at the coast.

    1. Thanks!! My friend LOVED it. She PR’d by around 27 minutes! (best was a 3:42 and she ran a 3:15!) You did awesome as well!! I SO wish I could have done this one. Some day I’d love to do a marathon on the west coast… SO many good ones to choose from over there!

    2. Whoa!!! That is a crazy PR! I am trying to decide on my schedule for next spring. I’d love to run Boston and then follow it with Newport again (as my “goal” race) but it is going to be tough with Boston being the day after Easter and the day before on of my kiddo’s bdays. If I knew I wasn’t going to do Boston, I might consider signing up for Eugene instead. I would LOVE to finish a marathon at that track stadium where so many running legends have come before me!

      Come out west!! 🙂

  3. I’ve never raced a miler – really need to, even though I know it will be a bad event for me. I bet you are GREAT at the distance though! I am considering doing some track races – it would be kind of fun to race a mile on the track but I get nervous just thinking about it.

    1. When I raced a mile in high school it was on a track but this one is actually one big loop at a park. They have various waves based on times/ age groups, etc. I am really anxious about it but I’m sure it will be a fun learning experience if nothing else.

  4. I love all the pictures! We have a trampoline and it is great. The kids could play on it forever unless it is too hot. Our only rule is no high jumping if Elena is on it. The older ones are just too strong for her and I don’t want any injuries! That training sounds very fun and challenging. It is nice to mix it up sometimes! I am sure you will crush that mile!

    1. Thanks Kortni. I like that trampoline rule. Ashton thinks he is the same age as everyone else. They are all in the 30-50 pound range so I feel pretty good about them being on it all at the same time. I just hope we don’t wind up at the ER any time soon!

  5. Ok, I have 1 challenge for you…. slip on a hot dress and out of your running shirt for the next date ;)!
    Beautiful sky! I had to run for rescue my last long run before the HM. Thankfully the timing was good because my 5 mile mark was my house before I started the other half. I had to hustle to get to my garage and I honestly thought I felt some hail. I did NOT want to be caught in hail!!!
    The trampoline… great gift. I would really like to get the boys one but I know they will get hurt. I like Korni’s rule though.
    Good luck on your mile training! Such a great switch up! I don’t think I’ve ever been timed in just the mile. Hmmm!
    CONGRATS on 12 years and having a great relationship!!!

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