It’s BACK….. hello humidity! -And my first speaking engagement…

It’s BACK….. hello humidity! -And my first speaking engagement…

I knew it was coming. It was only a matter of time.  I could feel it warming up but it wasn’t until my speed session on the track last Friday when I had a little running/ weather reality check.  Before heading to the track I checked my weather app like I always do.  70 degrees (not ideal but very doable) and 100% humidity.  The air was so thick but it was not raining.  The humidity was the kicker.

I tried to tell myself that I could still nail my workout times- no matter what the weather was like.  I was wrong. With every lap it was getting harder and harder.  I was really struggling with my breathing.  There is a reason reliable running sources have humidity/ running pace charts.  The heat and humidity does affect running and in the summer months we need to make some necessary pace adjustments.

Pace Adjustments for Heat and Humidity
Adjustment for Humidity > 60%
+5 sec/mi
+10 sec/mi
+15 sec/mi
+25 sec/mi
+30 sec/mi
+45 sec/mi
+40 sec/mi
+1:05 min/mi
+1:10 min/mi
+1:45 min/mi
+2:00 min/mi
+3:00 min/mi
Not Recommended
* Running in temperatures above 55°F or 60°F raises your core temperature .
* The body diverts some of the blood formerly used to fuel muscles to the skin capillaries for cooling.
* With less blood and oxygen reaching the working muscles, you are forced to slow down.
* Several factors can affect how much heat your body generates and is able to dissipate (heat balance). These include exercise intensity, body size, medications, caffeine, sweat evaporation, humidity, air temperature, wind speed, cloud cover, clothing, acclimatization, and running economy.

Source: RunOn Texas, Running in the Heat and Humidity

Typically, I run outside when I can but I know that as the temperature rises I may be resorting to the treadmill.  Last week I was attempting mile repeats on the track and every mile split just got worse and worse.  The humidity was killing my workout and crushing my spirit.  I finished my workout but I had to adjust my goals about halfway through because I knew it was either quit or make some pace changes.  I was shooting for 5 x 1 mi all sub 6.  Instead I ran: 5:58, 6:02, 6:09, 6:23, 6:25.

Since then I have done some easy runs and my long run outside and again- they were all pretty rough.  I’ve been carrying water or stopping for water but none of my easy runs have felt very “easy” and the humidity has had something to do with that… Yesterday my workout called for another speed session.  It was pouring down rain with thunderstorms on and off so my only option was treadmill.  No problem!

After my warm-up I set the TM to 5:52 and then I would start the clock.  I had to work hard for each of those 3 minutes but the recovery jog gave me just enough of a break so I had enough energy to stay on pace.  I’ll probably be back on the treadmill soon but in the mean time I guess I will try to get used to this humidity….

In other running news- I was asked a few weeks ago if I would be the guest speaker for the White River Runners, a running club in Batesville, Arkansas so last night John and I went and I shared my running story, as well as my Boston experience and ended with some training tips.  I was really nervous about how this was going to go but I felt very prepared.  I’m sure the power point loaded with pictures helped!  Once I was up front, talking about running I was fine.  It was a good experience for me and pushed me a little out of my comfort zone.

And speaking of pushing me out of my comfort zone…. yes, I have a 5K this Saturday.  It is one I ran last year and the course is really ideal.  It is very flat and fast.  The only negative might be the weather but I’m trying to tell myself that for just 3.1 miles I can handle warmer racing temps… Abi is registered to run in it too so hopefully she will enjoy this one.

not the best picture quality- or background (Kohl’s dressing room!) but I wanted to text John a pic of what she picked

We went on an afternoon shopping trip together this weekend and she found this shirt.  She knows I am a sucker for running shirts so how could I say no?

The kids are out of school and home for the summer so I’m pretty sure I will not be updating my blog nearly as much.  I seem to spend most of my time these days in the kitchen.  It seems like by the time one meal is eaten and cleaned up it is about time to start preparing to make the next one!  You know how it goes…

We spent the first day of summer vacation going on a little field trip to Cabot (about 30 minutes from my house) to meet my sisters at a Strawberry Patch.  It was a beautiful day and we had a great time.  We will definitely be going back in the next few weeks.

I guess that’s all the news for now.  I’ll let you know how I survive the 5K…. 🙂

10 thoughts on “It’s BACK….. hello humidity! -And my first speaking engagement…

  1. The reason I hate our summers so much is because of the humidity. It sucks all the life out of me but I figure if I can endure running in those conditions running in winter will seem that much easier.

    Good luck on you 5k.

  2. Ugh, I know, it’s been 80’s with 100% humidity these mornings, too. I dread speed work in the summer and it wil be even worse now that I’m totally out of shape!

    1. Speed work is definitely the hardest in the humidity. I may have to resort to TM for some of my HMP runs! Hang with it and you will be back in business by the fall I’m sure!

    1. Thanks Tayarra! I am enjoying the change of pace with them all here. Hard to believe 3 out of 4 will be in school this fall! Baby #3 starts kindergarten in August!

  3. Wishing you all the best for your 5k! I hope that it is not a sauna for you. But, if it is, I know you will be realistic. It’s impossibly hard to run in that kind of thick humidity.

    The photos of the strawberry patch are priceless! Nothing beats berry juice just running down your chin 🙂

  4. oh my gosh that chart made me laugh! I lived in miami the last 4 years where it was 85 degrees and 90% humidity more days than not over the summer when I walked out the door early in the morning to run 🙂 It sucked, but I did it…i have hopes for Orlando to be nicer, but i know I”m kidding myself. ha!

    super cute photos!!

    1. Hi Amanda! Thanks for your comment. I lived in West Palm Beach for about 7 years (middle school/ high school) so when I first started running the high humidity (year round) was just about all I knew. You definitely have to acclimate yourself to the heat but man is it gorgeous there. We lived within a mile of the ocean and I miss it SO much!!! Good luck in Orlando!! 🙂

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