Month: May 2013

The PR that took 13+ Years…The Portfest 5K Race Report

Wow.  Here is a race report I’ve been wanting to write for a LONG time!! A PR in a 5K?! Me??  That isn’t something I thought I would ever do again.  I’ve actually raced this distance more than any other race combined and for years I was content with that little 18:36 PR I set in college.  I assumed that

It’s BACK….. hello humidity! -And my first speaking engagement…

I knew it was coming. It was only a matter of time.  I could feel it warming up but it wasn’t until my speed session on the track last Friday when I had a little running/ weather reality check.  Before heading to the track I checked my weather app like I always do.  70 degrees (not ideal but very doable)

Product Review: Mission Athletecare- Anti-Chafe

Last summer after the worst chafing I’ve ever experienced I decided to try Mission Athletecare’s Anti-chafe stick.  I promised I would let you know how it went so here is the review a mere 10 months later… This review will be brief.  I love it! I put it on before almost all my training runs and before all my races

“Just” 5K Training and other stuff…

I’ve been asked several times what my running plans are now that Boston is over and I’ve often found myself saying that I’m “just working on some 5K stuff right now.”  Yes, obviously 5K training and marathon training are different but I’ve come to the realization that there is nothing “just” about it.  5K training is serious business and is

Toad Suck Daze 10K- Race Recap

With marathon season officially behind me (for now) I have jumped head first into my 5 and 10K season.   I’ll be honest- sometimes just thinking about running a 5 or 10K makes me tired.  They are just so short and way too fast! But I know they make me a better runner so I continue to sign up for them.