Easter and all kinds of stuff!

Easter and all kinds of stuff!

First of all, Happy Easter from Arkansas!  I hope you all had a great weekend!  Before I jump into some running and training stuff (Boston countdown- 15 days?!!!) I will start with some of my Easter blessings…

Easter morning 2013

We actually had a few minutes to spare before church this morning (could it have had something to do with the excitement of waking up to find their Easter baskets?) so I got them all together to take a picture before we headed out the door.  After church we had a delicious lunch at my in-laws and I am more than sure I balanced out the 20 miles I did yesterday.

Please excuse the mass of pictures- I tend to go overboard on certain holidays!

The whole fam
Me & my J
The girls
My boys

one more of the kiddos!

As far as running… I would say this was a very solid training week.  Last week and this week were basically the meat of this 6 week mini training cycle.   I am feeling pretty good about going into the final two weeks now.  I had my last long run yesterday that did not go as planned but it’s over and I know it made me stronger mentally more than physically.  If you follow me on Daily Mile I went into more detail but basically I planned a nice 18 mile long run with 14 at marathon pace.  It was a very light rain when I started and I was very tempted to do this one on the treadmill. I knew I could easily zone out and watch 3 more episodes of West Wing and it wouldn’t require too much focus.  But a little voice inside me told me to embrace the challenge and take it outside where I would have to make myself maintain a certain marathon pace.  John had the kids, it wasn’t dark outside or pouring down rain so I told myself to suck it up and get out there.  No excuses! I parked at the track because I planned to do the marathon paced portion around the bike trail around campus.  I wouldn’t have to stop for traffic and it is relatively flat. I ran an easy 3 mile warm-up around campus and stopped at a restroom along the way in the College of Pharmacy building.  As I was leaving I got a few sips of water from the water fountain and I’m glad I did because that happened to be the last time I drank anything until I got home…

When I got back to my truck to start my MP (marathon pace) part of the run I realized I had locked the wrong key in the car.  I was staring at my water bottle and shot bloks through the window which I planned to get out and set by the truck for easy access during the run.  I am fine without fueling for about 10 miles and under but anything more and I usually have at least a gu or something.  I decided to go ahead and get the run over with before it started raining hard.  I knew a big storm system was headed my way so I needed to get going.  I told myself I could run by the Pharmacy building again halfway through the MP part if I needed to get a drink.  Of course, once I got into a rhythm with the run I didn’t want to stop.  The “light rain” really started picking up around mile 10 but again there was no stopping.  I ended up with 15 miles at MP and then jogged 2 miles home.  I have never run 20 miles before without fuel and I must say that I am not a fan.  I am very glad I at least ate a banana before I left my house.  (It would have been more, had I known I wasn’t going to fuel!)  I really haven’t had fueling/ stomach issues during a marathon before- and hopefully I’m not jinxing myself by saying this but I think it’s because I fuel during long runs to help train my body how to eat/ drink and run at the same time. 

cold, wet and DONE!
Boston’s 1 and only 20

Advanced Marathon’s 6 week back to back marathon schedule peaks at an 18 mile long run- not 20. But there is something mentally rewarding about knowing you went 20 before any marathon. I will also note that I wore my new Brooks Ravenna 4’s for this run and they were GREAT! I cannot say enough how much I love these shoes.  I wore them for the first time earlier this week and they have completely taken over as my new favorite training shoe.  I will still do my speed work and race in Brooks Cadence but the Ravenna’s are perfect for every day runs and long runs.  I had seen them advertised as a mostly neutral shoe with a little support which is exactly what I wanted.  I liked the Trance and Adrenaline but they were a little too supportive for me.  Whereas Pure Flow did not have enough support (for me).  I needed something in the middle and I found it with this one. 

Below are weeks 3 & 4 of Boston Training.

Week 3 ( of 6):
Sun. 3/17– 8 easy miles on TM.

Mon. 3/18– 12 miles on bike trail with 6 @ 7:10 pace with Kem.

Tue. 3/19– 8 miles on track with 6 x 400.  This workout looked way easier on paper!  I am pretty sure it had a little something to do with the fact that I hadn’t done a track workout in months.  I ran them all in 1:21 with the exception of one 1:22.  It was HARD.  These kind of workouts always remind me why I was not a sprinter in high school or college!

Wed. 3/20– 10 miles total with 4 easy @ 8:55 pace early on my own in my neighborhood followed by 6 @ 7:55 pace with Kem on bike trail.

Thur. 3/21– Off.  I was tired and I could tell my body needed a rest day.

Fri. 3/22– 6 easy miles on TM @ 7:57.

Sat. 3/23- Cabot 5K Race! 12 miles total w/ 3.1 @ 6:02 pace.  The other 9 miles were run at many varying paces .

Total Mileage: 56

Week 4 (of 6):
Sun.  3/24– 15 mile long run @ 8:51 with Tish on bike trail.  Windiest run of my life.  No joke! Winds were at 25-30 mph the whole time and it was ROUGH.  I would have definitely done this one on the TM but I had company and we were able to work in a lot of hills so we got it done! 

Mon. 3/25– 10 miles on TM @ 7:52 and it felt hard. 

Tue. 3/26– Off. My body was feeling completely exhausted from the 5k Saturday and windy 15 miler so I knew my body needed a break.

Wed. 3/27– 8 miles w/ 7 mile progression run (7:29, 7:02, 6:59, 6:57, 6:33, 6:25, 6:15). 

Thur. 3/28– 7 miles @ 7:33 hill run in River Oaks.

Fri. 3/29– 8 miles with 6 x 800 on TM.  I was dreading this workout all week.  I normally like 800’s but it has been a while since I’ve done them. My schedule called for 6 @ 5K pace. Of course it had to be pouring down rain during my running time slot so I took this one to the gym. I’ve never done 800’s on a TM before so this was new. I ran them at a 5:52 pace and finished feeling tired but not completely wiped out.

Sat. 3/30– 20 miles around HU campus with 15 @ 6:53.

Total Mileage: 68

My mileage will really decrease this week and next.  I have a 10K planned for this weekend as my final race before Boston.  And speaking of Boston…

This little packet arrived Monday

just two more weeks to go! I’m getting excited and feeling a little more prepared.  The wait is almost over!

Did you race this weekend or run long?
What are your thoughts on fueling/ long runs? Have you ever skipped?
How was your Easter weekend?

9 thoughts on “Easter and all kinds of stuff!

  1. The family photos are great. I love that you colour coordinated everyone.

    Good job on that long run. It would have really rocked me to find I had no access to my fuel. You did so well to take it all in your stride and get the job done.

  2. So many good things about this post:
    your family is gorgeous, love the easter outfits!
    you are ready to rock boston – can’t believe how strong your running is! actually, I can believe it, you work hard and it pays off!
    My ravenna’s should be here tomorrow – thanks to you! I can’t wait to try them!!

    Enjoy your taper – so excited for you!!!

  3. Love your Easter dress Tia. You look really purdy. 🙂 All the kids look soo cute too!! 🙂

    You’re so ready for Boston! So excited for you!! I’ve done depletion runs but, only for 16 not 20. Our Easter weekend was really wonderful. We took the family to Vegas to visit my family & it was really nice to have that quality time with one another. My nephew is 4 mos old now so, it was nice especially to cuddle
    with him. 🙂

    Happy tapering Tia!!! 🙂

  4. You have a beautiful family–I love your dress!

    yep, 20 is a loong way to go w/o fuel. I trained that way for my last two marathons to some extent…learning to run long on no fuel. The first few times you do it are really rough–doubly so if you didn’t plan on it!

    You sound ready to rock and roll at Boston. Very excited for you–it is just the best day and you’ll love it!

  5. Wow, your family pictures are beautiful! You and your girls look so pretty in pink!

    You are very tough for finishing the run without the fuel you had anticipated. That is one reason why you are such a great runner—you don’t let things like that stop you!

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