Month: March 2013

Easter and all kinds of stuff!

First of all, Happy Easter from Arkansas!  I hope you all had a great weekend!  Before I jump into some running and training stuff (Boston countdown- 15 days?!!!) I will start with some of my Easter blessings… Easter morning 2013 We actually had a few minutes to spare before church this morning (could it have had something to do with

Cabot’s Spring Fling 5K- Race Report

This morning I ran in the Spring Fling 5K in Cabot, Arkansas.  I wasn’t quite sure what to expect since the Little Rock Marathon was 3 weeks ago and I took the following week completely off running because of my hip injury.  I have done one speed session since then and my workouts have been all over the place.  Technically

The LONG Road to Boston

The Boston Marathon.  Whether or not you know anything about running or marathons chances are you’ve heard of this race and know it’s a pretty big deal.  April 15, 2013 marks the 117th running of Boston Marathon and hopefully my first! Everyone who has ever run Boston or at least plans to has their own Boston story.  My experience is

Marathon Recovery and Getting Back in the Groove…

Marathon RecoveryThis week was all about getting back into the swing of things.  After a much needed week off after the Little Rock Marathon I was ready to get back out there.  I appreciate all the comments on my last post about my marathon recovery time.  Allison brought up a good point about active recovery.  Every runner is different and

The week AFTER the marathon

As a long distance runner, the week AFTER a marathon is one of my least favorite times of the year.  The day or two after the big race are great.  I’m sore as I’ll get out but my emotions and adrenaline are still going strong from the race.  Somewhere around 3-4 days post marathon things start heading south.  I really

Little Rock Marathon 2013- Race Report!

Last year the Little Rock Marathon surprised me.  I had heard it was challenging but I had to experience it for myself.  It’s hard to explain but it’s a good kind of challenge.  You know when you’ve crossed the finish line that you earned EVERY BIT of that ginormous medal.  (The giant medals for the full marathon are no joke!)