Have I done enough?

Have I done enough?

With 3 days until the big race I find myself mulling over this past training cycle.  It’s been almost 13 weeks since my last marathon.  That’s not exactly a lot of time but I’m hoping it was enough. 

Have I put in enough miles?  Have I pushed myself?  Have I done enough long runs?  Have I put in the right mix of quality speed work?  Have I had enough easy runs?   Have I rested when I needed to rest?  Have I taken care of my body?  Have I done everything I can to prevent injuries?  Have I been eating the right things and drinking enough water?

We’ll find out Sunday.  At this point all I can do is think positive and know I am going to do my best. Hopefully my best will be better than it was in December and I’ve improved this cycle.  Hopefully I will be able to fight through the last 10K better than I did in December.  I have a finish time in my head that I know is realistic.  I just need to be able to suck it up and keep running even when I get tired and every part of me is screaming to slow down or stop.  I know it will hurt.  I know my knees will be throbbing as I climb the final hill in mile 25.  There is nothing I can do about that but I have to keep going and finish strong.

This week is moving in slow motion.  I’m ready to do this already.  I know I get like this before every marathon.  The anticipation kills me!  With less time spent running, more time is spent worrying.  I know I’ve used this picture before but it is so true. 

And as much as I have obsessed about this race (and countless others) over the past months, years- do the people in my life know how much more they mean to me than this sport I love?  Have I done enough to show them? 

photo courtesy of Abi

I am so blessed and thankful that I get to do something I love just about everyday.  I get to push myself to be better, stronger and faster.  I thought these days were long gone.  I just hope I can keep my priorities in check and remember what really matters.  I know I wouldn’t be where I am without my faith and without my family. 

Thanks for hanging in with me during my LRM training.  I’ll keep you posted!

8 thoughts on “Have I done enough?

  1. Have you done enough? Girl I don’t know anyone that trains as hard as you do, with kids to boot! So much luck to you this weekend, though I think you won’t need it at all! Run like the wind!!!!!!!!

  2. You definitely have done enough!! I am so, so excited to read a race recap from both you and Amanda after you run your races on Sunday. I love the picture of you with your kids. They are so adorable! I know you said you were looking forward to being in the masters category but you don’t look a day over 30 so you must have a long time to wait. 🙂

    Best of luck to you — enjoy it and have fun doing what you love!!

  3. I ask myself the same things all the time. “Am I doing enough?!” YOU my friend are definitely doing/done enough. Especially, during this training cycle. I brag about you to my hubby. You’re an inspiration to me & so many others. I’ll be thinking & waiting to hear about your race this weekend. I know that you’re going to do GREAT!!! 🙂

  4. I always hate those last few days before an event when you start to question everything. Have I done enough? Have I done too much? Am I prepared to hurt? Why am I even doing this? If only there was a way to turn off thoughts. It’d make life so much easier.

  5. Yes, you have done enough:) Honestly, I loved following your journey. I love that you train HARD. Not many runners do. I am also in owe of your mental fortitude. You raced a ton and yet I don’t sense that you ever got burned out. This is a great thing. I am so excited about your race. Can we track you? Good luck! I hope you get the day you deserve!

  6. YOU have done enough my friend! You had such a solid training cycle, I don’t think it could have gone any better for you. I am also in awe at how much and how well you do these races and marathons and keep it strong – very inspiring. I was going to ask the same as Ana-Maria – will we be able to track? I get so excited for other runners to race!!:) Going to be thinking of you this weekend! BEST OF LUCK to you!!
    ps – break 3 and join me with coach hadley and the OT qualifiers project;-)

  7. Best of luck, my friend. What makes you great is that you ask and care about that very question. You have the great ability to not beat yourself up too much when things don’t go your way and to keep striving for better. At least that’s how you come across. That, in itself, is inspiring. I have no doubts that this will be an awesome race for you whether you meet your goal or not. Make that last 10k weakness your strength. And celebrate on that mile 25ish downhill (I’m assuming there is one since there is a hill :)) You’ve inspired so many and have such a great attitude. In our eyes you have done more than enough. Can’t wait to hear!!

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