Facebook, Four Races and DOMS!

Facebook, Four Races and DOMS!

After having a running blog for going on 4 years (has it already been that long?!) I decided it was time to jump on the Facebook page train.  This way I can post about races, training and running and not feel like I’m annoying other FB friends who are not that interested.  So if you are interested in following my running adventures on FB you can find me there at Arkansas Runner Mom.  Thanks!

Four Races
Now onto some running stuff…  February is a short month but somehow I managed to squeeze in 4 races! Well, technically just three if you don’t count the unofficial 10K I did on my own that did not go so well.  Originally I had only planned to race once this month at the River Trail 15K but races come up and what can you do?

You learn a lot about yourself and the distance you are running every time you race.  As much as you have prepared and trained race day usually has one or more surprises in store.  Sometimes they are good but  sometimes they are not so you just have to roll with it.  The number one thing I try to keep in check in a race situation is my attitude.  Being positive can make for a very great and enjoyable race experience.   Getting negative or down on myself and the situation can make for a very long, grueling race that is sure to end in disappointment and frustration. When bad races happen, I do my best to learn from them.

Two of my February races were inaugural races.  Running a first time race event is always a little risky.  Overall, both of them went well for first time races (great course, race environment) and my only issue with each would be the distance.  13.3 for a half marathon seems a little long (especially for a straight course with not many turns) and 3.27 in a 5K is really long. Hopefully next year they will be re-measured/ certified because I would really like to run in both again.

February’s Four!

Race Environment/ Course:
Beautiful course, very organized, great competition
Inaugural race, very flat, very windy!
Fairly flat trail, windy, by myself
Inaugural event, nighttime race, music, fun atmosphere, flat 2 loop course
Official time:
Garmin stats:
6:23 avg. for 9.37
6:35 for 13.30
6:25 for 6.2
5:56 avg. for 3.27
Stayed positive and focused- Made my goal of running sub 60.
Wind got the best of me- did not make my pace goal or time goal.
Not in the mood to run this and it showed.  Positive split each mile and did not make my time goal of sub 39.
Best 5K I’ve ever run.  Unfortunately, it was on a non-certified course which was long.

Have these races helped prepare me for Little Rock?  I sure hope so! I guess we’ll find out in five days.

DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)
Saturday night after the 5K I felt great.  I was pumped up about my splits and feeling totally charged up heading into my final taper week of LRM.  My schedule called for a final long run (12 miles) which I was able to do Sunday afternoon.  Sunday morning I was surprised at how non-sore I was and attributed it to the shorter racing distance. 

Eleven miles into the twelve mile run my left knee started to ache a little.  Immediately I started to panic because this was the same knee that started bothering me after my hilly 21 miler in January. When I finished I iced and stretched and it felt better.  However, slowly over the next few hours I could feel all my leg muscles starting to get sore. Definite case of DOMS which is not exactly the best start of your final marathon taper week.  I ran an easy 7 yesterday and decided to make today a complete rest day.  Hopefully by tomorrow I will be feeling more tapered and not sore!

And finally, here is my second to last training update for this cycle!

Week 11 (of 12) Little Rock Marathon Training:
Sun. 2/17– 5 mi @ 8:00 on TM.  Legs surprisingly not too sore from Saturday’s 18 miler.
Mon. 2/18–  8 mi @ 7:50 on TM. 
Tue. 2/195 mi @ 7:40 in River Oaks.  Lots of hills and elevation changes in this short run.  Schedule called for 3 x mile repeats @ 5K pace but since I planned on running in a 5K on Saturday I didn’t want to overdo it so I just made this a hilly run.
Wed. 2/20– 10 mi @ 7:41 on the bike trail with Kem. 
Thur. 2/21– Off.
Fri. 2/22– 6 mi @ 8:24 around downtown and 5K race course.  I always like to jog the course before a course to help get in the zone.
Sat. 2/23– 6 mi w/ 3.27 @ 5:56 pace.  (Light Up the Night 5K) Felt great!

Five more days until LRM… we’re almost there!

What is your favorite racing distance?

8 thoughts on “Facebook, Four Races and DOMS!

  1. Love your chart. I started keeping a more detailed journal of this training cycle and it has really helped me. You are so ready for LR! Can’t wait to hear all about it!!!

  2. Your running had been incredible! You’re just throwing down PRs all over the place! I’m sure your races were great for your training. At least I find racing to be helpful when training. I’m excited for your marathon! And I’m hoping I get to meet you in 7 weeks at Boston. 😉

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