80 Miles?? And some Goals for 2013!

80 Miles?? And some Goals for 2013!

It’s been a great first week of a brand new year.  2013- I think I’m really going to like you!

my BIGGEST blessings!

I am still figuring out some new goals for 2013.  I am keeping a lot of my old ones but I have a few new things in mind for the new year.

Here are a few non-running goals in no particular order:

1. Memorize 1 Corinthians 13 with my kids.
2. Learn how to french braid.
3. Stick to my weekly grocery shopping budget.
4. Spend less time on Facebook and blogging and more time with J & the kids.  I am not getting paid to blog and I do it for me.  Blogging has helped me tremendously as a runner.  I have learned so much from reading about other runners and when I write about my own experiences it helps me process my training and day to day life.  I still plan on reading and writing but I plan on toning it down on the writing portion.  I simply do not have the time at this phase in my life to post several times a week. I’ll just do what I can do.

I know this is a very short list but I still have all my “usual” goals.  Being a better Christian, wife and mother is always number one on my list and I will continue to try to be a better homemaker.  The never ending laundry always seems to get the best of me but one of these days I will get it under control. ๐Ÿ™‚

And now for a few running goals…

My ultimate marathon goal this year is to break 3 hours! My current PR is a 3:09:17 so this will take some hard work.  Last year I went from a 3:35 to a 3:09 but it took 4 marathons to get there.  I have 3 marathons on my radar for 2013 and the best course by far will be the last one in December of 2013.  This also gives me 11 months to get my time down! I’m going to do my best in my March (Little Rock) and April (Boston) marathons but I don’t think breaking 3 hours is very realistic yet for either of these ones.  Maybe 3:05 or 3:06? The last 10K seems to be where my pace falls off so I need to figure out a pacing strategy that keeps me on target.

Half Marathon-
I would love to break 1:25 in the HM.  My current half pr is 1:28:25.  I only ran 1 half this year and it was during marathon training.  It was on a hilly and confusing course.  Taking off over 3 minutes is a lot I know but with the right training I know it is not completely out of range.

My favorite race of all last year was a 10K I ran in April.  I am planning on running this same race again.  It is a great course and the weather is usually perfect at that time of year.  I would love to break 39 minutes in the 10K this time around.

Oh man.  This race intimidates me big time.  It’s so fast but I know I need to run it to get better.  I would love to run consistently in the 18’s.  The 18:49 I ran in October was very well paced and I would like to pace other 5K’s like this- or even faster!  Pacing 5K’s right is a challenge for me. I would also like to PR and break my college record of 18:36.  I think that’s all I can say about the 5K!

1 Mile-
This might sound like an odd distance for a mother of four to even have as a goal but in September of 2012 I ran a timed mile around the track.  It took me 5 minutes and 29 seconds which was 2 seconds slower than my all time (high school) best.  So my goal this year is very clear.  I want to beat the high school Tia.  I am going for a 5:26 (or faster)!

And there you have it.  I am not planning on racing every month but I will be racing every distance at some point during the course of the year.

As far as this week….Hello higher mileage.  I’ve actually run more miles this week Sunday- Saturday than I’ve ever run in my life.  I was able to get in 80 miles which is my new all time weekly high.  I don’t see myself getting more than this anytime soon.  I am not out to run further each week.  The run I did Sunday was technically supposed to be last Saturday but my body needed a shorter easy run that day instead which pushed my long run one day later and into this week.  I usually begin my week on a Sunday and go through Saturday but I know on Daily Mile it is Monday-Sunday.  Whatever the case may be I ran 80 in 7 consecutive days and my poor little toes are feeling every bit of it right now.  My legs in general feel tired but no aches or pains to complain about- besides my toenails. I am taking a complete rest day tomorrow so maybe that will help a little.

Week 4 (of 12) Little Rock Marathon Training:

Sun. 12/30- 17 miles on TM with 10 @ 6:57 (mrp)

Mon. 12/31- Easy 7 miles @ 7:58 on TM

Tue. 1/1- 13.1 @ 7:55 on TM and 1 mile outside with the kids later in the day.

Abi took this one of Anthony and I as we were finishing our mile together

Wed. 1/2-  6 miles easy with the girls @ 8:49 outside on the bike trail.  I purposefully made this an easy run because I knew the next day was going to be HARD!

Thur. 1/3- 8 miles total on the TM including my new 10K PR! This was a very physical and mental workout for me.  I ran 2 miles warm-up (8:11 pace).  I then ran 6.2 miles all out in 39:22.  (Granted this was on TM and incline was only set to .5.) Mile splits: 6:31, 6:22, 6:18, 6:15, 6:15, 6:20, 1:21.  I felt pretty good the first 4 miles but miles 5 and 6 were EXTREMELY challenging.  I would have loved to maintain or even speed up the TM for my last mile but I wanted to stop so badly! I compromised with a 6:20 last mile and then I sped up to around a 5:45 the last .2.  As soon as I finished I intended on a 2 mile cool-down but my husband texted me and said he had an early conference call he had forgot about so I had to get home asap.  No cool down for me! I did stretch really good and made myself suffer through an ice bath. 

Fri. 1/4- 10 total: 9 miles with my friend @ 7:47 and 1 mile later in the afternoon with the kids.

Sat. 1/5- 18 miles long run @ 7:56.  I ran the first 10 miles with a friend averaging around an 8:30. This is slower than my usual easy pace but this was a hard run for her and she did great. It started sleeting and raining around mile 8 but only did that for a few miles. Once I was on my own I really tried to pick it up the last 8 miles. The last 8 miles were in the 7:05-7:30 range.

And there you have it. 7 Days and 80 Miles.  I’m going to thoroughly enjoy a complete rest day tomorrow.  I know my toenails will be thanking me!

19 thoughts on “80 Miles?? And some Goals for 2013!

  1. I love reading your blog as it inspires me daily. I know I will never be as fast as you, but I do learn so much from your training and racing. Also, I like knowing another mother of 4 can find time to run and do the mom job pretty darn well! So, all that said, I totally get blogging less and I am very glad to know that you plan to continue on some level! 80 miles is awesome. I have another marathon in 8 weeks and hope to have a 60 mile week in this short cycle!

  2. Wow- 80 miles and some serious speed work (your 10k) thrown in there makes for a solid week of training! I love that you shared your goals with us…. my favorite one is your mile goal of beating your high-school time. I hope you crush it! Please keep us updated ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. WOW! I am so impressed by that whole week of running. I love all of your running goals. I am so excited for your year, I keep saying that, but you are so strong – you are going to have a great year and you will break 3 in that marathon!:) I also have a silly desire to do a timed mile and break my mile time. I did a one mile race a couple years ago – totally spur of the moment and it was 5:27. I would love to get under 5:20 someday.
    Keep it up, mama! Congrats on an 80 mile week!

  4. Good luck with your sub 3 goal. I have a few friends who are gunning for that one as well. It seems quite elusive! I’ll bet you nail it in December. You seem to train smart and race well.

  5. We have the same #1 goal! ๐Ÿ™‚ Not the running one but the Christian, wife, mother one. ๐Ÿ™‚ Your laundry comment got me thinking. I bet your kids could help you reach your goal. I have mine bring it down and sort it and sometimes if I have a lot to fold I have the older two retrieve, fold and put away their own stuff. That’s a help.
    You are putting lots of hard work in and I’m sure 2013 will be a year of lots of more PRs! It’s pretty exciting to dream about what we want the year to hold. May your training be injury free and speedy!

    1. Thanks Carissa! You are on to something with the laundry thing. I know I need to involve my older ones more in the process. Maybe that will be something I work on this year… It would definitely help!

  6. You are so motivating to me. I don’t know what I’m going to do when you aren’t blogging as much. Love that you are running a few miles with your kids, so awesome! Your paces… as always, they blow me away!

  7. So fun and inspiring to read all of your goals!! I wimped out this year and my “resolution” was more general — to be the best that I can be every day. To live with intention. Hard to measure…so hard to succeed or fail! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Your times are so inspiring. Congrats on a big 80 mile week!!

  8. Jaw dropping. Your paces and your training and your miles are amazing. Does your plan give you the workouts to do, or are you coming up with your own workouts/paces? I don’t know that I could even hit those workouts that you are doing. You are going to have a simply amazing marathon and racing year. I am so excited for you and excited to see you grow even more!
    I hope you all stay healthy!!!

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