Month: January 2013

Up’s and Down’s of training and Trumpeter Swans in the Natural state

Sometimes marathon training is a bit like a roller coaster.  There are definite high’s and lows.  I’ll admit, I’ve been on a bit of a high with my training the past few weeks but my long run on Friday once again reminded me that 20+ miles is a long way and I cannot take my training legs for granted. I’ve

In sickness and in health… LR training weeks 5 and 6!

It’s been a while.  Where to begin?! I guess I’ll start with the one person who hasn’t been sick in the past few weeks- thank you Anna! Why can’t we all be more like you! It is hard nearly impossible trying to keep everyone healthy at this time of the year. I do my best to keep things clean and

Overcoming negativity- sometimes I don’t.

Most of the time I enjoy running.  I love when I can run with friends. I also love the quiet moments I have when I run on my own.  I love the easy run days when I can enjoy the simplicity of it all. And I especially love nailing hard workouts and finishing feeling strong. But every workout is not

80 Miles?? And some Goals for 2013!

It’s been a great first week of a brand new year.  2013- I think I’m really going to like you! my BIGGEST blessings! I am still figuring out some new goals for 2013.  I am keeping a lot of my old ones but I have a few new things in mind for the new year. Here are a few non-running