The BEST and WORST of 2012: A Year of Racing!

The BEST and WORST of 2012: A Year of Racing!

It’s been a little while (almost a year to be exact) since I wrote my New Year’s Resolution Post but I decided to go back and check out some of my running related goals when 2012 started. One of my goals was to run a race every monthThis included 5K’s all the way to marathons. I knew this would not be possible if I got injured but as long as I could physically do it, I wanted to run at least one race every month. 

I didn’t know what I was getting into back in January when I made this goal but I’m glad I decided to go for it.  This goal really made me step out of my comfort zone.  I ran a few races that went well and a few I care to forget!  I ran a few races that I would have definitely passed on but I knew I “needed” a race that month so I did it anyway.

So here we go.  The best and worst of it all.

Race completed: 19

Month with the most racing: October

Best marathon course: Houston

Worst weather race: CASA 5K.  FYI- You should never start a race at 9 am in the summer in Arkansas.

Mid 80’s and humid as I’ll get out…

Best competitive race: PortFest 5K in Newport.  Apparently, I focus a little more when money is on the line.

Worst street/ safety support: Bison Stampede 5K.  Runner-up: Heart and Sole Half Marathon.  I’m not a big fan of dodging cars or asking for directions while racing.

Running through morning traffic and dodging cars
“Which way????” I had to ask this quite a few times during this HM.

Best new distance: The River Trail 15K.  Last minute decision and I actually googled 15K to figure out how far I would be racing. (Not sure why I didn’t just think of a 5K times 3!) I ended up really liking this distance. By the way- a 15K is 9.3 miles. 🙂

Worst hill ever: D &L Heritage Marathon in mile 20. Enough said.

Top of the hill. Source

Best crowd support: St. Jude Marathon/ Arkansas Race for the Cure


Worst attitude I had: CASA 5K.  I totally let myself check out and feel defeated.

Best consistent splits/ pacing: Micah Rine 5K.   I was on and focused!

Most challenging course: White River 4 Mile Classic. This one was just so hot & hilly!

Best surprise ending: Escalon Fete 10K when I set the course record.  Never done this before and it sort of made me wish like I would have run a little harder.  I had no idea!

Prettiest course: D & L Heritage Marathon

Most fun: Fit4Christ 5K with Abi.

Most favorite of the year: Capital City Classic 10K.

I still can’t believe Abi took this picture! She was 7 at the time.

The summer races were by far the hardest.  Besides the heat (which was a major factor) I battled tendonitis and spent more time cross training than running.  If it were not for my once a month racing goal I am pretty confident that my June race (CASA 5K) and August race (White River 4 Mile Classic) would not have happened.

Did I race too much? Probably.  I’m going to try not to think about how much money I spent on racing this year.  Nineteen races?  That’s not even counting NYC which I registered for and then was cancelled.  That race alone cost more than any of the 19.  I did win a total of $100 and but spent hundreds more.  I really do try to be frugal when it comes to racing and look for ways to save money.  I always register early and look for group deals to go in on whenever they are offered.  Hopefully next year I can earn a little more and spend a little less.  I will not be keeping this racing every month goal for 2013.  I just don’t have a January race and I’m not going to try to hunt one down.  I will be setting new running goals and will share them once I have some time to think about it a little more.

What are some of your year’s best and worst stories?   Please share!!

8 thoughts on “The BEST and WORST of 2012: A Year of Racing!

  1. Wow 19 races! That’s awesome! Best was PRing at the North Olympic Discovery half in June. Worst was my last half (Snohomish River run). Felt awful the last 6 miles. Ugh! Hate it when that happens. Way to go! So, do you just lose the NY marathon money or are you in for next year?

    1. Yes, they are still “working with their insurance company” but it does not look promising. I will probably never see that money ($240?) I spent on that registration fee again. I’ve NEVER spent even half that on a race but I figured NYC was a once in a lifetime opportunity. It’s a little ironic that the one I spent the most on I didn’t even get to run. Oh well. I’m over it. Almost.

  2. You had a terrific year. Lots of races. Some amazing times. Races with great company. I’ve really enjoyed reading of your progress this year. My 2012 wasn’t so great but I know 2013 is going to be a much better year.

  3. I love your list. It’ll be so nice for you to have to look back on, too.
    I generally take May-August off of racing. Like you mentioned, it’s just too stinking hot! I know some running friends who still turned in amazing times in summer races, but I just can’t do it.
    It gives my husband, kids and bank account a nice break, too…

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