Life, Training and everything in between!

Life, Training and everything in between!

Has it really been almost 2 weeks since my last post?!!  I don’t even know where to begin.  So much going on right now (as it is for everyone) and honestly I just wanted to take a little break from blogs in general.  The big kids have been home from school since Wednesday and having four home keeps me much busier than just my usual two.  Still, I love it when everyone is home together and we don’t have somewhere we necessarily “have to be.” We’ve had class Christmas parties, Christmas musicals, visits with Santa, Cookie exchanges, and looked at Christmas lights and we went to our local Christmas nativity drive through village for the first time which was amazing!  

And now… get ready for a slew of pictures!

The kiddos
Abi & I at our neighbors cookie exchange

John & I at our Bible class Christmas party
My little two
My big two
My little Christmas elf at his school performance
Anna- always the life of the party
Little man- he will be 2 next month?!!
My big girl- so grown up!
This is as close as Ashton would get to Santa this year. He’s not too sure about “Santy.”
The girls

Running is going well.  I feel like I’m getting back in the groove now after Memphis.  This past week was the first time I introduced any type of speed work since the marathon. I know I’ve gained a few pounds from my steady Christmas cookie diet the past few weeks so hopefully I can get back on track after the holidays. 

Little Rock Marathon Training Update:

Week 1 (of 12):
Sun. 12/9- Off
Mon. 12/10- 7 mi easy @ 8:35 pace
Tue. 12/11- 5 mi easy @ 8:00 pace
Wed. 12/12- 10 mi easy @ 8:20 pace
Thur. 12/13- 4 mi easy @7:41 pace
Fri. 12/14- 10 mi slow @ 8:49 pace (my friend had a 20 mi run so I ran 10 with her at her easy pace.)
Sat. 12/15- 5 mi @ 8:00 pace

Week 2 (of 12):
Sun. 12/16- Off
Mon. 12/17- 9 mi easy @ 8:09 pace
Tue. 12/18- 7 mi tempo@ 7:04 pace ( a few miles were at HM pace).  Felt hard.
Wed. 12/19- 5 mi easy @ 7:52 pace
Thur. 12/20- 7 mi @ 7:04 (LT run. 2 mi easy, 4 mi @ 6:18 pace, 1 mi easy)
Fri. 12/21- 8 mi easy @ 7:48 pace
Sat. 12/22- 15 mi long run @ 7:29 pace (3 mi at MP)

So as you can see, I’ve gradually been easing back into things.  LOTS of easy runs and I am just now starting to put in some harder workouts.  I am following a plan in Advanced Marathoning for Little Rock. I think I will peak at 80 miles but the majority of the weeks will be around 55-65.

This morning my friend and I met for a 10 mile Christmas Eve run.  She is running the Houston Marathon next month and just finished up her last 20+  mi run this past weekend.  Houston is a great marathon and I’m so excited for her. 

Well, I’m sure there is tons more I could ramble on about but I have some (more) Christmas baking to do and presents to wrap! I wish you all a very merry Christmas and I hope you are able to spend lots of time with your loved ones.

Saw this on my friends FB status this morning and it pretty much says it all.  (Thanks Danielle!)

“…and she gave birth to her firstborn, a son. She wrapped him in cloths and placed him in a manger.” …Luke 2:7.  
The best gift any of us ever received. 

6 thoughts on “Life, Training and everything in between!

  1. Love your pictures Tia. And love your blog even if I don’t comment too often anymore. I have so much I can learn from you. Sometimes when I’m NOT training, reading about training isn’t very fun but now that I am training, I am really drawn to the training type posts and yours are always valuable reading. So, your easy pace is a big range then? I’m learning this time around that easy can be so different from day to day. I’m also trying to keep my easy paces slower than I might want to run sometimes so that I can give more on my quality days. Love seeing your training …ha! your just getting back into it is hard core. 🙂 Thanks for inspiring us Tia. Can’t wait to see what’s next for you speedy mama. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

    1. Yes, my easy pace is typically a 30 second window (7:40-8:10) but sometimes I take it a little slower on recovery days if I’m with some friends. My easy pace was even slower the past 2 weeks because I think my body needed more time to recover from back to back marathons.

  2. I’m curious what plan you’re following from Advanced Marathoning. Maybe you’re tweaking it a bit? I agree with Amanda it’s so helpful to read about your training. I too am eating too many Christmas cookies. Thank God for marathon training which has kept the weight gain in check. 🙂 Merry Christmas Tia!

    1. I lent my book to my friend after I made my schedule but I believe it is the 12 week mid mileage schedule. (55-75 range or something like that) I made a few minor adjustments around some races but that’s about it.

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