Fit4Christ Christmas 5K- Race Recap!

Fit4Christ Christmas 5K- Race Recap!

Well, I wasn’t going to do any more racing in 2012 but I decided to make a little exception for someone very special…

Me and my big girl

When we heard about a very low-key 5K happening on campus this past weekend, my husband and I asked Abi if she wanted to run in it.  She liked the fact that is was on a different course around the intramural fields and she would knock out 3 miles towards the 100 mile club.  (She has all school year to run 100 miles so we’ve been logging them.)  I knew up front that I would not be racing this one so this would be a great opportunity to race alongside Abi- something I don’t usually get to do.  The race was very affordable- only $10 and for a great cause so it was definitely a win-win! 

We also decided to dress a little festive.  The race was not scheduled to start until 11 am and by then it was 70 degrees (yes, fluke weather for December 8th) so we had to change into short sleeves at the last minute.  I’m so glad we did because long sleeves would have been miserable!

Abi really wanted to break 30 minutes for a 5K.  She has run a few of the local ones but they’ve all ranged from 30-37 minutes.  I am pretty sure I didn’t know about courses or pacing when I was 8 1/2 but I guess that’s what happens when you live with a runner.

Mile 1- 9:12

Mile 2- 10:10

Mile 3- 10:14

Mile 3.06- 0:22 (6:38 avg. pace) When we made the turn right around the 3 mile marker Abi took off and started SPRINTING.  I picked up the pace but I was eating her dust!  She tends to save A LOT for the end.  I’m sure someday she’ll learn to spread it out a little more but she’s 8 and I’m just happy she likes to run.

Total time- 29:58.  Abi was the only child running in this 5K (it was all college students and older) so they even held up the tape for her when she crossed the finish line.   She was SO happy to break 30 minutes and there was no way I was going to tell her the course measured a little short. 

This race only gave out two awards- overall winner and best Christmas spirit.  Guess who won the Best Christmas Spirit Award??

That’s right! Instead of a trophy she won a Gingerbread house.  Pretty cool!

John and I are so proud of her for doing her best.  It was a fun morning out and I’m so glad I was able to race this one with my girl!

14 thoughts on “Fit4Christ Christmas 5K- Race Recap!

  1. I love it! So fun that you got to do that together. I also love how you featured it just like your usual race reports with times per mile, etc. She is so cute and you both look very festive!!

  2. Aw, so cool for your daughter! And I love the miss-matching socks between mom/daughter. Super cute! Is the 100 mile thing a school program? I love it… wish our school did something like that!

    1. Thanks! Yes, her school just started it last year. Basically, they have the entire school year to log 100 miles. School starts at 8:05 but if they get there between 7:30 and 7:40 they can choose to go to the gym and run a mile. But they have to be there before 7:40 to do it. SO they have that option and they can also run on their own (at home) if parents log and keep track of their mileage. The PE teacher announces them in chapel when they reach certain mile markers (10, 25, 50, 75 & 100) and they get a pin each time.

  3. I just love the picture of you two at the top of the post. It’s adorable. When I ran the turkey trot with my son the photographer got a great one of both of us looking at the camera and smiling. I will definitely be ordering a copy of that image. I can imagine you had some of the same joy I experienced when I did that race with my son. It sounds like you had a great time.

  4. LOVE it! I have run a few 5ks with my daughter (she’s 8) and she is also gunning to break 30 next time. We have a 4-mile relay this weekend and am really looking forward to it. Nothing better than getting out there with your kids!

  5. Oh goodness! This one about made me cry. Such a great gift to have a daughter or any child for that matter that you can share your passion with. Way to go, Abi!!! And, way to go, momma!

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