2012 review and going out with a bang!

2012 review and going out with a bang!

I wasn’t sure if I was going to get around to reviewing my 2012 goals but I decided it was time.  I need to do it for me more than anything else.  Some of them I met, some I didn’t.  And that’s ok because 2013 is a fresh new start!

Goal # 1- Read the Bible. I really wish I could say YES to this one (like I did in 2011) but I can’t. Sadly, I made it until mid September and got behind. But I am not stopping.  I am going to finish the Bible and then read through the New Testament in 2013.

Goal # 2- Memorize the 23rd Psalm with my kids.  YES. I had actually forgot about this goal until I reviewed my goals mid year.  In July John & I started working with the older three a little at night and within one month they had all memorized the whole chapter.  So proud of them!! I haven’t figured out what verses we will memorize for 2013.  Leaning towards I Corinthians 13…

Christmas Eve pic of the kiddos…

Goal # 3- Be early or at least on time. Mostly yes- to being on time. I guess I need to work on being early better but at least we are not late.  I am budgeting more time for things in the morning.  I’ve also learned that a big time saver is doing things the night before.  Who knew? 🙂 I make lunches (which has been a huge help) and we have the kids clothes laid out the night before.  We do this on school nights and on Saturday nights (for church Sunday morning).

Goal # 4- Plan a weekly menu for my family. Oh man.  I must say I have not done a very good job of this.  2013 will be better.  I promise!

Goal # 5- Save money.  This is a hard one.  I have made a HUGE effort to be more frugal in many areas.  Running (shoes, races, etc.) is definitely my biggest weakness but I am going to do a lot better in 2013. 

Goal # 6- Keep the house clean(er).  Hmmm. I would say 2012 was better than 2011 but maybe that’s probably because I didn’t have a newborn this year.  Also, Abi is much more helpful now that she’s 8 and the middle two are starting to pick up after themselves a little as well.  Keeping up with the laundry continues to be my biggest housekeeping challenge.

Goal # 7- Not get injured! 2011 was a year that included a stress fracture.  I learned a lot from that experience and I’ve continued to learn this year.  I do not have a personal coach, trainer, cook, or masseuse and my body is not invincible. I do the best with what I have and I’ve learned to listen to my body.  My biggest injury of 2012 was the annoying patellar tendonitis that seemed to drag out for about 5 months.  Fortunately, I was able to run through it with just a few breaks here and there- mostly over the summer during my “off season” anyway. 

Goal # 8- Keep up the CORE challengeYes, I have continued this streak of doing push-ups and sit-ups EVERY single night.  It’s been 14 months now and going strong.  I know I could be doing more and I will probably up the routine more in the future but for now this is working so I am going to stick with it!

Goal # 9- Running Goals. I can actually say I met all of my running goals for 2012.  I have some pretty big goals in mind for 2013 but for now I am going to enjoy the ones I met for this year.

Week 3 (of 12) Little Rock Marathon Training:
This has been an odd week for me. I’ve been fighting a sore throat/ cough for two and a half weeks.  I rarely get sick and avoid going to the doctor unless I am desperate.  I’ve continued to run through it so maybe that’s why it has dragged on so long.  I decided on Thursday that I was ready to get better and it was time to call my doctor.  I’m so glad I did! I started on antibiotics and within 24 hours was feeling much better.

As far as training- my workouts did not go as planned due to 3 rest days.  But we do what we need to do and make adjustments.

Sun. 12/23- Off.  I had run 15 the day before and had not taken a rest day in a week so I decided to take the day off.

Mon. 12/24- 10 mi. easy @ 8:18 pace.  Fun Christmas Eve run with one of my running buddies.

Tue. 12/25- Off.  When I had originally planned my week I neglected to take into account that it was Christmas.  I would have liked to have squeezed in a run at some point but honestly there just never seemed to be the right time.  How could I leave my kids on Christmas day- to run? In the future I am just going to plan ahead and make it a scheduled rest day.  Also- random info here but Christmas Eve it snowed 8 inches! I can’t remember the last time I experienced a “White Christmas.”  It was beautiful!


Wed. 12/26- 12 miles easy @ 7:40 pace on TM at gym.  The insane amount of cookies and sweets I had consumed prior to this run was my main mileage motivation.  Got to get back on track in this department!

Thur. 12/27- 8 miles (easy for the first 7) @ 7:29 pace on TM at gym.  Basically, it was a regular easy run until I started doing the math and realized I wanted to be done by 60 minutes (when the gym treadmill shuts off). I didn’t want to restart the TM for a few minutes so I made it my goal to finish in under 60 minutes. At 7 miles I was at 54 min which meant mile 8 needed to be UNDER 6 minutes! It was a HARD last mile but I managed to get it in around 5:55. And right as I finished the TM shut down. (Those gym treadmills can be annoying at times but it’s better than running through ice or snow!)

Fri. 12/28- Off.  My throat started feeling worse Thursday night (could it have been that last mile of my “easy run” that pushed me over the edge?) and I started my antibiotics on Friday.  I decided to take the whole day off to rest (again).

Sat. 12/29- 7 miles easy @ 7:52 pace on TM at gym.  I was actually scheduled to run 17 but decided to give my body another easy run day to recover.

Sun. 12/30- 17 miles- on the treadmill with 10 @ MRP.  Hardest treadmill run I have ever done but it was so good for me mentally.  Up until today, I had never run more than 15 miles on a TM, let alone 10 at mrp. I just didn’t think I could keep my marathon pace (7 min. miles) on roads with leftover snow, ice, traffic, etc. so I decided the treadmill was my best option. I REALLY had to mentally prepare for this workout. I decided to divide it into 4 parts to make it seem more manageable. And also because the gym TM shuts off at 60 minutes so I could not just keep it going for 17 miles! I kept all the TM restarts very brief. Basically long enough for a drink of water.

Warm-up: 5 miles @ 7:52 pace (39:20 total time)
Then I got some water, ate a shot blok and restarted the TM.
5 miles @ 6:59 pace (34:55 total time)
Drank water, ate 2 shot bloks and restarted TM.
5 miles @ 6:55 pace (34:36 total time)
Drank water and restarted TM.
2 miles @ 7:54 pace (15:49 total time)

I watched a movie on Netflix (The Next Three Days with Russell Crowe) the entire time and it finished exactly when I finished my cool-down. Perfect timing- crazy!! It was pretty interesting and helped pass the time. Anyway, I’m glad this workout is behind me. The upcoming week has a few challenging workouts but I feel good about this one.  When I started my NYC training, running my MRP on the treadmill was so hard.  I remember certain workouts this summer that I could barely finished and when I did finish I felt like death.  Today’s marathon pace portion wasn’t easy by any means but it did not feel nearly as hard as it used to.  Good stuff!! As a runner, I’m excited to be ending 2012 stronger than when I started it.

This has been the second year in a row I’ve logged my miles on Daily Mile and I must say that I’ve really enjoyed using this forum.  I’ve “met” many other runners- some who keep running blogs but many who don’t.  It’s been very helpful to me and I plan to continue using it in 2013.  If you are not on it you should check it out.  And if you are on it- find me! We can be DM friends! 🙂

I will close with a few fun snow pics.  This is the most snow we’ve ever had as long as I’ve been in Arkansas (since ’97) and the kids had so much fun with it.  Some years we don’t even get snow so we had to take advantage of it!

The Fam
J & little man

My Anthony
My Abigail
My Anna

a little snowball fight…

5 thoughts on “2012 review and going out with a bang!

  1. What an awesome year! You certainly crushed your running goals and I would say did an great job with the other ones as well. Life with four kids is a challenge and being prepared is definitely the key. My 9 year old is also a huge help! Congrats on your great TM run!!

  2. A huge, busy, crazy year. You’ve done so much and your running is going so incredibly well.

    When I read your goals about memorising scripture I was taken back to my childhood. I won my first and only childhood trophy memorising great chunks of scripture. The 23rd Psalm is probably the only one that I remember now – King James version of course.

  3. You have completely motivated me to make memorizing scripture with my kids a goal for 2013 – bedtime is the perfect time to do it. I remember when I was a kid, my dad would pay us if we could memorize the books of the bible in order – so funny! I always won those scripture games at camp where they shouted out a bible verse and the first to find it stood up and started reading. I really want my kids to know the bible better than they do.
    You had some great goals for 2012, here’s to an AMAZING 2013 for you, my friend! Maybe one of these days we’ll run the same race!;-)

  4. Nice job on your 2012 goals. Before writing down my 2013 goals yesterday I dug up my goals for 2012. I couldn’t believe I had come up with the same goals all over again! Mine are more vague like be intentional in my parenting. I need to follow that up with a practical way of incorporating it. You did a good job of having specific goals for the past year. I’m looking forward to reading about your 2013 goals too.

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