When life gives you lemons- Marathon Eve Thoughts

When life gives you lemons- Marathon Eve Thoughts

Thank you for the encouraging comments! I NEVER imagined things would turn out like this but it’s amazing how things can work out for the good.

My sister and I left NYC this morning and took the train at Grand Central Station back to New Haven, CT where her vehicle was. We immediately set out for Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. (This is about a 3 hour drive.) We stopped at a great random pizza place for lunch on the way that we found accidentally. It turns out the start of the race is only 7 miles from my cousins house!! (We were here in December to celebrate New Year’s with my whole family.)

We missed packet pickup today (they only had it from 10-2) but they are also doing it before the race so we are hoping we can take care of that easily in the morning.

My aunt (who lives down the road from my cousin) is making a big Italian dinner for us tonight. I can’t wait!!

I’ve got all my gear laid out and am getting in race mode now. Race starts at 8:15. It will be a completely different marathon than NYC but I know I am ready for a marathon. Let’s do this!!

7 thoughts on “When life gives you lemons- Marathon Eve Thoughts

  1. I can’t believe how well this has all worked out for you. Good luck with your race – it’s so great that all that training hasn’t gone to waste.

  2. I saw your news on Facebook, and am so glad you can still get a marathon in! I agree with you- the decision to cancel makes sense, it’s just too bad it wasn’t made earlier in the week. Sending speedy wishes your way!

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