Moving Forward!

Moving Forward!

This week has been a very different week than last week.  For one, I actually caught up on some much needed sleep so that was a good thing! Last week was full of high emotions, traveling, and marathoning!  I was so focused and stressed about NYC that I had to remind myself to eat.  This is not like me at all.  I usually have a great appetite for anything most of the time. And this week I reverted to my old ways.  Way too many sweets and snacks.  I felt like I was hungry all week.  Since I’ve been home I have pretty much stuck around the house with the kids and done a lot of baking.  I know I have not been drinking enough water either.  I need to get back into my eating healthy race mode.

I also did not run at all this week until today so I’m sure that contributed to my lazy attitude. Yes, that makes 5 full rest days since the marathon.  I usually do not take off this long but I really wanted to make sure I was fully recovered.  After the Little Rock Marathon in March, my knee bothered me and I dealt with that annoying knee tendonitis all summer.  I really want to avoid something like that again and if that means taking off more time now I am all for that.  This morning I met some running buddies for a slow 8 mile recovery run (9 min. pace) and everything felt fine.  No soreness or weird injury to report so I am ready to move forward…

And what is next???

Yes, the St. Jude Marathon is 3 weeks from TODAY.  I have actually had this race on my radar all year.  I ran the half marathon there last year and loved it.  Several months ago I decided to do the full this time, knowing that it would just be 27 days after NYC. 

On Wednesday I received an email regarding an application for this marathon in particular.

Good morning Tia,
Thank you for your interest in the 2012 St. Jude MemphisMarathon.  Your application has been processed and based on your finishing time of 1:28.35 at the Heart & Sole Half Marathon you’ve been granted elite status.
I will be in touch over the next couple of weeks.  I hope your training continues to go well.
Thank you,

I have never run a race as an “elite” before so this will be a first! Trust me, I do not consider myself to be an elite.  My old cross country buddy Janet– now she’s an elite (who also happens to be an Olympic athlete). It is definitely a goal of mine and this race is what I would love to be the first of many but I cannot get ahead of myself.  I know it’s a process and in the big scheme of things I know I have a ways to go.  For now, my personal goal is to break 3:10 in the marathon distance. One step at a time!

FYI- Many marathons and half marathons have “elite status” runners.  As an elite your entry fee is waived and in some cases hotel accommodations are provided.  As a running mom on a tight budget this is definitely one of the biggest perks to me!  There is no one set elite standard qualifying time- it really just depends on the race.  For example, St. Judes does not offer any prize money (unless you are part of the Memphis Runners Track Club) so they have basic standard times for Elite Athletes. Women must have run a marathon under 3:10 or a half marathon under 1:30. These times must have been run on a certified course within 24 months of the St. Jude Marathon. For the Little Rock Marathon I would need to run a sub 2:55 marathon or a sub 1:25 half marathon to qualify as an elite so you can see every race is a little different. 

I am following the 4 week back-to-back marathon training program from Advanced Marathoning by Pete Pfitzinger (p. 227).  I have made a few adjustments since I took a few more recovery days this week but from here on out I intend to follow the schedule.  Pfitzinger says the 4-week program “consists of 2 weeks recovery merging into 2 weeks of taper.  The objective is to get you to the starting line injury free, fully recovered from your previous marathon, and still in top shape. (p.215).  Sounds like a good plan to me!

I learned a lot from the D & L Heritage Marathon.  Seven of the last eight miles were rough, I’m not gonna lie.  But I honestly don’t think I’m going to change a lot pace-wise in Memphis.  I held that 7-7:15 minute pace very consistently.  I just can’t lose it mentally in mile 18 next time.  So that’s that.

In other news… my baby is also moving forward.  Tomorrow he turns 22 months old.  Over the past week he has been transitioning out of the crib.  He learned how to climb out on his own a few weeks ago so trying to put him down to sleep in it has not been going so well.   The last 3 nights he has gone to sleep in Anthony’s room.   

First night Ashton slept out of his crib

We’ve had a crib up in our house since June of 2004.  It’s become a staple piece of furniture around here. Is it really time to take it down? Abi (my oldest) was out of the crib at 21 months and Anna was my latest at 27 months.  I guess the boys are in the middle.  I was not really in a rush for Ashton to get out but he is my first to have climbed out on his own (even on the lowest setting) and he does it like it’s a piece of cake.

Ashty’s always thought he was one of the big kids.

Abi couldn’t be more thrilled.  She gets her own room out of the deal once we take apart the nursery and combine the boys in Anthony’s room.  Abi’s been working on room designs for months.  (Basically deciding where she will arrange the furniture and how she’ll decorate.) She loves home decor and designing.  I’m pretty sure she gets that from her nana because I am not that crafty!

Anyway, that’s what’s going on around here.  The next few weeks should be fun!

 How long do you typically rest after a marathon?

Have you ever run back to back marathons?

If you have kids, when do yours transition out of the crib?

17 thoughts on “Moving Forward!

  1. I cried when we took down our crib in late summer. It had been in our house for 9 years. It is a blessing now, but it definitely took some getting used to for me!

    Your plan is crazy. It made me tired looking at it and that is why you are so fast and strong! 3:10 is so yours!! Glad you are feeling good!

    1. Oh boy! I know I will get emotional when we take it down. I can’t remember what our house was like without a crib in it…
      It’s good to know you see it as a blessing now. Maybe I will think that way. 🙂

  2. Awesome on the elite status! Waived entries are a NICE thing to have when you race as often as you do 🙂

    You will do amazing on this back to back plan. I am so impressed you rested for 6 days and now feel good to go! I was hobbling after my 3:17 at Eugene, and could hardly run a week afterwards. haha. Not sure I will EVER do a back to back marathon.

  3. I like back-to-backs, mostly since it cuts down on the amount of long runs you have to do for each race.

    It sounds like you are going to do amazing at Memphis with all of the rest you took this week! Good job taking that amount of time.

    Elite status!!! Wow! That is awesome! Congrats on a fun little perk–you deserve it!

  4. ELITE! Congrats, girl! Great accomplishment that you have worked so hard for! Little surprised that you are running another one so quickly. Awesome, though. So impressed. Also impressed with your little one. Mine will be 2 at the end of January. He is a handful to say the least but he hasn’t quite figured out climbing out of the crib yet. Thank goodness. He begs to sleep with his brothers, but I know it wouldn’t work out. Soon enough he will be in there. The crib is definitely still needed around our house. It will be a sad day when it comes down though! Ours has been up since ’06.

    1. Thanks Tayarra! None of my others figured out the climbing out of the crib thing but leave it to my last one to be in a hurry to grow up… It’s been an adjustment for sure but it could be worse!

  5. Oh Gosh! My son is around the same age as Ashton (Jan 2011 Birthday) we had a few rough nights last week (teething, nightmares?) He hasn’t tried to climb out of the crib yet. But, I have a feeling that he is ready to leave the crib soon…

    Congrats on getting Elite status. You are a great athlete and with your work ethic I see you breaking 3 hours in the next few years!

  6. Elite status?! That’s SO awesome and well-deserved. 🙂
    There were so many of those bittersweet “lasts” around here, too. I have stragetically stashed little things, like pacifiers, in drawers, though. I love stumbling on one to have a brief “awww” moment.
    Eventually I just start focusing on how good it feels to purge out all of the baby furniture, clothes, etc. It builds up!!

    1. Ha!! So true! I pull out a few absolute favorites for a “keepsake” bin I have but the rest goes to my nieces/ nephews or consignment. It does feel good letting go!

  7. Congrats on the elite status, and good luck in the race. Both my boys figure out the climbing out of the crib at 20 months and it was just time to move on after that, especially since my youngest was back flipping out and thought it was fun.

  8. Wow, elite status is awesome, Tia! What an honor for you… I like your goals for the next one, and know you have it in you. Hopefully there won’t be that awful end-of-race hill, either!
    Good luck with all the bedroom switching… I’ve wondered how L would do sharing a room, seems like it would be impossible to get her to settle, but somehow parents figure it out!

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