A New Marathon PR!

A New Marathon PR!

I will write a full race report when I get home tomorrow but I just thought I would post a quick update on my 5th marathon!

I ran in the D&L Trail Marathon in Northampton, Pennsylvania. This race was very different from what the NYC Marathon would have been like, I’m sure!

I had to have some serious talks with myself on some miles and my second half was about 5 minutes slower than my first half. I managed to pull it together the last mile and a half and I finished strong.

There were hundreds of NYC runners there. We were all nicknamed the “NYC Refugees.” The local runners were very supportive (and maybe a little intimidated) by the NYC crowd.

My official time is 3:11:20. (7:18 avg.)

I was hoping to break 3:10 but I know I will get there when the time is right. For now I am thrilled with my new PR! Thank you, God!!

My sister PR’d big time! Her previous best marathon was a 4:01. She ran a 3:27 today!! So happy for her!

Full report coming soon! : )

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  1. Incredible!! Great job to you and your sister, Tia. You are on fire! Can’t wait to read your race report. I’m going to write my half marathon race report soon too. PR for me as well! Great weekend for all of us!

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