A Change in Plans….

A Change in Plans….

I do not even know where to start. This week has been a roller coaster ride to say the least.

My sister and I arrived in NYC around noon today. We had lunch, went to the expo and were having a great time. We got our bib numbers and were ready to run!

As we were leaving the expo my sister started getting texts from friends saying they were so sorry the race had been cancelled. She texted back that it was still on. Then we checked the main NYC Facebook page and the website which confirmed that the race was still on. Then we got a phone call from a friend saying it was just on the news that it was called off. We found the expo bus drop-off area and runners getting off confirmed what we were dreading.

I 100% agree with the decision to cancel the marathon in light of the recent hurricane. I just wish it would have been decided MUCH sooner than it was. People have flown in from across the world and all over the US to get here when this could have been avoided.

We both decided immediately that we WERE going to run this weekend. We’ve come all this way and I bought a plane ticket with the intention of running. So long story short we found two races within driving distance and decided on one in Pennsylvania. I have a cousin that lives 45 minutes away from the race that offered to host us! It is a smaller race (field capped at 750 runners for half and full). It is called the Delaware & Lehigh Heritage Marathon. Anyone heard of it before? Twenty minutes after we registered the marathon sold out! So glad we got in. We are spending tonight in NYC and heading to PA in the morning.

I know God has a plan and I am SO thankful that I’m with my sister. This trip has definitely been unforgettable. I know there are way more important things in this life that running. We are safe, healthy and blessed more than we know.


15 thoughts on “A Change in Plans….

  1. those poor local racers won’t know what hit ’em when all the NYCM runners show up at their marathon, this weekend. 🙂
    That was such a good idea to find a close, alternate race. Awesome that you & your sister are together and flexible enough to roll with the cancellation.
    I’m so sorry your goal race has been such a mess. Your attitude about the whole thing is inspiring, though.

  2. Been watching the NY marathon news like a hawk all week. Yes, it is the right choice. I could not imagine HOW they could have safely managed this race will all the other people in need. By my heart just sunk for all you wonderful runners who are already out there. I LOVE that you found a race to run! I am so happy for you! Rock it, Tia!!!

  3. What a fiasco! I love your attitude about it though, Tia. I hope that you and Tricky have a great race- whatever the distance- and that the people of NYC rebound from this quickly.
    God Bless

  4. Been thinking of you all day and so glad you figured something out. Definitely agree that NYC made the right call, but bad move to have made it SO late in the week.

    Have a great race and enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

  5. I’m so excited for your run on Sunday. You have so much good energy, you are going to rock it. I am planning on running one in PA next weekend….just have to figure out this weeks training/taper now, feel like I’ve lost a o lot of speed/endurance from tapering!! Good luck to you!!!

  6. It was the right decision but I feel sorry for all the runners who travelled a long way to get there and have it cancelled. I know a couple of girls who’ve gone over. But it’s so great that you’ve got an alternative so you can put all that hard training and tapering to use. Good luck!

  7. I think you will be remembered for how well you handled this situation. Very well done. Of course, I thought of you and your sister first thing when I heard about the race being cancelled! How great that you were flexible and found another race to run. Looks like you did it quickly too. Now it is time to rock that small marathon….and maybe overall win? Wouldn’t that be a great story to tell 😉 Good luck tomorrow, and I can’t wait to hear all about it!

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