Racing, Resting and Peak Week!

Racing, Resting and Peak Week!

I must admit that the last few weeks have been a bit of a running blur.  I’ve been doing my best trying to balance racing and recovery all the while continue training for NYC which is now less than 4 weeks away!  My recent half marathon and 5K were incredible experiences and I guess I’ve just been floating along on a runner’s high.  I’ve cut my mileage a little the past few weeks trying to taper for them.  I know many people like to keep up their mileage when they are not racing in their “peak” race but that is not me.  I love going into every race feeling fresh and fast which means cutting back on the miles a few days up until the race. Hopefully NYC will not suffer too much from my racing addiction!  October always seems to be my racing month of the year.  Is it like that for anyone else? 

This weekend is the only weekend before NYC that I do not have a race so I have scheduled my last 20+ long run.  This week it is all about getting in miles and not getting injured!

After this past Saturday’s race I felt surprisingly good.  That is one nice thing about 5K’s.  I love the quick recovery!  Anyway, since I hadn’t run long in several days (because of the 5K taper) I woke up early Sunday to go on a long run before church.  It felt great.  15 easy miles done before church at a 7:45 pace.

Wearing my winter running gear for the first time since March.  Temps were in low 40’s and it was wonderful!

As the day went on I felt my legs getting heavier.  Everything was starting to feel sore.  It could have been the 5K or combination of the 15 miler (which had quite a few hilly sections).  Whatever the case, I decided to take a complete rest day on Monday (even though I had just rested Friday). 

This morning was an easy 10 miler.  Half was done in the dark which was not so much fun but the second half was pure heaven! The sky was gorgeous and it was one of those runs when you just feel glad to be alive and enjoying God’s creation.  How many people get to experience a sunrise on a cool fall morning as they run along a trail?

This was right at the halfway point when I stopped for water.  Love the pink sky.

This was towards the end of my run- just 1.5 miles to go.  I run this trail almost every day.

During the run I really wasn’t paying attention to my time- which is not like me.  Normally, I am all over my current pace and average!  But today it was so dark during the first half of the run I couldn’t see my watch so I decided not to even think about it.  I just went with how I felt.  When I got home I looked at my splits.  It turns out it was a perfect easy progression run and I had no idea!

10 mile splits: 7:58, 7:54, 7:47, 7:45, 7:34, 7:33, 7:31, 7:28, 7:15, 7:13

It would have been hard for me to plan it that way even if I wanted to! It was all God! 🙂 I love runs like this.  Training alone this time around has had its share of challenges but it’s made me stronger in some ways.  Today I really enjoyed a quiet run by myself watching the sunrise.  It was the perfect start to my day and my peak running week!

How do you balance racing and resting during training?

Have you seen the sunrise lately?

16 thoughts on “Racing, Resting and Peak Week!

  1. Tia, That trail you run on looks gorgeous! And what a great progression run. I love reading about your training, so thanks for sharing it all!

    I have to admit, I haven’t run many shorter races this season because I struggle to find the balance. I think it’s a good idea to enter each race feeling fresh as you do. It’s obvious that it works for you!

    We have had some pretty sunrises too, and I’ve enjoyed seeing a sky full of stars as I begin some runs this month. Crisp and invigorating weather here in AL!

  2. There is nothing quite like an early morning sunrise on a cool fall run!!!
    So excited about NYC!!! I’m one of the last guaranteed entries for 2014 – YAY!!!

  3. I love running in the dark and seeing the sun rise. It’s such a peaceful time of day. I saw the sun rise a few times last week but as we’re going into summer now it’ll be harder to do unless I’m up at 4am. I’m really not that dedicated.

  4. Tia, one more thing if you don’t mind—I have been wondering this about your program since you shared it with me a few weeks back—when you modify your training, how does that work with your training program? You have the customized Jack Daniels, right? Do you just go based on feel and change it as needed? I feel so clueless when it comes to knowing what I should do, and you seem pretty confident whenever you make a training decision. Like when you did that track 1/2 marathon, was that added to your program or how did you adjust for it? Thanks! I love your advice 🙂

    1. Katie- SO sorry it’s taken me forever to reply!! Yes, I do have the customized Jack Daniels and I just modify it a little based on how I feel and what I need. Unless I have a coach who knows exactly what I’m doing day to day or how I’m feeling I use any schedule as more of a guideline. The track half I did was NOT on my schedule at all. It was an easy week full of junk miles on my schedule so I thought it would be a good week to put it in. Also, I wouldn’t miss any speed work, etc.

  5. Normally October is jammed but I’m not in the shape for it this year. Plus a lot of the race directors moved their races back this year – last year was too hot. So nothing until November for me this year! You certainly have had some superb races this month though! That should give you plenty of confidence going into NYC!

  6. I am more of a sunset kinda gal. I wish I was a morning person!

    I think of tune up races as part of my training plan for my goal races, so I don’t taper for them. Yet I get disappointed when I don’t run well, haha!

    Good luck in NYC!! Sounds like you are ready for it!

  7. Your splits are pretty impressive! I don’t think I could do that trying or not. I’m all over the place right now as you’ve seen. So that trail is completely dark, no street lights? How do you do it? I am so afraid of skunks and dogs even though I’ve only ran into one neighbor dog in the dark and he couldn’t care less that I was running by. The sunrise, beautiful. The first thing I do when I open the garage door is look to the sky. It is usually lit up with stars and bright with the moon and a smile forms on my face. I don’t get to see the sunrise while running but I usually see it when I am driving to work in my car. There are few things that bring that much beauty and gratitude in life. Amazing what seeing a beautiful sunset or sunrise can do to your mood. I used to hate a full moon because it would be so bright in my room at night, but now I love those nights!!! I think the big payoff is when my boys will point out the beauty of the sky before I do.

    Enjoy your weekend off!!!

  8. Those photos of the sky are so great. A beautiful sunrise makes it all worth it some mornings.
    Fantastic progression run too! It is funny how when we let things go, God will take the wheel and steer the ship perfectly. You are so wise to recognize this and honoring to Him for sharing it in your blog.
    I am going to have to look at your 5k, because i might not have commented yet on it.
    So Happy to see how STRONG you are running and where this will go! Taper time!!!!! It is right around the corner. Can’t wait til your big race 🙂

    BTW thanks for the 5k words. I see you as the resident 5k expert in my blog list 🙂

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