NYC Marathon Week- A little bit of everything!

NYC Marathon Week- A little bit of everything!

It’s race week! Yes, the New York City Marathon IS still on.  At least that’s what they keep saying! They are not quite sure how everyone is getting to the starting line in Staten Island but I guess they’ll figure that one out later..  My thoughts and prayers have been with those up in the northeast.  I have family in Pennsylvania and Connecticut who were really affected by the storms (lost power and had some flooding).

In the meantime, I’ve been gearing up as best I can.  The weather has been perfect in central Arkansas and I’ve enjoyed some beautiful runs the past two days.  I’m thinking positive and telling myself I can do this!

Determining my marathon race pace:

Oh boy! This is always a bit of a gamble to me.  The trick is going out hard enough so that I push myself to run the fastest marathon I can.  I also can’t go out too fast that I die at mile 20.  How do I pick my pace?  Having run two other marathons already this year I know what I have been able to successfully run.  In January in Houston I averaged a 7:36 pace.  In March in Little Rock I averaged a 7:28 pace.  According to McMillan’s Pace Calculator I should be able to pace between 7-7:06 for a marathon based on my recent half marathon and 5K time.  That sounds a little CRAZY to me when I consider that is faster than my half marathon race pace last year at this time.  Ultimately, I would love to break 3:10 which means running under a 7:15 pace.  So I guess I will be trying to hit somewhere in between 7-7:15, depending on how I’m feeling.  Of course, I’d love to be on the lower end of those times but 26.2 miles is a long way to run and I’ll just have to see what is going on Sunday morning…

Around the house:
I generally consider my family to be pretty healthy.  But there is something about race week.  At least 3 times this year I have had a child throw up the night before or early morning of a race.  This week- as if I am not paranoid enough- my sweet husband came down with something.  He threw up (a few times) last night and has been quarantined to our bedroom.  I have done my best to keep the kids away from him and I’m hopeful that none of us get what he has.  He is feeling a little better today and has managed to keep his food down (although he has only had toast).  I guess we’ll see how this plays out tomorrow.  If any of the kids get the stomach bug it is only a matter of time before everyone has it.  Stay healthy! Stay healthy!

As far as meals go for the week…  I was going to plan out the menu but what’s the point.  It’s no secret.  Mama’s gotta carb load.

Oh yeah.  Then there’s that small matter of trick-or-treating…

“You ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog…”
A Witch, Elvis, Crocodile & Pirate Princess

It’s been an interesting week and it’s only Tuesday.  I’ll keep you posted on race week!

16 thoughts on “NYC Marathon Week- A little bit of everything!

  1. So excited for you Tia! No doubts whatsoever that you could run a marathon under 7:15 pace. You continue to amaze me. Stay Healthy. Prayers and Best Wishes for you! Hope you’re fast asleep now and resting up during such a big week. xo

    1. Thanks!! I hope so! I’m hoping I can get some more sleep when I get to the northeast. Woke up at 4:30 this morning to take care of sick kiddo #1. Hoping no one else gets this!!

  2. Wow! I can’t believe your streak of family members getting sick during race week! Hope you stay healthy and get lots of rest these next few days. Seems like NYCM is going to be quite an adventure this year after the storm. I will be following you on race day – sounds like you have done the work to run a great race! Good luck!! Adorable pics of your kids in their costumes, too. 🙂

    1. Thanks! Yes, NYC is going to be CRAZY. SO much controversy on the whole marathon issue. But I’ve already paid for it so I’m GOING! 🙂 Thanks for your encouragement!

  3. Go for it, you can definitely nail that pace…I’m thinking the same thing with my pace, according to McMillan I should be able to run this marathon at a faster pace than I ran my 1:29 half marathon last year! I’m really trying not to stress about the weekend, after all, I have no control over anything about the race logistics, but looking at pics of NYC, it’s going to be crazy getting everyone to the start, even to the expo! I just want to get there and get it done:) good luck with the rest of the week and staying healthy!!

    1. Thanks Katie! I got your email by the way and I will message you my number. We should be there Friday. It’s going to be crazy there. I know we are going to expo if we can Friday but that’s all I know. We need to meet up!

  4. I am so excited for you to run this marathon! I know it is going to be great despite being a somewhat different city scene to visit. I hope you don’t get sick…fresh air, Lysol, and oranges. I think that cures everything! Happy Halloween…the kids look super cute!

  5. I so hope you don’t get hit with the bug. Take that vit C. Man, the beginning of the week sucked for me! Glad the family is ok.

    Best of luck to you. I know you can do this. You are ready… mentally and physically. You’re going to do so awesome!!! I’ve never tracked a marathon before, but I just might try to find out how I can track you and send you positive thoughts along the way.

    Cute costumes. Love the Elvis! Happy Halloween!

    1. Thanks Tayarra! Yes, the bug timing couldn’t be worse. I will find out about tracking. I think it costs $2.99 but I am going to see if I can pay to have it put on my FB or twitter so people don’t have to pay $$.

  6. Wow, your track record with vomiting bugs before races this year is pretty impressive. It must be about time you had some luck in that department. I hope the infection stops with your husband and it’s smooth sailing from mow till the weekend.

    1. Well, my oldest son started last night but no one else today. Hoping we can make it 12 more hours. That’s when I leave! I did take some EmergenC (sp?) drink that is supposed to help, along with my regular vitamins tonight. Of all the weeks…

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