Micah Rine Wildcate Legacy 5K- Race Report {AKA- My favorite 5K!}

Micah Rine Wildcate Legacy 5K- Race Report {AKA- My favorite 5K!}

Best. 5K. EVER.

I have been looking forward to this 5K all year.  Well, really since I ran it last October.  It is my favorite kind of race course- flat and fast! When I woke up yesterday and saw that the temperature was 48 degrees and perfect I knew I was going to have a good race.  Temperature and race course play such a big part of any good race.  Obviously, training plays an even bigger role which brings me to my week.  I tried to balance half marathon recovery, marathon training and 5K tapering and this is what I came up with:

Basically a hodgepodge of workouts…..

Sat. 9/29- Heart and Sole Half Marathon– 17 miles total w/ 13.1 @ 6:45
Sun. 9/30- Rest day
Mon. 10/1- 9 miles @8:20 pace
Tue. 10/2- 14 miles @ 8:15 pace
Wed. 10/3- 8 miles @ 7:45 pace
Thur. 10/4- 3 miles @ 10:00 pace (jogged course with my sister who is visiting).
Fri. 10/5- Rest day (family in town)

I had Thursday and Friday to really rest my legs for Saturday’s 5K.  Not ideal for NYC training but I really wanted to have a good 5K and I knew it wouldn’t happen on tired legs.  By Saturday I was feeling tapered, fresh and ready to race.  My goal- to break the 19 minute marker.  I have not run in the 18’s since my senior year of college- over 11 years ago.  I knew that in order to do this I would need to average a 6:05 mile and for me, this means that every second is accounted for.

I got to the race and warmed up about 2 miles.  I ran at race pace for about 1 minute during my warm-up to get my heart rate up.  I finished the warm-up with some strides.  There wasn’t a lot of waiting around time before the race started.  After a prayer we lined up to go.

Mile 1- 6:00. Felt strong. I stayed behind the two lead guys.
Mile 2- 6:02.  Still felt pretty good and glad I was able to keep my pace on target.  I moved into 2nd place overall just after the first mile.
Mile 3- 6:03.  My body was getting a little tired but I held on! I just kept counting down minutes in my head and told myself it would be worth it when I saw an 18 on the clock.
Mile 3.12- 0:43 (5:49 pace).

Total time: 18:49 (6:02 avg.)
Race stats: 2nd overall & 1st female overall

Post-race victory smile!

Post Race Thoughts:

Thank you, God!! I am SO thankful for the opportunities I’ve had to train and race.  After high school and college I never thought I would be running again like this. 

Breaking 19 minutes has truly been a lesson in patience.  I have been close and have made several attempts this year.  Since running this 5K last year, this was actually my 9th attempt at breaking the 19 minute mark.  I’ve run them in all kinds of weather and on many different types of courses.  I knew it would happen and I’m glad I kept at it until it did.

5K Races (10/11-10/12)
Micah Rine- 10/12

I actually have two more 5K’s coming up before the NYC Marathon so my 5K season continues.  My next one is in 2 weeks on a harder course but I’m going to give it my best shot.  This will be my 9th year to run in the Arkansas Race for the Cure in Little Rock and I typically have major pacing issues there.  Yesterday’s race was probably the best I have ever paced a 5K.  Hopefully I can duplicate this in Little Rock in 2 weeks!

Did you race this weekend?  If so, how did it go? 

18 thoughts on “Micah Rine Wildcate Legacy 5K- Race Report {AKA- My favorite 5K!}

  1. Well done Tia. Ever since I’ve been reading your blog you’ve been gunning for that sub-19 time and now you’ve done it. I’m so happy for you.

    1. Thanks Amanda! I know you are ready to get back out there and race! I hope your PF is ancient history and you are feeling better these days.

    1. Lol!! I asked myself the same question after the race! My best ever is 18:36 and I NEVER thought I would break that. After Saturday I started to entertain the idea that it just might be possible. I guess I should never say never! Thanks!

  2. I can hear your smile throughout this post!! So awesome. Hard work pays off for sure. It means so much more now, don’t you think? After four kids and training on your own…. it should mean so much more. I’m so proud and so happy for you! I can’t wait to hear about your other 2 coming soon. Thank you for being honest about how many times you attempted it. I think that is so important for others to know. You didn’t give up. You set a goal and you had set backs along the way, but you stayed the course until you reached your achievements. So inspirational in life, not just running!

    1. Thanks Tayarra! Yes, it’s been a long time working on this goal. 5K’s are so hard for me. I never pace them well. This was the closest I’ve ever come to even splits with one. Usually I start too fast and die. The distance makes it an all out sprint so it’s a bit intimidating. However, the more I do them the less scared of them I am. 🙂 Good luck with your Sunday! Can’t wait to hear about it!

    1. Thanks Carissa! Yes, hard work DOES pay off and it’s been fun getting to race these past few weeks and experience the results of months of training. Thanks for your comment!

  3. Congratulations!! This is so freaking awesome!! I remember reading other posts about how badly you wanted to acheive this.
    Do you think the strength of your current marathon training helped you hit that sub 19?
    Keep it up! You are killing every goal you set, lately!

    1. Thanks Jayloh! Good question. Even though I have not been 5K training I know the speed work I’ve been doing helped. I think racing a variety of distances has been really good for me. I still have that big sub 3:10 marathon goal out there and hopefully I can stick with it for that one. Thanks again for your encouragement!

  4. I loved re-reading this! (I think my kids distracted me when I was reading last time and I had to leave without commenting.)

    Honestly I am just SO thrilled for you to get this. You have worked HARD for it, raced several times- learning from each one, and combating that injury this summer. You earned it!
    I can’t believe you did it while marathon training, though. Your taper is just a weekend off from training, really. Not a taper at all! I wonder what would happened if you ran one after your real taper instead of your marathon 🙂 …We’ll never know! 😀

    Super excited for you and I hope I can get even NEAR this time. Your diligence is a good example that hard work does pay off.

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