Bison Stampede 5K- Race Report {the one with an almost PR!}

Bison Stampede 5K- Race Report {the one with an almost PR!}

This morning I ran in my third 5K of the month.  These puppies are wearing me out! I am hoping that running my marathon pace next week feels easy (at least for a while) in NYC compared to my 5K race pace.

I last ran this race 2 years ago.  🙂

Ran with baby #1, 30 weeks preggo with baby #4

This year, my goal going into this 5K that my goal was to run in the 18’s.  I wanted to run consistent low splits and average around 6 minute miles.  From my experience in past years running this course I also knew that this course tends to be on the short side so my watch would be a little off.  This is the 25th year they’ve been running this race and they are not about to change it now that runners have GPS watches.

Ran 1.6 mi warm-up.  I also intended to run some strides at race pace but before I knew it we were lining up.  I just wasn’t as focused as I would have liked.  It didn’t help that younger kids were all lined up at the start.  Abi was right next to me because she wanted to start by me.  I was a little worried about her running it on her own but we drove the course yesterday and I showed her all the places to get on the sidewalk. We knew a lot of people running in the race so she was always running around someone she knew.  I also planned to catch back up with her on my cool-down.

Abi & I at the start

Mile 1- 5:59.  This was right pace but it felt harder than it should have.  I couldn’t find my rhythm.
Mile 2- 6:12. Too slow.  This was the worst mile traffic-wise.  No lanes were closed to cars so at some points I had cars driving on both sides.  (I was glad I had told Abi to go on the sidewalk!)  I wanted to catch the guy in front of me but he didn’t seem to be getting tired.  Pretty sure he was in high school.

Somewhere around mile 2

Mile 3- 6:15. I felt like I ran this mile faster than this but apparently not.  Still in third place overall and ready to be done! I could feel myself starting to check out mentally.
Mile 3.04- :12. (5:32 avg. pace).  Yeah, the course measured a little short on my watch but I guess it’s better than it being too long.  Still, I sort of feel like I cheated even though I didn’t want to…

Official Time: 18:37
1st Female, 3rd Overall.

Post- Race:
After I finished and filled out my name and age on a note card (no chip timing on this one) I reset my watch and started my cool-down heading back to find Abi.  I found her just before the mile 2 marker.  John was driving along side her in our van.  She was feeling pretty good but getting a little tired.  We jogged the final mile and I told her about the muffins and juice at the finish line.  As we neared the finish she saw her P.E. teacher and Abi waved to her.  Then she started sprinting.  She tends to save A LOT for her kick at the end! I love it! Abi’s finish time: 30:35 (give or take).

The whole gang!
My big girl after another 5K!

Just as Abi crossed the line John showed up with the rest of the kiddos.  He was so proud of us both.  When I started to get down on myself for my second and third mile splits he quickly reminded me that I did great and not to worry about my watch times.  He told me to celebrate the 18:37.  My fastest 5K ever is an 18:36.  (College days)  Next year I’m going to crush that time. I am going to figure out this whole 5K pacing thing and nail it. But for now I am saying adios to the 5K distance.  Time to switch gears for a while.  NYC is just 8 days away!!!

16 thoughts on “Bison Stampede 5K- Race Report {the one with an almost PR!}

  1. Congrats! I love the picture of you running. You look so fast and strong. I can’t wait to hear about NYC! I’ll be interested to find out how you pace it since you’ve said McMillian times don’t line up for your marathon. At least I thought I remember you saying that. The same goes for me. 🙂

    1. Thanks Carissa! I will write up a post on my pacing plan for NYC, etc. McMillan is right on for me except in my marathon but I think that’s because I haven’t run one since March and my other race times have changed since then. Hoping to get my marathon to match up… That would be nice! 🙂

  2. Way to go TIA!! I am so happy for you! That is a great pace, and with traffic too. That photo says it all..”I am busting it!”

    Love what this says for your marathon! I kind of think it will match up a bit more closely with all the mileage you have put in.

    Relieved you did NOT get hit my a car. I can’t believe some races don’t close off the roads. Glad for Abby too!

  3. That’s such a great time. Congratulations! And little Abi did an amazing job of her race too. I love that picture of her – she looks so proud and happy with herself.

  4. Your time is simply amazing…be proud of all your work!!! I LOVE the picture of the little two in the double stroller and everyone else after the race. We have some of those and I just love them! Great pictures!!

  5. What an amazing way to cap off your 5k season! I love that your family was able to make it out to run and support, too.
    My fastest 5k measured short by my watch, too. Nothing we can do about it, but I feel like it’ll always be followed by an asterisk, in my mind.

    1. Yes, that is exactly how I feel! I like them to measure right on or at least under 3.14. There’s a little wiggle room but I don’t like to be under or over by too much.

  6. Congrats on another great race! How do you get your posts done so quickly???? I feel like your 5K success story has helped me on my journey too. I am still far behind you (just got a 19:33 PR Saturday), but I am learning so much from your posts about training/racing this distance.

    Oh, I have always been curious about what types of prizes you win with your many 1st OAF wins. We mostly win gift cards to our local Fleet Feet (which I love to win!). I know you are probably too modest to “brag” about these, but would you mind sharing some of your favorites? I bet you have gotten quite a few. If you are like me, I’d much rather win a prize than a trohpy.

  7. It is so so awesome that she is running them already. So awesome!!! Great job! Great time! You’re there! Running like college days. So inspiring. I’m struggling!!! I know what you mean finding those disappointments though in one of your best races! Can’t wait to hear about the marathon? Is it still on? I haven’t heard.

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