Another 5K? and NYC- 10 days and counting!!

Another 5K? and NYC- 10 days and counting!!

This first taper week is actually going surprisingly well.  I have only looked at my McMillan race pace calculation sheet a few times today so we’re doing good so far….  I have another 5K on Saturday which is really taking my mind off all things NYC.  Yes, you read that right.  I am running a 5K 8 days before NYC.  I am using this race in place of my last set of mile repeats.  5k’s are just more fun and I want my last one (for a while) to go out in a bang.

Thoughts on the 5K:
This distance has always intimidated me. Yet, I keep racing them…. and now for the first time I can actually say that they are beginning to be fun to me.  I can’t believe I said that but it’s true.  Sure, they are run at what usually feels like an all out sprint but I am feeling more confident in my abilities in this distance.  I know it is helping me in other distances I race.  It is helping me learn more about pacing. 

Sunday’s 17 miler was just about the death of me.  I think it was the waking up way too early part- not the actual run itself.  It wiped me out.  The rest of this week has been easy. This morning I went on a double jogger run with Ashton that felt good. 

You didn’t want to mess with my running buddy this morning…

Apparently putting air in flat tires makes pushing it easier.  Who knew?  We followed up our run date with a park date.  Tuesdays and Thursdays are my day with just one.  I think he misses everyone else.  He has become quite attached to Anna.

Doing some light reading outside

Abi is also running in the 5K on Saturday.  It is a really good course for me to meet up with her during my cool down.  I can already tell you that running with her will be my favorite part of Saturday’s race.  She and Anthony are in the 100 mile club at school.  Basically, they have the entire school year to run 100 miles.  Their PE teacher is really encouraging parents to get their kids to participate in this program.  We didn’t really need the encouragement.  She had me at 100 miles… 🙂  Anyway, they can get to school a few minutes early to run a mile and/ or run on their own at home (with parents keeping track of their miles).  The kids earn medals along the way and a t-shirt at the end. Good stuff!

I was hanging up some clothes in the girls room last week and saw this sign hanging in Abi’s side of the closet.

Homemade sign by Abi= big time inspiration!

It almost made me cry! My sweet girl… And speaking of kids- exactly one week from today I will be venturing away from them all for the longest time we’ve ever been apart. I know it will be good for me and I am going to LOVE spending time with my sister in the Northeast but my heart will be home with J and the kids.  I am not used to taking off for days at a time on my own.  It just doesn’t happen to this mom.  My last two marathons included a nursing baby so this one will be a lot different!

Well, I’m all out of time for now.  I will have a few more marathon posts coming up.  One more race and then it’s all about NYC!


12 thoughts on “Another 5K? and NYC- 10 days and counting!!

  1. Good luck Saturday! I can’t wait to hear how NYC goes.
    Love them looking at magazines together. So sweet. I love sibling love. Just love it!!!

    I know Wyatt will be a runner too. Can’t wait for him to really get into it. AWESOME program at school!! I think I will email my husband to start something like that up where he teaches! Try to enjoy your time away. I will be thinking about you!

  2. Everything seems to be going so smoothly for you, Tia! I hope you rock that 5k this weekend 🙂 It sounds like a great substitute workout for the mile repeats.

    I can imagine your feelings about traveling to this race without your husband and kids. They are your cheerleaders though, and I know they will be rooting for you from home.

    It’s not long now! I got excited for you just reading the part about checking the McMillan calculator over and over again!!

  3. Exciting stuff, Tia! I’ve been periodically checking your blog but then I get too busy and forget to leave comments. You’ve definitely nailed your training cycle and races, so I am excited to see how it all shakes out for NYC. Enjoy your kid-free time! It’ll be awesome!

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