Month: October 2012

Marathon Week: Oh the Drama!

My morning started off a little rocky. Pun intended. Around 4:30 this morning I heard a loud noise in the hallway.  I immediately knew something was wrong and sure enough Rocky looked like he was about to throw up.  I grabbed him and brought him to the bathroom.  He did.  A few times. Then I brought him in to lay

NYC Marathon Week- A little bit of everything!

It’s race week! Yes, the New York City Marathon IS still on.  At least that’s what they keep saying! They are not quite sure how everyone is getting to the starting line in Staten Island but I guess they’ll figure that one out later..  My thoughts and prayers have been with those up in the northeast.  I have family in

Ready for NYC Marathon: It’s TRICKY!!

One of my FAVORITE running partners is someone I have known my entire life.  We ran side by side in our very first road race.  We ran together in high school cross country and track. Both of us on H.S. track team in 1997.  I am one year older but she has always been taller than me! We ran together

Bison Stampede 5K- Race Report {the one with an almost PR!}

This morning I ran in my third 5K of the month.  These puppies are wearing me out! I am hoping that running my marathon pace next week feels easy (at least for a while) in NYC compared to my 5K race pace. I last ran this race 2 years ago.  🙂 Ran with baby #1, 30 weeks preggo with baby

Another 5K? and NYC- 10 days and counting!!

This first taper week is actually going surprisingly well.  I have only looked at my McMillan race pace calculation sheet a few times today so we’re doing good so far….  I have another 5K on Saturday which is really taking my mind off all things NYC.  Yes, you read that right.  I am running a 5K 8 days before NYC. 

A scary run- what was I thinking?

One of the downsides to 5K racing during marathon training is trying to fit in long runs.  Timing them right can be a bit tricky.  Fortunately, 5K’s don’t leave me as sore and tired as they used to in college (or maybe I’m not running them hard enough?) and my recovery time is faster for 5K’s than in other distances

Arkansas Race for the Cure 2012- Race Report

Yesterday was my 9th year in a row to run in the Arkansas Race for the Cure.  I love this race and have had many different race experiences there.  The first time I ran it was in 2004 and my little Abi was just 3 months old.  Race for the Cure and I go way back! However, this was my

BIG miles and running doubles??

Last week was my peak mileage week for NYC and it happened to be my biggest mileage week. EVER. Without wasting any time, here’s how it all went down: Sun. 10/7/12- 15 easy @ 7:45. Perfect weather and felt good considering my 5K the day before. Mon. 10/8/12- Off. My body needed a little rest after Sat.’s race and Sun.’s

Racing, Resting and Peak Week!

I must admit that the last few weeks have been a bit of a running blur.  I’ve been doing my best trying to balance racing and recovery all the while continue training for NYC which is now less than 4 weeks away!  My recent half marathon and 5K were incredible experiences and I guess I’ve just been floating along on

Micah Rine Wildcate Legacy 5K- Race Report {AKA- My favorite 5K!}

Best. 5K. EVER. I have been looking forward to this 5K all year.  Well, really since I ran it last October.  It is my favorite kind of race course- flat and fast! When I woke up yesterday and saw that the temperature was 48 degrees and perfect I knew I was going to have a good race.  Temperature and race