Month: September 2012

Heart & Sole Half Marathon- Race Report {the one with a shiny new PR!}

What a day! This morning’s race was the result of many answered prayers and countless hours of hard work and training.  I could not have done it without the support of my friends and family.  The Heart & Sole Half Marathon has been on my racing calendar all year long.  I knew this would be my only half marathon for

A Big Scare & A SUPER STAR!!!

Thursday night when I went to bed my right foot felt a little off.  There was a certain twinge when I stepped down on the side of my ankle. I had planned to run 17 miles Friday morning but decided to cut it back to 12 and just see how it felt.  Surprisingly enough, it didn’t hurt at all during

Can I have some peace and quiet?

Living in a house with 4 little people means that there is noise ALL the time- except, of course, for the hours they are asleep.  Usually, I don’t even think of it as noise- it’s just life happening all around me. Before having kids I was really into music.  I would have it playing in my house, my car, office,

An Unoffical Track Half Marathon- aka A LOT OF LAPS!!

This morning I ran in my own little half marathon….  Around the track.  Yeah, it was A LOT of laps.  Thanks to my Garmin at least I did not have to count them!  Once again I veered off a little from my NYC Marathon training to do a half marathon pace run.  First of all, let me say that I

Chilis 5K Queso- Race Report

This morning I ran in the 2nd Annual Chilis 5 Queso which benefits the St. Jude Children’s Hospital.  I guess I consider this race to be the kick-off to my fall racing season.  If you recall, I ran in this race last year and it was my first race post stress fracture.  Comeback races are tough! Once again the race

Boston- Here we go again!

Yesterday I registered for the Boston Marathon… for the second time.  This time was very different from before for obvious reasons. I feel like the odds of me actually making it to the starting line this time have gone up considerably, being that I’m not pregnant this time around.  Yes, registering for Boston two years ago was a crazy experience! 

A Timed Mile: Old vs. New PR’s

Whether I like it or not, my little running life is distinctly divided into two categories: Pre-babies and Post-babies.  Funny how these 4 little people turned my world upside down… And now I could not imagine my life without them. Pre-babies Tia: There was the tiny little running Tia who started a habit of running at least a mile every

Quitting a workout…

This morning I did something I told myself I would NEVER do this training cycle.  I quit. It sickens me to type this because I do not think of myself as a quitter at all and I can usually muster up a way to get it done no matter how bad I feel. Not today. I got to the track