Tempos on Treadmills and Learning to let go…

Tempos on Treadmills and Learning to let go…

It’s hard to believe I am in Week 7 of my New York City Marathon training but it’s even stranger to think that I have done the majority of my training so far on a treadmill… I have never been a huge fan of running on a treadmill but this summer has definitely moved me out of my comfort zone. One of my good running buddies (who was also training for NYC) is out with a stress fracture so I’ve had to do most of my runs alone.  I know many people run alone all the time but I miss this “girl time.”  Since it has been so hot I have resorted to the treadmill so I can set desired pace on the TM and zone out for a while.  How is it even bearable?  One word. Netflix. 

This week’s first quality session was one I consider challenging.  To me, tempo workouts like these are the hardest but I know they help me the most mentally in a race situation.  Track interval workouts are faster paced but seem a little easier since I do not have to maintain the pace quite as long.  Anyway, I was able to focus and nail this workout.  For the first five miles I averaged a 6:54 and for the last three I averaged a 6:52.  It was hard but I love that feeling of accomplishment I get after completing a challenging workout.  I just registered for the Heart and Sole Half Marathon next month and I am counting on workouts like these to help me break 1:30!

Week 7

Change is in the air…
The past few days have been full of change.  My kids started school and I am going through major withdrawals!  Abi started 3rd grade and seems so grown up. Anthony started kindergarten and Anna started pre-k. 

First day of school 2012

Anna just goes on Tuesdays and Thursdays but that means on those days I am home— with only one! Poor Ashton has no clue where anyone is.  I am sure I will get used to it but it is suddenly way too quiet around here.  I actually miss the sound of 4 kids running up and down the hallways. 

I didn’t realize how hard it was going to be learning to let go.  I know they are not moving out to college or anything but starting school is a big step.  It’s the first step towards independence.  So I am trying to relax, breathe, and have faith that they will be ok, even if I am not by their side every minute of the day.

15 thoughts on “Tempos on Treadmills and Learning to let go…

  1. Wow, that was a tough workout! Very impressive that you are getting those in on a treadmill. My kids start school next week—1st and K. I know what you mean about missing them, and they are not even gone yet. This is our first year at “big school” for the 1st grader. Do you ever push the youngest in a stroller? I pushed mine last year, and now I know I will miss having her company on those runs. It’s funny what we miss about them–the little things like that.

    1. I have thought about breaking out our single jogger. I used to push the double or single a lot more before we had 4 kids but these days I usually run early just so I can go alone without the kids. I may get it out though now so I can get in a few extra miles. I’m sure Ashton would love it.

  2. Netflix is a lifesaver! In so many ways…:D

    Too funny that you can watch it while on the TM. Makes me consider getting a new set-up here for myself.

    Great workouts Tia. You will certainly be ready to beat 1:30…no doubt about it!

    1. Yes, I used to just bike or do elliptical watching it but I tried running and it works well. I can’t focus enough for mile repeats or anything that fast. We just have the $7.99 a month Netflix membership and it has been a lifesaver at the gym!

  3. So so true that the feeling of finishing a hard workout is such a good feeling. Netflix…awesome! School has started already?? We still have 2 weeks or more. No DOUBTS at all that you have a sub 1:30 soon soon soon.

  4. I’m at the other end of the Mummy curve – it’s just about time for my little chicks to leave the nest and if they don’t go soon I may have to start pushing. I love them dearly but it gets to a time when there are just too many adults in the house and they still expect Mum to do all the work.
    Great work on the training. It’s tough to do it on the treadmill but you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do.

  5. That sounds like a really tough workout you churned out! Can’t wait to get back to training. Those types of runs are, somehow, so much more rewarding than limping around the house with a stress fracture…;)
    I can completely relate to your “letting go” issues. I have one starting Kindergarten, next week AND one starting high school. It will be an emotional Monday, to say the least.
    Enjoy your new school week. 🙂

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