Month: August 2012

Halfway There, Training Tidbits and Half Marathon Goals! And a lot of rambling….

Well, as of this weekend I am officially halfway through my NYC marathon training! Nine weeks down and nine to go! Yes, I caved and ordered one of the ING NYC Marathon tees. It was only a matter of time before one of their weekly emails got to me! So how is my training going?  I can honestly say that

Confessions from a jogging stroller drop-out

I think it is pretty safe to say that I will never be one of those moms who goes on and on about how long I ran pushing my kids in the jogging stroller.  If you run regularly with your children my hat goes off to you.  Seriously.  It is hard work and I honestly don’t know how so many

Marathon Training: Mileage Matters

I have never been what I consider a high mileage distance runner.  I realize that everyone probably has a different definition of what they consider “higher mileage” but to me this involves consistently logging in over 60 miles a week.  In college I raced the 1500, 3000 or 5K distance.  I never ran more then 60 miles a week.  I

Tempos on Treadmills and Learning to let go…

It’s hard to believe I am in Week 7 of my New York City Marathon training but it’s even stranger to think that I have done the majority of my training so far on a treadmill… I have never been a huge fan of running on a treadmill but this summer has definitely moved me out of my comfort zone.

When HEAT meets HILLS- The White River 4 Mile Classic Road Race Report

Remember that silly New Year’s Resolution I made to run at least one road race every month this year???  Well, this goal came back to bite me big time this morning.  August was really the main month of the year I was worried about and for good reason.  Nothing good comes from racing in August.  At least not in Arkansas!