I like doing this?!!

I like doing this?!!

Do you ever have those days when as much as you love running you have to work hard to remind yourself of that fact?  This has been me lately.  I hate to admit it but it’s true.  I have been running on the treadmill the last few weeks which is not something I generally enjoy.  It is insanely hot and humid and after my whole chafing gone wild incident I am a little weary about running in the heat right now.  Plus, my usual running buddies and I have been on completely different summer schedules with vacations, injuries, and all the kids home.  One of my favorite things about running is getting to run with friends.  I don’t do it every run but during the school year it happens more than not which is WONDERFUL!  So, I guess you could say I miss running with friends.  I miss the conversation that is shared over pavement and sweat.

Thanks to my patellar tendonitis I took off several weeks from running this summer and although I cross trained it wasn’t quite the same.  I am paying for it now.  I know I needed the break mentally and physically but I am ready to get it back.  While I am happy to be back in the running saddle again it has not been without some difficulty.  I am now in week four of NYC training and my “easy” runs are not feeling quite as easy as they did in the spring.  I keep telling myself that it won’t feel this way forever.  I hope I’m right.

Today I had my first quality session of the week.  Halfway through my workout everything in my body was telling me to quit.  One of the only things keeping me going was knowing that I’ve made it through all of my other quality sessions without quitting so I better not start now.  The thought crossed my mind (many times)- “WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS??”  I know I could be home in bed fast asleep.  Instead I’m killing myself on this treadmill going at insane speeds pouring down sweat.  It didn’t feel good.  I couldn’t find a good rhythm.  But I finished it.  After guzzling down some water and catching my breath I remembered why I “like doing this.”

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I know it’s worth it.  Nothing can describe the feeling you get after knocking out a tough workout.  The feeling is even stronger when you set a PR in a race and accomplish a goal you’ve been training towards. 

There are plenty of times I love running and enjoy every moment of a run.  Then, there are other times when I question my ability and my potential.  I know I need to continue to work hard and run through this “phase.” It will pass. I know all this hard work will pay off down the road. 

Do you ever have those days when you have to remind yourself you like running?

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  1. You’re right, it won’t feel like this forever. Every runner goes through times where you’re so in love with running that you want to do it all the time. And then you go through the indifference phase where it kinda sucks and you just can’t be bothered. I’ve been running for about 30 years now and I can say that the passion always returns.

    1. Thanks Char. Yes, I know the passion will return. I am sort of just treading water right now with it but I know it will be worth it when it feels good again!

    1. You’ll get it back! You just ran a MARATHON a few weeks ago. I’m sure your body just needed a little down time and you’ll be jumping back into things before you know it!

  2. I had one of those days too! Hill repeats were on the schedule and they are always tough. I told my running partner it was more an exercise of willing my self to not quit than anything else. Those are important though too, aren’t they? I also relate to your sentiments about running with others. My running partners and I have created such a bond through running that we even started a running blog together. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Sounds like you have a wise running partner! Yes, running friend bonds are the best!! I will have to check out your Sole Sisters blog. love that name!

  3. I definitely have those times. It’s been so long since I had real thoughtless fun on a run–even though I’m enjoying my return to running, the runs are so slow and so far off where I want to be. It will come back. It’s come back before!

  4. Oh, Tia. I feel like this every day during the summer. It is just brutal running weather here in day in and day out for MONTHS. And even though I live in the desert, we do have a monsoon season, which is starting… oh… right about NOW. Plus, my running partner moved in June, so I have been solo. ๐Ÿ™ I do have another prospective partner, but he is MUCH faster and we haven’t worked out our schedules yet. ((sigh))

    1. Yes, this weather makes it so HARD. I don’t even live in the dessert. Sorry to hear you lost your running buddy! I hope things work out with your new one. He might help make you even faster!!

  5. Yes! I know that feeling. Right now I’m antsy to be running again, since I’m giving my shin a little break, but I know even those two weeks will set me back more than I’d like… some runs are just tough!

  6. I am in the same place with the running! I’m in week 4 as well of NYCM training and The goal marathon pace runs are really hard! That makes me nervous, but I remind myself that is why I’m training, to figure it all out! I had to take quite a bit of time off in the spring, and am confident that it will soon just click. With persistence and dedication, it will get easier/stronger:)

    1. Katie- I am RIGHT there with you. I keep thinking- this is my GOAL marathon pace?!! How am I going to keep this up for 26 miles when it is hard for 7?!! I am constantly reminding myself to be patient. Our bodies WILL be ready in November! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. After my run this morning, I just kept thinking that I can’t believe I ran a marathon less than 2 months ago. Today I struggled to run 6 easy miles and it seems like it’s been that way since the marathon. I have not pushed the pace at all since then and I still don’t feel like I’m quite recovered. I’m hoping once school starts again and I get back into a rhythm that things will return to normal. Summer definitely throws off my schedule and I know I’m not getting the same amount of sleep. Good luck with your NYC training!

    1. Jill- I can REALLY relate with how you are feeling. First of all, it’s ok to be in a different place. We can’t be “peaking” year-round. Our bodies need rest and time to chill. I will admit, I often catch myself falling into that same trap and thinking “3 months ago I ran xx many miles at this pace and why can’t I even do that for xx minutes now….” And you’re right- this summer heat throws everything off!! Just hang in there and know that it will pay off in due time. ๐Ÿ™‚

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