The Escalon 10k- the one I set a course record?!

The Escalon 10k- the one I set a course record?!

It’s been a crazy week. We’ve been on vacation in California and you know me- of course I had to find a nearby race because vacation races are the best! No pressure, new race environment and a fun trip memory. So months ago when we set our trip dates I found a 10k just 15 minutes from our hotel. After taking weeks off because of the patellar tendinitis I wasn’t quite sure how today’s race would play out…. What would a realistic race goal time be?

One of my running goals I neglected to put on my previous goals post was to run a race every month of 2012. I really hoped I would be able to race this one, even though I knew it would be hard to match my current 10k PR time I ran in April (39:48).

I decided to just do the best I could today. I would try to stay in the 6:20’s like last time but if I couldn’t keep it up I would just do what I could.

Mile 1- 6:26. Right on pace and feeling fine. I knew I was first female but not sure how much of a lead I had.

Mile 2- 6:31. I had to stop for about 10 seconds to tie my shoe. SO annoying! I have NEVER had to do this in a race before and I can’t believe I forgot to check my shoelaces before the race.

Mile 3- 6:36. At this point I knew I couldn’t keep a 6:20-something pace. I just hoped I could keep a 6:30-something.

Mile 4- 6:35. Out and back course so I
learned I had a quarter mile lead.

Mile 5- 6:54. Ughhh. Worst mile ever. Not sure why I bombed. Well, I might have an idea. Apparently taking off weeks at a time isn’t very conducive to good splits (or PR’s).

Mile 6- 6:48. Better than mile 5 but still not good. How is it that I can run mile splits faster than this at the end of a half marathon? Just gotta keep going and get it back.

Mile 6.2- 1:16 (6:20 avg.)

Yikes- bad form! Can tell I’m tired.  It was a HARD last 2 miles!

Total time: 41:17 (6:39 avg.)

As soon as I finished the race director came up to me and told me I’d set the women’s course record. Really?!! I have never done that before and was pretty shocked after my crazy positive split times.

One lesson learned today- breaking 40 minutes in the 10k is HARD. I WILL do it again but it requires complete focus and consistency in splits.

Lesson two- always check to see if your shoes are double knotted before a race! I can’t believe I forgot to do this!

Lesson three- always do your best. You never know how much every second will count or how the end result will matter. If I would have known I was going to set the course record could I have run faster? Sadly, yes. As much as I’d like to think I gave it my all I think I could have pushed it just a little harder.

Still, I am happy with the results. Not my best 10k but I am going to get back to where I was before the injury and all my time off. I’m glad I raced this morning and am ready to get back in {running} shape.

12 thoughts on “The Escalon 10k- the one I set a course record?!

  1. I love racing on vacation, too! I’m hoping to do a local race at near my parent’s house in August. Awesome job, Tia, as usual! You amaze me. And that’s so cool about setting the course record! Did you ask him where the cash was? 🙂

  2. Wow, that’s great! A course record and a win–that would cap a vacation off nicely, that’s for sure, especially since you didn’t really know what to expect. Congratulations!

    1. You are right about that. It hurts so bad coming back but I know eventually I will find my stride again. Looking forward to actually executing a good racing/ pacing strategy sometime in the future!

  3. Congrats on an awesome honor!!! Running that fast after all that time off shows that the biking and swimming paid off for you!! Inspiring as always.

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