The 15 Mile Challenge

The 15 Mile Challenge

This morning I knew I needed to cross train so I decided to do another brick workout.  I swam a mile (took about thirty-four minutes) and then immediately headed to the gym to ride a bike.  I wanted to ride the farthest I ever have and decided 15 miles was a good goal.  It took me an hour and twenty-two minutes.  I know I could have gone faster but I was watching Prison Break on Netflix (on season 3 now) and it is a pretty intense show.  I caught myself going either really fast or really slow depending on the scene.  Anyway, I was pretty pleased with the mileage more than the speed.  When I got home my husband I and were talking about biking and since we are both pretty competitive people we decided to turn it into a friendly competition.  He was actually heading to the gym so I convinced him to bike 15 miles too.  I wanted to know how fast he could do it.  Here was the text I got a little later…

So my next goal is to bike 15 miles in under 55 minutes.  I know I am mostly focused on running right now but I like having small goals and challenges to keep me going… especially when it comes to cross training!  Sort of like the day I convinced myself to swim 2 miles. Random challenges like this help motivate me. 

How do you spice things up when you are cross training? 

3 thoughts on “The 15 Mile Challenge

  1. A friendly competition with the husband! Great idea! (I just made mine do 5Ks so I could go watch….sort of like a fetish….:^) )

    I motivate myself with music. I see my recumbent bike time as the time I get to listen to “my” music, uninterrupted. The longer I ride, the more tunes I get to hear.

  2. Heres a little confession.. I saw your hubsand at the gym a few weeks back. I wasnt 100% sure it was him but I was about 90% sure it was.. I didnt say anything to him but I just kept staring at him thinking “is it, or isnt it?!” He probably thought I was some crazy lady or something.. I had forgotten all about it until reading this post.

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