Greetings from a non-running Runner

Greetings from a non-running Runner

Well, it’s been over 2 weeks since my last run.  I have been swimming and biking like crazy.  I guess this is helping me at least feel like I’m not losing all my speed -although who am I kidding…  This week I upped the ante.  I did two brick workouts instead of one.  I also swam two miles one day instead of my usual one.  My upper body has been SORE!  I have really enjoyed swimming but this morning I did not want to go.  The only reason I went is because I knew I wouldn’t be able to swim this weekend (pool is only open M-F) so this was the time to go. 

My penny system.  34 pennies = 1 mile. 

Biking is is getting better.  I’m not as sore as I once was so I think it’s time to increase the mileage and/ or speed.   I have been watching Prison Break on Netflix while I bike so that is definitely helping pass the time!

I am debating on whether or not to go for a run tomorrow.  I might do an easy 3 and see if I feel anything.  I am just afraid to be let down.  All this time off from running is hopefully fixing the problem!  During the month of June I have only run 5 times.  Way more cross training than usual…

Running-37.5 miles
Biking- 54 miles
Swimming- 15 miles
Elliptical- 7 miles

I decided not to race the Fast Firecracker 5K on July 4th. As much as I want that 18:xx 5K (and believe me I do!) the timing for this race is not right.  I have not put in the miles and the necessary training.  I still want to make it happen this year and I have a few 5K’s coming up in the fall that will help with that.

In the meantime, I’m trying to enjoy the change of pace with swimming and biking.  Having all the kids home is also keeping me quite busy. Some day I will run again, right?! NYC training is supposed to start next week.  Yikes!

The biggest and the littlest…

The oldest- almost 8!!

The serious one…
The silly one…
The one that keeps me on my toes 24/7……

6 thoughts on “Greetings from a non-running Runner

  1. Your kiddos are precious! I think it is just amazing how different four children can be wih the same parents. Mine are the same way. Good luck with your run tomorrow!

  2. That’s a lot of pennies!!! You are going to come out of this thing healed and very fit- with all sorts of new muscles in places that had been waiting for their turn 🙂

    Good call on the firecracker 5k. I am getting over the frustration of losing my summer plans and trying to focus on patiently rebuilding, strengthening the ankles and adductors. Many good races lie ahead!!

    Love the photos with your kids 🙂 They are gorgeous. Hope your first run back went well!

    1. Thanks Raina! It was a hard decision because of all the 5K’s I’ve done over the past few months none of them mattered to me as much as this one but I know it is not meant to be. Hopefully I can do it next year! You are right- many good races are ahead of us both!! 🙂

  3. How cute are your kids??!! And how did you manage to alternate the sexes so perfectly?

    As frustrating as it is, I think you’re doing exactly what you need to to get past your injury. All this cross training will minimise the damage of the enforced running break. And when you come back to running you’ll be in great shape.

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