CASA 5K Race Report- the one that was REALLY hot!

CASA 5K Race Report- the one that was REALLY hot!

Yesterday I ran in another 5K.  I knew going into the race that once again my training was not where it needed to be because of my patellar tendonitis.  I have been cross training much more than running this past month and it all caught up to me yesterday- along with some pretty intense heat.

For some reason, 5 K races in my city like to start at 9 am.  No matter what month of the year it is.  I knew that it was going to be hot but for a race that will only last 20 minutes, how bad can it be? Hot. During my 2 mile warm-up I got really hot.  Temps were in the mid 80’s and it was really HUMID and sunny.  Could I maintain a 6:10 pace or faster to beat my 5K time from 2 weeks ago.  To break 19 I would need to keep it all under 6:05.  Was this realistic?  No.

Right before the gun went off at the start I noticed a runner who looked like she belonged to the local University’s cross country and track team.  (They get some awesome Kenyan runners and I know that at any time any number could show up and it’s over- for me anyway.)  I tried to tell myself to stay focused and not “quit” before we even started.

I‘m the one in the non-discreet bright orange shorts

I followed right behind this runner during the first half mile.  I passed her but she immediately passed me back.  I told myself I could maintain this 6 minute pace.  I couldn’t. I never caught up with her again.  I knew I should be able to run faster than I was but I was not focused mentally.  My body did not feel good like it did two weeks ago.  When I wanted to go faster I couldn’t. 

Mile 1- 6:09
Mile 2- 6:25
Mile 3- 6:38
Mile 3.12- 0:41 (5:39 pace)

Total time- 19:53.  (2nd female overall)

Not only did I not break 19 minutes but I barely broke 20!  I was not with it mentally or physically.  The best part about my race was my kick at the end.  I saw the clock and knew if I didn’t get it in gear I wouldn’t be breaking 20 minutes.  FYI- The woman in front of me finished in 19:39.  I wish she would have at least beaten me with a time I haven’t run faster than recently.  The 19:15 I ran two weeks ago or the 19:19 I ran last month were both faster than the winning time.  Why did I check out mentally?  I was so much stronger mentally two weeks ago than yesterday.  Was it the heat?  In the last 6-7 months I’ve had so many good races that I stayed with it mentally.  I was positive and confident in my ability.  Yesterday I was not sure of myself and I was not feeling positive about anything.  My last really bad race was the SW Half I did in October.  I guess this 5K reminded me a little of that race but in that one I could not blame the weather.

As soon as I grabbed some water and a volunteer cut off the timing chip I immediately turned around and started jogging back to find Abi.  She had started the 5K with my husband and son but I knew she planned on running ahead.  I focused on getting to her and helping her in.  When I saw her she had just about 3/4 of a mile left.  We ran the rest of the way in together.  It was great running with her because it took my mind off the awful race I had run.  She did great! I am so proud of my Abi! She gave it all she had in a very hot race.  When she finished, I gave her some water and an orange.  We sat for a bit and then I went to get my camera so I could get a few pics of John and Anthony finishing together.  It was Anthony’s first 5K.  He did so good too!!

Here comes my Rocky boy!
I LOVE this one!

He did it!!
My boys

After my boys came in I drove home to relieve our sitter and bring my youngest two back to the awards ceremony. (We live just 5 minutes from the race.)  Both Abi and Anthony won first place in their age groups.  Anthony was the only boy in his age group but he doesn’t have to know that! It was such a great confidence booster for them both.  They were so proud of their medals!

His pose cracks me up!
My little runners… So proud of them both!!

After the awards ceremony, the kids jumped in the bounce house for a bit.  Even Ashton.  Then it was time for lunch and naps.  Gotta love race Saturdays! 

This was one of those races that I just had to “let it go.”  My lack of 5K training due to tendonitis combined with HOT Arkansas summer weather were two issues that I had no control over.  It is what is is.  I will break 19 minutes this year.  This patellar tendonitis will go away.  For right now I am going to regroup and rest my knee.  This week will include lots of swimming and maybe even some biking. The rest of this month is about rest, recovery and cross training.  I would love to go into July with a strong running base but apparently that is not going to happen. I will need to adjust the first few weeks of my training schedule in July to get my mileage up safely.  I just got my official NYC marathon training schedule from the Run S.M.A.R.T Project.  More on that to come soon!

And finally, I am featured today in the Purposeful Running section from Laura’s blog- Mommy, Run Fast.  Thanks for letting me share my running story, Laura!

14 thoughts on “CASA 5K Race Report- the one that was REALLY hot!

  1. I enjoyed reading about you on Laura’s site today! Congrats to you and your kids–I think you did really well given the horrendous heat. I totally agree with you on timing this time of year–9 a.m. is too late.

  2. Don’t be too hard on yourself. You’ve come off pretty much no training, you’re injured and it was a stinking hot day. It’s not exactly conducive to running a PR. Your kids did so well – and there’s nothing like an award at the end to make you want to do it all again.

  3. I would definitely call that heat-related, I am amazed how much my body shuts down when it’s that hot. You’re right- you’ll get it another time, and you’ll get through the knee issue. It’s always good to keep that long-term perspective. So glad I could feature you today! 🙂

  4. Yes you WILL break 19 this year. And so glad you will be giving your body some rest and recovery so you CAN do that Tia! Glad you can let today go. Running in heat is NO fun. Uggh. Lucky for me, my next marathon in July starts at 6 a.m so fingers crossed that it will stay cool. You are still speedy even on your off days.

  5. I have no doubt you’ll break 19 minutes! Rest up and you’ll be back at again before you know it. I looked a little at the Run Smart Project too. Can’t wait to hear your input about it and what the process was like to get the plan. I’m hoping to run my 1st full (St. Jude) and need to look into something by July/Aug.

  6. I cant even break 30 on a cold day yet 🙂 You are doing amazing. This race just wasnt your day. You WILL get your day this year and you will break 19!

    And I keep thinking I ran right behind your daughter and husband in a race before, but it has been a while and it might not have been. It wasnt the Stride for Suicide 5k this year, but the one last year. She had on a shirt that said furture marathoner.

  7. Great racing considering your knee is not 100%. That could definately mess with your head. Plus running in the 8o’s with humidity is differnet than running in 70 degree temps. You are still pretty darn fast.

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