And the Verdict is….

And the Verdict is….

After almost 3 months of an annoying on again off again pesky knee injury I finally went to a physical therapist.  While I was laying there in agony as he worked on my leg (I was really tight) I just kept thinking that I should have come weeks ago.  Yes, it was pure torture but in a good way.  My leg needed it.   Andrew, my PT, worked out many of the knots I had in my calf muscle and IT band.  My main issue right now is that I have patellar tendonitis and some bursitis in my knee. 

Andrew seems very optimistic that I will be able to get through this no problem.  He says he helps athletes with this all the time.  He’s glad that I saw him early on before it got too bad.  He worked on my knee a lot and did an ultrasound on it as well.  Then he showed me some stretches to do and I iced.

Icing my bum knee

I am really glad I went.  I am going back again Tuesday morning.  He wants me to rest until then.  He knows I have a 5K coming up next Saturday but he really wants to get this more under control.  He doesn’t even want me to cross train until then- with the exception of swimming.

I am ready to have this behind me but I know I have to work through this treatment.  I think if I would have taken off more time after the Little Rock Marathon instead diving into 5K racing season then this issue might have resolved itself. Oh well…

My goal for June is to get healthy.  I would still love to race my 18 minute 5K and I believe the Firecracker 5K in July would help me get it.  But I don’t know if I should even attempt it if this tendonitis and bursitis hasn’t cleared up yet. 

So, 5K season hasn’t turned out exactly as I would have liked.  Don’t get me wrong, I have seen a big improvement from 6- 7 months ago.  Last fall, my average time was 20:something.  Now, I am in the low 19’s.  I will get to the 18’s.  It’s just going to take some time… and especially some training!

So my advice to anyone dealing with a nagging persistent injury- Get some help! Whether it’s a doctor, a physical therapist or some other medical help the important thing is to get help.  If you’ve tried cross training, lower mileage, time off, icing daily, rolling, stretching and you still have issues- see a good physical therapist.

I’m trying to be optimistic about it all right now.  It will work out.  Good health is right around the corner…

Looking forward to running injury-free soon!

12 thoughts on “And the Verdict is….

  1. Oh boy, Tia! I am so very glad you went into a professional. We can do what we can do (ice, rest, rolling, etc..), but an outside opinion is sometimes the only thing that really helps us see how to proceed. Until then, it’s easy to spin our wheels afraid to go hard in training, or rest unnecessarily.
    Clearly that sub 18 goal will be yours after the knee gets back in the program. You have a big ally on your side now!

  2. It definitely will work out. You’ll get that knee totally healthy and that sub 18 will be yours. And in the meanwhile just treat the exercises and stretching as your training, knowing it’ll make you faster in the long run.

  3. I’m glad these are easy-fix issues! You’ll be healthy in no time and can easily get am 18-min down.Hope your healing is quick and painless.

  4. So, so glad you got answers and a treatment plan! You will be a stronger runner and hopefully well rested for your 7/4 5K! Love your shirt…I have the same one!

  5. It’s great that you got some advice and can get to the root of what’s going on… as hard as it is to ever deal with injury, you have still had an AMAZING 5k season. If it ends here for this year, you can be proud of what you accomplished. Yes- get it healthy in June, so you’re ready for the next round of marathon training! I’m glad you sound optimistic, hang in there!

  6. sorry to hear about your knee Tia! 🙁 you have a great plan & I know with a lil’ patience you’ll be back out there in no time. 🙂 xo

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