A Mommy Break AND a Happy Mother’s Day!

A Mommy Break AND a Happy Mother’s Day!


Me with my babies- May 2012

What a great weekend it’s been!

Friday morning at 10 am I left for Memphis with some friends and didn’t come home until midnight Saturday night!! (Yes, this was a planned outing…)  Maybe this doesn’t sound like a big deal but being away from John and the kids for 38 hours was a FIRST for me.  (I have been gone for a day or two before but haven’t since we’ve had Ashton.) This was the first time I have ever left him (or anyone for that matter) with all 4 kids for more than a few hours.  I’d never left Ashton overnight before but he just turned 16 months old and I knew it was time…

Girls Weekend!

I had a great time shopping and visiting with friends.  It felt strange and relaxing to be child-free.  It was very liberating at first but by Saturday night I was ready to come home.  I missed all my babies.  I must say that John did a great job with all the kids.  When I got home the house was even clean.  Very impressive!!

Then today was one of my favorite days of the year- Mother’s Day!!  John and the kids gave me a gift certificate for a deluxe pedicure and a dozen roses.  The kids had also made me some sweet cards. 

Inside of Abi’s card.  I love that she put me in a running shirt!!

We had lunch at John’s parents and I was also able to talk to my mom on the phone.  It’s hard not living closer to them but I am thankful for phone calls and visits when we can.

Ashton after lunch (and dessert) today.  He’s a mess these days and I don’t just mean mealtimes! Love this little guy!

While Ashton napped this afternoon I went to the gym.  5 miles on the elliptical- done! I’ve been cross training this past week and by cross training I mean going on the elliptical.  That is my favorite cross training regimen. 

All in all- great weekend! I am recharged and feeling blessed to be a mother and wife. 

Wishing you a very Happy Mother’s Day as well!!

13 thoughts on “A Mommy Break AND a Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. It’s great that you got away. I know it’s tough to be away from your babies but it’s good for everyone. You get to recharge. And they get some great quality time with their daddy. And he gets to miss you for a bit. Hmmm – must be about time for me to have a weekend away.

  2. happy that you had such a nice Mother’s Day Tia! I know it’s hard to take a break away from our babies but, if anyone deserves a “break” is you! 🙂 YES, we are soo BLESSED! 🙂 xo

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