Month: May 2012

Port Fest 5K- Race Report {AKA- The Race I turned Pro!} ok, not really!

Yesterday’s 5K could have easily been a total disaster: For starters- I had taken two weeks completely off running until Tuesday- just days before the race.  I had 3 not so great runs and decided to run this race at the last minute.  No speed work (and practically no running) does not usually produce a high quality 5K! I did

Where to Begin??

This has been a long week.  It’s the first full week that school has been out so I guess I’m adjusting to having 4 kids home all day.  There’s been a lot going on but not much time to blog so I thought I would give a little run down of the week so far… Monday- last day of my

Cross Training, Camping & Old Navy Active wear top review

Well, it’s been exactly 12 days since my last run.  I have cross trained 7 of those days.  Not a lot to report so I haven’t posted much.  “Another day on the elliptical” is about as exciting as it gets around here.  I am going to go for a run on Tuesday and I’m praying that my knee will feel

A Mommy Break AND a Happy Mother’s Day!

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!! Me with my babies- May 2012 What a great weekend it’s been! Friday morning at 10 am I left for Memphis with some friends and didn’t come home until midnight Saturday night!! (Yes, this was a planned outing…)  Maybe this doesn’t sound like a big deal but being away from John and the kids for 38 hours

A Short Break and an 18 minute 5K…

Before I dive into my strategic plan to break 19 minutes in the 5K (for the first time in over a decade) I will bring you up to speed on my current running situation.  Yesterday after a frustrating 12 mile run I made an executive decision to take off for 2 weeks.  As you may or may not know, ever

Toad Suck 5K- Race Report!

5K Season is here and I am in the thick of it! After last week’s “extra long” 5K, I was ready to race on a certified course.  I needed a good time and I knew Toad Suck would be the right course.  Yes, this is the real name of this race.  There is a festival in Conway, Arkansas every May