Stride to Prevent Suicide 5K- Race Report

Stride to Prevent Suicide 5K- Race Report

This morning I ran in a local 5K. I have been gearing up for this race all week.  I’ve cut my mileage in half to taper as well as rest my right knee.  I must say that it actually felt fine the entire race.  For some reason on race day my knee always knows how to get it in to gear!

On our way to the race Abi asked me if we could just run the race together.  Oh man. Mommy guilt BIG TIME. We had already worked out days before that she was going to run the first part of the race with our college baby-sitter, Sarah, who is like family to us. Then I would find them (once I finished) and run the last part with her (during my cool down).  But Abi just wanted to run with me.  What should I do?  I had planned on running this race for months, been training for it but when I looked at her I didn’t want to let her down.  Was I being selfish for wanting to run it and win?  Probably. Abi said she would run fast so she could stay with me.  I told her she would have to sprint the whole time and that it would be hard and not as fun as it would be running with Sarah.  I said it was hard for me to run that fast.  I told her that very soon she would be running with me and even be running faster than me.  I asked her if running with daddy would be fun and she agreed to that.  Once we got to the race and Abi saw Sarah she was ok and decided to stick with the original plan.  Crisis averted.  I only warmed up for a mile and a half.  My mind wasn’t focused and I questioned whether I did the right thing by going ahead with my racing plan. 

Race had a slightly different start than earlier years.  I knew the finish was the same so I had a bad feeling about what the mileage would be when I finished.  With local, not certified courses, you never know… There were over 550+ runners and the start was pretty fast. Every time I looked down at my watch during the first half mile it said 5:40-something.  I’ve got to slow down!!

The start of the 5K- I’m the one in the pink!

Mile 1- 6:11.  I was shooting for 6:10-6:15 so this was really right on pace.  By mile one I was first female and 6th overall. I knew I could pass a few of the guys in front of me if I just stayed with it.

Mile 2- 6:19.  Too slow.  This was a split I expected in a 10K- not a 5K.  Just one more mile- make it count! I did pass 3 of the guys in front of me and I focused on the only two left.

Mile 3- 6:17.  A little better pace-wise.  I was side by side to the 2nd place runner most of this mile.  He had a bit of an edge and wasn’t going to give up his lead. I made him work for it at least.

Mile 3.23- 1:18 (5:44 avg.).  Yes, this was the most off 5K mileage I have ever run.  Everyone’s watches were showing the mileage was off.  The race was mis-measured and the course was too long. So running for an extra 45 seconds or so completely threw off my sub 20 goal. 

Total time: 20:08 for 3:23 (Garmin avg. 6:14) Normally I don’t go by Garmin averages but I make exceptions when a race is not measured or certified and it is way long! I ended up being 1st female overall and 3rd overall.  (This pace would have put me at a 19:22 if the course was actually 3.1 miles.) I know Garmin mileage is not 100%.  Everyone runs the distance a little different but at this point I know what is “normal” distance to be off.  .13 in a 5K is a BIG difference.  In a full or half marathon .13 would be almost a given but not in a 3 mile race.

Post Race:
As soon as I crossed the line I turned around and started jogging back to find Abi.  She was doing great! She had a strong kick at the end. There were a few other girls in her age group that ran but Abi ended up with 1st place for her AG.  She was SO happy!!

My little racer!!

When we got home I asked Abi if she was ok that I raced it.  She said she was and seemed happy with the way everything had gone. I’m guessing the trophy she won had a little something to do with that…

Besides the whole race distance accuracy issue, it really was a good race.  I talked with the race coordinator and she said they would make the necessary distance adjustments next year.  In the meantime, I am running in another 5k next Saturday that is certified and will be the correct distance.

Have you ever run a race that was mis-measured and off by a lot more than the usual “tangent difference”?   

Mommy Guilt… Have you been in a situation like this?

18 thoughts on “Stride to Prevent Suicide 5K- Race Report

  1. YOu are so awesome! And a great mommy! Get rid of that guilt…it is useless and you are obviously an extraordinary mom. I feel mommy guilt all the time even though I haven’t had a situation just like this. I agree, this is way long for a 5k. Great splits!! Gosh, I hate the 5k but you make me want to spend the summer just getting faster instead of train for another marathon.

    1. Thanks! I definitely prefer the satisfaction that comes with longer distances but the decreased mileage and break from marathons is what my body needs right now. I’m excited to follow your BQ marathon quest!!

  2. Your daughter was so happy and she has a great example in a mommy who works hard! Don’t have any guilt about it. Super congrats on winning. You continue to be an inspiration!

  3. Congrats girl! You are super speedy!! I think your daughter did a great job and will be pleaesd with how she chose to run since she placed.

    Ive never been in that situation but my oldest son wants to run training runs with me sometimes. I will occasionaly let him go 1 mile with me and then drop him back off at home, or Ill tell him to “race” me on the treadmill and see how far he can go while I go my X distance.

  4. I could definitely see that scenario in my future but I think you handled it really well. No need to feel guilty! Congrats to you and your daughter, amazing races! It’s so frustrating when the course is off… even though you know you did it! Glad you have another chance next weekend!

  5. Big score for your family at that race. Abi did a fantastic job. Looks like she has some of her Mom’s running ability.

    That guilt thing continues for decades. I just had my 25 yo ask if I could proof read a literature review and totally played the guilt card on me. I’m glad you ran your own race. It’s good for kids to see their parents striving for something that they really want.

  6. I’ve never had that particular mommy guilt, but my daughter is the type to inflict it should she ever decide to do a 5K. I think you handled it well. I love the picture of you with your matching trophies!

  7. Bummer about the long course! You’d have been in under 20 for sure otherwise.
    In Eugene almost all the races are certified, many on the same course. It makes it nice for official records for the elite track stars, but they are always over 3.1 :/

    About Abi, you handled it well! My son would like to run a 5k but would have trouble still. I wouldn’t mind doing one with him as a scheduled fun run, but if we are both wearing a bib I am going to find a CHEAP race. Ha. I am still trying to steer him toward the kids races by telling him everyone gets a ribbon in that race. 🙂

    1. I’m sure OR has better racing standards than AR! It was frustrating but oh well! Hopefully it will be better next year!

  8. Also, good to hear that your knee is holding up for races! Mine finally got better with my taper- soon I will try and thrash it again. haha.

  9. Congrats, Tia!

    I have wanted to have my oldest run in some of the city races with me and he’s shown a little interes, however, it would put me in the same predicament as you. And I’m out there to compete. Luckily, his interest waned and he has been cool with just chilling at home instead of heading to the course with me. At any rate, don’t feel guilty! It all worked out. Great job to both of you!

  10. Sounds like your knee came through well – awesome!!
    My son was hoping to finish Big Sur with me at mile 26 but they had the spectators gated off – he was pretty bummed. Oh well, next race.

    1. I guess you’ll just have to do another marathon! 🙂 That would be awesome! I’d love to run the last mile of a marathon with my husband or kiddos. Maybe someday!

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