Look who is in Running Times this month?!!

Look who is in Running Times this month?!!

When I opened up the May edition of Running Times tonight, who do you think I found on page 67?? My former college teammate- Janet!!

Janet Cherobon-Bawcom ran with me my senior year of college.  Since our college cross country and track days Janet has done some pretty amazing things in the running world. 

I’m in the center and Janet is on my left.

In January I was able to see her run for the first time since track season of my senior year.  Only this time Janet was running in the 2012 Olympic Trials in Houston, Texas!

Janet running next to Deena Kastor during the 2012 Olympic Trials.

Janet ran an amazing race and finished 5th overall.  She finished right behind Amy Hastings and right in front of Deena Kastor.  Janet set her PR in the marathon that day with a time of 2:29:45! 

I hope you don’t mind I borrowed this from your Facebook page, Janet.  Too cool!! 🙂

One month later, Janet set another PR- this time in the half marathon.  Janet was the second American to place in the top ten in the New York City Half Marathon in February.  She came in 5th overall with a personal best time of 1:09:55!  (Kara Goucher finished 3rd just 43 seconds ahead of her and Desiree Davila finished 49 seconds after her in 9th place in 1:10:44.)


Janet recently ran in the Cooper River Bridge Run and won first place with a time of 33:01.  This 10K race has over 36,000 participants and brings in many elite runners because of its cash purse.  Janet won $10,000 for first place.  What’s next?  Janet is planning to focus on the 10,000m during the Olympic track and field trials in Eugene, OR in June.

I was able to run a little with Janet at the end of January when she was in town visiting.  (She happened to be getting inducted to the Athletic Hall of Fame at Harding University where we went to school.)  I wrote a little about this run here.  Janet is very down to earth and extremely humble about all the success she has had.  She is definitely one to watch for and she has all my support.  I wish her the best in the upcoming Olympic trials!

If you would like to read more about Janet, check out her blog here!

5 thoughts on “Look who is in Running Times this month?!!

  1. Amazing!! I remember watching those top 6 girls at the trials as they kept looping around, having no idea who Janet was. Thanks for this overview of her– I love that you used to run with her, too!

    1. She was definitely the “underdog.” We watched the Olympic Trials when it came on TV later that day and the announcers only mentioned her at the very end when she finished. It’s like they had no idea who she was and no one expected her to finish as well as she did.

  2. Wow she is super fast! You are too though! I’ve been meaning to ask you what you use for fuel/hydration during your marathons/training? I will be training for my 1st marathon soon and am new to the whole fueling thing. How do you carry it too?

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