Birthdays and Mileage Issues

Birthdays and Mileage Issues

What a week! This past week is what we affectionately refer to as “Birthday Week” around our house.  My oldest son’s birthday is April 19th and my youngest daughter’s birthday is the 21st.  The 21st is also my mother-in-law’s birthday so it is one busy week!

My son requested a coconut cream cake for his special day.  Yes, he has some unusual tastes for a 6 year-old!  I have never made one before but I found a great recipe on which I will definitely be using again! 

My big boy is 6!!

Anthony is quiet and more of an introvert.  He is a little sweetheart and just like his daddy. Then there’s my Anna.   I can’t believe she is four now!  Four just sounds so grown up… Anna is so full of life.  She’s spunky, sassy… you name it!

Watch out world… Anna is 4!

Even with all the partying going on this week I managed to get in 52 miles even though I only ran 5 days.  This is the most miles I have had since training for the Little Rock Marathon which was 7 weeks ago.  I had a track workout on Thursday that didn’t go as well as I would have liked.  I had 8 x 800’s and wanted them all sub 3 but realized after my third that I just wasn’t “feeling it.” I kept the last few under 3:06 and went all out on my last 800 with a 2:57.  I don’t know why I couldn’t push myself harder that day. 

My long run of the week was yesterday.  I ran 17 with my friend and we averaged 7:38 which is our fastest “long run” together so far.  It felt good and we talked the whole time.  I remember running our first 17 mile run together two and a half years ago at a 9:30 pace.   Crazy how things change as your fitness and goals change.  I wish I could say the entire 17 mile run yesterday felt great but there were certain times when my knee bothered me.  It’s more of an ache- not a sharp pain.  The ache is not constant.  It comes and goes.  I am starting to think it could be tendinitis.  I am icing it but I may need to back off the mileage if I want this to go away.  Basically I have 2 months before I officially start my NYC Marathon training and I need to be healthy. 

I have a 5K this coming weekend and another 5K next weekend so my mileage is about to decrease.  Hopefully this will help my knee and I won’t need to completely stop running.  However, if I need to stop I will.  I don’t even like typing that.  I hate stopping.  But I know I need to look at the big picture.  I am trying to listen to my body but it isn’t being super obvious right now.

This week I have several medium runs planned and a 400 speed session.  Hopefully that will go better than my 800’s!  Anyone else in 5K season right now?  What are your favorite 5K workouts?

15 thoughts on “Birthdays and Mileage Issues

  1. Maybe hit the gym for some quad work? I don’t have the most fantastic knees, and I think it helps. I am all about my weights/core these days since my back is wonky and I’m running like a geriatric. At any rate, you sound smart by listening, icing and backing off the mileage.

    I don’t think I have a 5k season here. Races here are non-existent during the summer because of the ridiculous temps. My plan right now is to get healthy and look ahead to a possible 10K and half marathon in San Diego in July/August. We’ll see.

    Happy birthday to your cute kiddos!

    1. Yes, get healthy first and plan your upcoming race schedule! That’s what I was working on last spring. I will warn you- I went a little race registration crazy in the fall since I hadn’t raced in a while but it was fun! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. The cake looks amazing and your son looks thrilled with it. It’s funny how families have birthdays in clusters. Ours is March and one of my friends has a February cluster. It makes for a very hectic time.

    It was interesting to read your stats on long run paces. Amazing to see how much you’ve improved. It shows what consistency and commitment can do.

    1. Yes, birthdays clusters are fun but crazy hectic. I think I put off ALL the laundry last week because I was too busy with party stuff. Tomorrow I have a mountain to fold…

      Two years can make a big difference, that’s for sure!

  3. Happy birthday, kiddos! We have three April birthdays (me and the twinners), so there is lots of cake going around this house. I feel sick and excited about it at the same time. I love reading about your running progress. It gives me hope for faster times in my future! Hope your knee pain subsides too.

    1. Ha!! Yes, WAY too much cake! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      I am sure you will continue to improve too. 2 years ago I NEVER thought an “easy” run of 17 miles would be in the 7:30’s. I was so proud of the 9:30! Just keep at it. That is the beauty of the sport!

  4. Happy Birthday week around your house! We have lots of birthdays coming up too. Ahh, must get planning. ๐Ÿ™‚ Sounds like your training is going really well despite your knee bugging. Hope this gets better. And some 5ks coming up….Oh I dislike the 5k! But I have a feeling you’ll be flying.

  5. Happy birthday to your kids! The cake looks awesome. Hope a lower mileage week will help your knee recover. It’s so hard to find that line between pushing through soreness and backing off to prevent further injury. Good luck!

    1. You are SO right!! Sometimes it’s a very fine line. With my stress fracture last year I KNEW something was wrong and I needed to stop. This knee thing has just been weird and annoying more than anything else.

  6. My family’s birthdays were all in January growing up, and now we have my husband in November, the twins in December and me in January….and then a long drought. :^)

    What kind of cake did Anna want?

  7. Happy birthday to your little ones! It’s funny how my son also asks for unusual things. There is a little coconut obsession with him too! Maybe it’s the 6-7 age thing??
    I am just impressed with how fast you run those long runs. I am taking notes!!


    Looking forward to my 5k season and enjoying watching yours take off.

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