Month: April 2012

Stride to Prevent Suicide 5K- Race Report

This morning I ran in a local 5K. I have been gearing up for this race all week.  I’ve cut my mileage in half to taper as well as rest my right knee.  I must say that it actually felt fine the entire race.  For some reason on race day my knee always knows how to get it in to

Listening to your body: When to stop and when to run through it??

In my teens and my 20’s I didn’t have to worry about listening to my body. My body seemed to cooperate with me and my workouts quite nicely.  Bouncing back after tough runs or races wasn’t really a problem.  Then, after I turned 30 something gradually started to change.  My body started to have more of an opinion.  I wasn’t

Birthdays and Mileage Issues

What a week! This past week is what we affectionately refer to as “Birthday Week” around our house.  My oldest son’s birthday is April 19th and my youngest daughter’s birthday is the 21st.  The 21st is also my mother-in-law’s birthday so it is one busy week! My son requested a coconut cream cake for his special day.  Yes, he has

Dear Boston 2013…

Dear Boston 2013, It’s been a LONG process but I am one year closer.  One more year to go.  I never knew it would take this long but I KNOW it will be worth the wait!  Just so you know, I will be there be there next April.  I will go to Athlete’s Village. I will take off on the

Switching gears: A Marathoners Unofficial Guide to Running 5K’s

After spending many months training for two marathons I find myself entering a new phase of running: It’s 5K season!  I live in the south and as the weather heats up, the race distances get shorter.  There are not that many half marathon or marathon race options but there are plenty of 5K’s! To a distance runner 5K’s can be

Look who is in Running Times this month?!!

When I opened up the May edition of Running Times tonight, who do you think I found on page 67?? My former college teammate- Janet!! Janet Cherobon-Bawcom ran with me my senior year of college.  Since our college cross country and track days Janet has done some pretty amazing things in the running world.  I’m in the center and Janet

Capital City Classic 10K Race Report- {Officially} Breaking the 40 minute mark!

I went into this race with a very specific goal- to break 40 minutes.  I ran in this race two years ago (actually just a few  days before I got pregnant with Ashton). At that time I my goal was to beat my 10K PR- one I had set when I was 17 years old- 41:42.  I finished in 41:43

Boston Blues? Just looking ahead

Well, I have not posted much recently and I must admit I just haven’t been in the mood.  I’ve been busy, I’ve had family in town (my sister recently had a baby!!) and I just haven’t felt inspired to write much.  I recently passed the one year anniversary (March 31, 2011) of my stress fracture and I must say that