Rookie Mistake

Rookie Mistake

As I may have mentioned a few times since the Little Rock Marathon my right knee has been bothering me.  It’s not a sharp stop-running-this-instant-pain  but I do not usually have knee pain of any kind and this is not normal.

I blamed the crazy elevation changes in the LRM.  I took off a few days and mixed in a little cross training between some easy recovery runs.  For some reason the only run that hasn’t bothered my knee was the  5k on Saturday.

After coming home Monday from an easy 7 miler it dawned on me… When was the last time I changed out my running shoes?  I am very basic when it comes to running gear.  I need my shoes, watch and visor.  I have one pair of shoes that I train and race in for all distances.  I’ve thought about “rotating shoes” but have yet to do this.  I went back into my running log and looked at the date I wore my running shoes for the first time. It’s hard for me to admit this but that date was in…. December!! Apparently, I had been so preoccupied with my marathons that I neglected to add up my mileage.  When I added everything up on Monday I realized I was at 507.  YIKES!!

I’ve always heard that in general, runners should change out their shoes every 300-500 miles.  I have given out this advice countless times and here I am living in my own running bubble oblivious to the obvious.  So what did I do?  Well, I panicked and ordered new shoes IMMEDIATELY.  Now normally I select the cheapest shipping option available when having packages delivered but we’re talking about running shoes here people.  I didn’t hesitate to check the “Expedited Shipping” option.

And I said goodbye to my Asics Gel Nimbus.  They were a very good shoe.  They helped me accomplish so much these past few months.  We shared some special times when we PR’d in the Marathon, Half Marathon, 15K and 10K. It was hard to see them go but it was literally hurting me to keep them.

What’s next?  I ‘d been debating switching running shoes for a while.  I have been wearing Asics since college and I am ready for a change.  I want to go a little lighter.  After talking to Amanda and Nicole, I decided to try out Brooks.  I actually ordered 2 pairs of shoes- the Brooks Launch and the Brooks Pure Flow.  They should be here very soon and I am so excited to begin my next running adventure in them!


18 thoughts on “Rookie Mistake

  1. Oh, you are going to love these shoes! They will feel incredibly light compared to the asic nimbus 🙂 I ordered a pair of Ghosts and a pair of Pure Flows yesterday too 🙂
    It’s so easy for shoe mileage to add up quickly when you are training for marathons.
    Which colors did you order?
    I sure hope your knee feels better right away!

  2. You will love your Flows!!! I am wearing mine for my half on Sunday.

    I am actually rotating between 5 pairs of shoes now. Yes, 5! My coach is big on rotating through several different pairs to help prevent repetitive use injuries from wearing the same shoes every day.

    1. I have the Flows, Launch (almost worn out and ready for a new pair) Saucony Cortanas, Saucony Shadow Genesis (EXCELLENT price point), and Saucony Mirage (last year’s model on for $49.99 + free shipping!) Of the 5, I probably like the Mirage the least, as it’s slight stability and feels a bit stiff/uncushioned to me. It’s a toss up between the Flows and the Cortanas for my favorite shoe. The Cortanas are “spongier.” My Genesis are my work horse shoe and have been great as well.

  3. Yes, I find myself in the same situation with my shoes. If I buy them and if it’s a good day I write the date of my first run on the inside to remind me – but I forget that all the time. Isn’t it great when you put on a new pair and you realize how battered your old kicks are ?

  4. True story – last year my knees starting aching but my shoes looked fine. Keep in mind that I wear light, flimsy Saucony Kinvaras. Well, the nagging ache didn’t subside, so despite the clean look of my shoes, I finally did the math. I had over 1000 miles on them!! I switched shoes and felt great in a few weeks. But I can’t believe I couldn’t tell my shoes were that old.

    1. 1,000 miles!! Suddenly I don’t feel so bad… Totally makes sense. I’m thinking it was the shoes… So what shoes do you wear now? Do you rotate between a few pairs?

  5. So glad you nailed down a reason… hope your knee loves the new shoes! I tried Brooks Pure Flows this winter but my Achilles started acting up, so I’m backing off for now, but want to try a drop again soon and more toward a lighter shoe. I’ll be curious to hear what you think!

  6. I’ve made that mistake before–I’m sure your knee will feel better quickly once you’re in the new shoes.

    I’m thinking I may try some more minimal shoes once I’m allowed to run again. Coming back from injury is a good time, I’ve heard, because you have to ramp up gradually anyway.

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