Coming down from a marathon high…

Coming down from a marathon high…

Setting a PR is one of the best feelings you can have in a runners world.  After many months of hard training I accomplished my goal and have no regrets…. So why am I feeling a little blah??  After Houston, I immediately had Little Rock to switch my focus and attention on.  I didn’t have much time to stop and think because I had another big race.  So now here I am.  My next marathon is not until November (NYC!!) and I am wondering what’s next.  This is all very surprising to me.  I just didn’t think I would like running marathons this much. Who knew 26.2 miles could be so addicting?!

I am working on my racing calendar for the next few months and I do have a lot of variety.  Just no marathons. Why is it so hard (and annoying) to switch gears?  I guess it doesn’t help that Boston is just a few weeks away and I still have one more year before it’s my turn.  Patience.  So in the meantime, I’ve got a few 5K’s, a 10K and a possible half marathon.  I decided that I needed a few racing goals to help motivate me:

5K- I would like to run in the mid to low 19’s.  I think I can do this with the right training.
10K- Honestly, I would just like a repeat of the track 10K I did but in an official race! (sub 40 min.10K)
HM- I want to go sub 1:30.

So there you have it.   I guess I’ll have a few more “blah” days before getting back into things this weekend.  I know my body and mind needed a break.  I’m trying to embrace the break from running but I’ll be glad to get back into my routine.

How do you feel the first few days after a marathon? (Besides sore!)

6 thoughts on “Coming down from a marathon high…

  1. Tia you are so fast! Question for you: How do you train for a faster 5k? Do you just run 3.1 miles on your own like a tempo? You should be so proud of your great race!

    1. Hi Carrie! I used to train for 5K’s all the time (in college) back when I was much more speedy! My long run back then was 10-12 miles tops and lots of shorter runs. Mile repeats and lots more speed work. Since having kids I have only broken 20 minutes once, although I haven’t really trained for it yet. Hopefully I can get back into shape speed-wise. I tend to start 5K’s too fast and die so my goal this spring is to pace it right, the way I have learned to pace other longer distances. I will post on my training once I get it going. Working on a training tab.

  2. Highs and lows – definitely! Everyone gets the post marathon slump, it’s absolutely to be expected. While I’m really excited to run Big Sur in April I’m kind of longing to work on speed over distance – I’d love to fine tune my 5 and 10K times.

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