A big change in my little running world

A big change in my little running world

I have been running in Asics since my college days which is hard to admit has been over 13 years now… Boy, does that make me feel old!

Senior year of college cross country season- Fall 2000

I honestly thought I would only run “for fun” later in life.  Who knew my idea of fun would include track workouts, tempo runs and long runs- sometimes very early or in pouring down rain.  Yet, somehow it IS fun for me.  And if you are reading this blog then you know probably know what I mean…

So, back to the shoes.  My team wore Asics and we all received a pair of trainers, racing spikes and racing flats each year.  Once I finished college I decided to stick with them.  I really can’t say I’ve had any complaints but for the past year or so I’ve been wanting to try something new.  I definitely wanted something lighter than what I had been wearing (Gel Nimbus).  It’s just hard to take the initial step towards change when you’ve been doing something for so long!

This week my new shoes came in!! I am branching out of my running shoe comfort zone and wearing something different.  I am now running in Brooks Pure Flow and Brooks Launch. 


Initial thoughts- lighter, love the colors and I feel fast!  I ran my fastest set of 800’s on Wednesday and I am wondering if my new shoes have anything to do with that…

My first run in Brooks!
My youngest daughter after kids track night Monday night.  She ran her little heart out! This picture just reminded me of the one above.

Tomorrow will be my first “long run” in my new kicks.  Hopefully my knee will cooperate.  It felt pretty good today and it actually felt great for my track workout.  There are just good days and bad days with it.  I am still icing and hopefully I will get through this thing without taking any more time off.  We’ll see…

Have a great weekend!!!

18 thoughts on “A big change in my little running world

  1. Yay- I’ve heard such great things about that line! I actually tried Brooks Pureflows a few months ago, but was in the middle of ramping up miles at the time, and it stressed my Achilles so I backed off. I plan to try again, I really love the idea of a more minimalist shoe. Hope you have a great long run!

    1. Well, I have been VERY hesitant about going any bit minimal after wearing such a cushioned and supportive shoe for so long. I guess I really just wanted to try something lighter. Hopefully I won’t have any achilles, heal or arch issues… The knee thing I’m working through is annoying enough! 🙂

      Thanks for your comment!

  2. Such a cute picture of your little girl!

    I LOVE MY FLOWS!!! Just set a big half marathon PR in them this past Sunday. Woot! I can’t decide how I feel about a marathon in them, however. I may just stick with a new pair of Launches.

    Enjoy your Brooks!

    1. Yes, congrats on your great HM! I just read your race recap and I am so impressed with your splits those last few miles! You really kicked it in there!

  3. I’m thinking of trying a more minimalist shoe when I’m allowed to run again, partly because I think I’ll have to be very gradual in ramping back up. That should give me time to adjust slowly. I hope they work for you and your knee!

    1. Thanks! These aren’t super minimal but definitely less of a shoe than I am used to. I’ve run 5 times in them now and so far my feet are adjusting perfectly. No complaints. My knee is another story but I think I’m working through it. One run at a time! Thanks for your comment Terzah. I hope your recovery continues to go well so you can get back out there soon!

  4. What is it about new runners that make you want to go out running?! I got new ones this week too and they made my feet happy. Yours look super-fast.

    1. Ha!! I guess that’s why Brooks has that “Run Happy” theme going… My first race in them will be a week from today so hopefully they will be as fast as they feel!

  5. I went to the shoe store last week planning to buy a pair of Nikes like I’ve worn for the last 5 years with no problems. I tried on the PureFlows and they felt great so I decided to make the change and try them out. I was a little hesitant, but so far so good. I’m actually just starting to train for my first marathon so I hope it’s not a bad idea. Hope they work out for you!

    1. Yes, Pure Flows feel great! I can see what you made a quick shoe change! I hope they work well for you with your marathon training.

  6. YAY! You go the shoes! I love that white Pure Flow..too bad I can’t keep white clean 🙂 I haven’t even ran in mine yet. I SO want to test them out, but think I will wait for a day with no rain or mud.
    The launches are awesome too. They are nice and light.

    Hope your knee issues keep improving!

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